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Announcing ENOS 2007

July 12th, 2007 by

The acronym ENOS stands for ‘Encontro Nacional de openSUSE’, a Portuguese expression which can be translated to ‘National openSUSE Meeting’, an event meant to unite the Portuguese openSUSE users.

The first ENOS will take place on the first of Setember (01/09/2007) at Caldas da Rainha, Leiria, Portugal, hosted and promoted by Carlos Gonçalves, with the support of the Caldas Rainha Network.

The current schedule, subject to changes, defines the following (all the times
refer to Portugal Local Time):

* 11:00 am – Gathering at Parque D. Carlos I (wireless is available)
* 01:00 pm – Lunch at ‘O Canas’ restaurant
* 03:00 pm – Community Space at ‘Centro da Juventude’ (wireless is available)
* Talks:
– “The upcoming openSUSE 10.3″ – Carlos Gonçalves
– “openSUSE-i18n-pt” – António Martins
– “The openSUSE-pt community needs” – Tiago Santos

* Ideas & Discussion
* +6:00 pm – Caldas da Rainha at night :-)

More informations: http://en.opensuse.org/Events/ENOS and http://pt.opensuse.org/Eventos/ENOS

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