19. Jul 2007

News.openSUSE.org Goes Live

Andreas Jaeger

We are happy to announce our new news.opensuse.org website. This news portal will provide the latest openSUSE news. We will continue to send important announcements to the opensuse-announce mailing list, but they should also be added to this site as well.

Comments on the news articles is open for everybody, just for contributing new stories, you need to have an account. If you like to contribute, contact admin@opensuse.org - and if you like to submit a story without an account mail to news-submit@opensuse.org.

We also have a calendar (with .ical) for events and other important openSUSE events.

In general, for blogs of openSUSE folks, I’d like to point to the Planet SUSE agregator and say a big thank you to James Ogley for running this service for several years now!

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