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The openSUSE Project Turns Two

August 9th, 2007 by

It happened again. Another year passed (flew by). Happy Birthday openSUSE!

Read on for a look back and some things to come.

There are tons of things we achieved…

In the past 365 days we successfully released openSUSE 10.2 with numerous improvements and new features. Up until now it has been installed hundreds of thousands of times. We brought the Build Service to a broader audience as an open source project with cool features like release management, build monitoring package tags, statistics, an ever improving command line client, patterns and one click installations. This must have impressed AMD because they quickly became a Platinum Sponsor. The software/download page was completely rewritten and relaunched. Several other sites appeared, including but not limited to opensuse-community.org, suse-art.org to share your openSUSE artwork, the Localization Portal to help bring openSUSE to your language, Benji’s package search tool, our own idea pool, several localized openSUSE wikis, and not to forget this site here.

We also made huge progress on other means of communication. For instance, we migrated about 40 mailing lists with 40,000 individual subscribers to the new mailing list server. In the meantime we have a bunch of new mailing lists, that’s over 50 now with 44,000 individual subscribers. We had nearly 30 meetings in our irc channels and also attended several successful fairs like FOSDEM or Linuxtag and, at the moment, the Linuxworld Expo. 34,000 people told us their view on topics such as openSUSE in general, network settings or proprietary software in our surveys. We opened up our Styleguides and our own cookbook-style book project for the openSUSE distribution: Lessons for Lizards.

While we are at the topic of opening up. The YaST, Limal and Zypp developers completely moved everything under the hood of openSUSE. We launched our own SVN server and are trying to bring the various package repositories together into one software portal. We also had some fascinating ideas implemented during our Hackweek, for instance a Build Service project that recompiles Debian packages or Giver for easy file sharing. The first versions of KIWI, our imaging technology, appeared which helps everybody to deploy their own versions of openSUSE . Everything is completely in the open. To manifest this spirit we worked together on some guiding principles for everyone to adhere to. All this in the light of our motto: openSUSE – Linux for open minds.

… and even more things to come!

Today the first beta release of openSUSE 10.3 with lots of new features arrives. The final release is only 2 months away! The localization project has taken over all the translations for 10.3. This weekend we will try to slash as many bugs as we can. We are working vigorously on building the distribution inside the Build Service and implementing a framework for contributions. The Software Portal is coming on, and more and more people are joining the openSUSE packagers team. There are more openSUSE images built with KIWI coming; the latest addition is an image for USB sticks. We will have weekly interviews here under the category People of openSUSE. The final draft of the guiding principles was just released and we have to form the openSUSE Board. Also in the pipe are various re-designs of our web pages. The splash on www.opensuse.org and the download/software pages will be followed by the wikis and the Build Service. And this won’t be everything that is coming in the next year, we promise!

So enjoy this day and have some cake or a drink on openSUSE.

Happy Birthday!

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69 Responses to “The openSUSE Project Turns Two”

  1. Spyhawk

    Happy birthday Geeko !


  2. Richard

    two years old, but looking far more mature, thanks for all the great work everyone, and thank you for what I consider to be the best linux distro out there.

  3. junim

    Happy birthday to everyone who make this excelent distro!
    A BIG thank you for your great work!

    English: HAPPY BIRTHDAY openSUSE and thank you for everything!
    Portuguese: Parabéns openSUSE e obrigado por tudo!


  4. DuNDi

    Feliz Cumpleaños!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear openSUSE.
    Happy Birthday to yooooou. :)

    …and many more.

  6. noFREI

    Happy Birthday community ;^) Thanks for making such an excellent distro ;^)

  7. DarkMenace


  8. Nero

    Happy Birthday openSuse community
    so where is my 10.3 Beta-1 :)

    we wait open suse 10.3

  10. Charlie

    It just blows my mind how sweet SUSE makes me feel. Here is a list of reasons I won’t be leaving anytime soon:

    – Yast and Sax
    – CompizFusion binary packages are out!
    – 1 click install!
    – Easier download, don’t have to guide my family through the jungle that was the downloads page.
    – Giver (a wonderful little app!)

    Happy birthday!

  11. dR01d

    Happy Birthday openSUSE!!!

    And thank you guys who make of this one, the best distro out there!

    P.D. We are desperate to get 10.3!!!

  12. victor


  13. Anto




  14. happy birthday allz \o/

  15. nikhilesh mishra

    i have spent a great time with suse specially 10.2 and now m waiting for the new thunder i.e.10.3…….
    and of-course a very happy birthday to opensuse project[:)]

  16. I’m just downloading 10.3 beta1, but the important things come first:

    Happy birthday, openSUSE! :-)

  17. Roberto Valenzuela

    Happy Birthday…! OpenSUSE is the best Linux distribution.

  18. Feliz cumple años openSUSE

  19. Sunil Bhavsar

    Heartely Happy birth day!!! Congratulations for making user friendely distro for novice as it is very easy to understand and use. hope feature of Linux will continue shining with more attractive and user friendly distro form Opensuse. Pls make something by which user can play Mpeg,MP3,and All media file by default in distro and if possible add some 3d games for youngsters as they are user of the century.
    Again congratulations and wishing all the best.

    let whole world be open!!!!!!!!

  20. I can forgive the MS deal, as long as openSUSE continues on the same way it always has (I’m only kidding). Happy Birthday SUSE. To the developers, you’ve worked so long, worked so hard, and you deserve a great thanks. To the users, continue to post bugs, add to the Wiki, and spread the word that openSUSE is the best disto out there!


  21. Chee How

    And in Chinese: 生日快乐!

  22. Eugen

    С днём рождения!!!

  23. Biswajyoti

    Great Work “ART of OS”
    Happy Birth Day Of OpenSuse 10.2
    Thanks to All, how work hard & contributed to the community’s.

  24. RBasil

    Happy Birth Day Of OpenSuse!!!
    Have a nice and rich future!!!

  25. entropia

    thanks for the best distribution

  26. dan

    Happy Birthday ! Keep up the great Work !

    And get the installer up to handle LUNs > 2 TB !!


  27. Cool openSUSE – Thankyou people for this great work, and Happy Birthday!!!
    I enjoy the distro. Cool! Great! Yeah! ;))))))))))



  28. Edgar

    Happy birthday openSUSE, I really like the distro. Muchas felicidades openSUSE, deberìamos festejarlos con una piñata. Saludos desde Mèxico

  29. Kzarog

    Χρόνια πολλά!

  30. Death-Honey

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!! ;-)

  31. Peter

    happy birthday!
    just can´t wait for opensuse 10.3!

  32. Wunderbar!! Hoffentlich, und ich ünsche das, zeigt MS daß es auch anders geht!!

  33. daKump

    Happy Birthday!

    Mögen noch viele weitere openSuse Distris folgen!

  34. veit

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag an alle Beteiligten rund um openSUSE und weiter so.

  35. luis

    feliz cumpleaños openSUSE, debemos apoyar el software libre y este gran proyecto llamado opensSUSE, estoy a la espera de la version 10.3…yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Dzhey

    Happy birthday! You’ve made a great system and still continue to make it even better, thats so great! THANK YOU! :)

  37. Rohan

    Happy Birthday openSuse.

    Thank You for being the best operating system out there. You have made all the time I spend worth it.

    And here is to you the wonderful community that is openSUSE.

    Best of luck in all future endeavours.

    Await openSUSE 10.3.

    Rohan Lawrence D’souza.
    From Bangalore India’s Silicon Valley, a very content & satisfied openSUSE user

  38. sb

    Happz Birthday OPENSUSE!

    Alles Gute fuer die Zukunft!!! (Und hoffetnlich keine MS-DEALS MEHR)



  39. Connedy

    -H-A-P-P-Y- -B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y- !!!!!

    … to everyone who worked on this project …

    OpenSuSE changed my life & feel and i’m happy that i can help to make it better and very very happy that there ist no software from MS on my systems anymore !

    I tried many “big” distros, but SuSE is the best by far, ’cause YAST, SAX, KDE+CompizFusion running perfect and the nicest community i’ve ever seen …

    Ich liebe euch dafür !!!

    Andy K. aka Connedy

  40. Joe

    openSUSE might only be 2 years old but it has the feel on an OS worthy of being 20 yeas in the making. Keep up the good work.

    • Beineri

      As operating system is SUSE of course several years more mature than as open project. :-)

  41. yasser202

    Happy Birthday openSuse
    Thanks all great work,

  42. Mattik

    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for great OS!!

  43. Ali

    happy birthday
    in Arabic: عيد ميلاد سعيد

  44. jacko

    happy birthday~~~~

    and in Malay Language : Selamat Hari Jadi

  45. Great OS, Excellent Distro, good Jobs…
    Happy Birthday from Guayaquil – Ecuador

    can’t wait for 10.3 to come

  46. honey

    Happy birthday to all open SuSE worker
    Happy to you SuSE and be the best distro
    happy happy happy new year as new way to world….

  47. Thank You for 10.3! I enjoyed the alphas, and I think, it will be a GREAT distro, as all “.3″s ;-)
    And most important: It´s green again!

  48. rachas

    Happy birthday to all openSuSE worker!!!
    Happy birthday to openSuSE!!!
    openSuSE was, is and will be the best distro :)
    Be more green :)
    In Lithuanian: Su Gimtadieniu, buk geriausiai ir toliau.

  49. Mario Koezema

    Happy Birthday, and I’ll hope that OpenSuse 10.3 comes soon. I am working with 10.2, and I have tried some Alpha versions, and the Beta1, and it looks fine. Only trouble with the update engine in 10.3, but it’s just a beta. Maybe a hint of the makers of OpenSuse and also for the KDE team. There isn’t any good working programm for OCR. Maybe there’s someone who can write such a programm.

    I’m using OpenSuse now just 1 1/2 year, and I’m very happy with it. It works good, and it looks good. Also for soundrecording it works very good.Playing movies and soundfiles works also good, and there isn’t any reason to go back to Windows.

    Let’s go to OpenSuse 10.3, and KDE 4.

  50. Kudos and congratulations to all at the openSuSE project and at Novell’s Enterprise Linux systems team.

    You have our continued gratitude and support!

    Aiman A.