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Release Day – All Hell Breaks Loose

October 5th, 2007 by

Yesterday we released openSUSE 10.3, and we are pretty impressed what happened.

Some rough numbers:

Our download for the iso images peaked at 14Gbit/s, the average was 12Gbit/s. This is without the mirror servers, this is just the download from Novell!

Our wiki had a load of 99 but was still responsive. The admin team in Provo added another server with load balancing, thanks for that! We had over 1000 request per second, after the new server kicked in the load was going down to 30 :-).

Thanks to everybody who helped with this release, i want to mention a few people: the admin team in provo, Frank who fixed the download page, Francis for the announcement and all mirror servers.

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57 Responses to “Release Day – All Hell Breaks Loose”

  1. I got it early, even before the official announcement, thanks to the deltaISO :)

  2. Cenobium

    Glückwunsch! :-))
    Ich warte bis zur LiveCD. By the way, wird das eine LiveCD die sich auch installieren läßt?

  3. chav3s

    Now, with the new improvements in package management/update, I can say I really feel at home. OpenSuse 10.3 is excellent.

  4. Heh… I nabbed the images early. And now I’m glad I did. Congrats to the openSUSE team for a great release!

  5. Green, some possible reasons:

    If you’re stuck with a dial-up connection, you go green with envy.

    Novell is controlled by the green goblin.

    Greenpeace is talking to Novell.

    I love green, it looks absolutely in-TOXIC-ating!

  6. Yeah, thanks for OpenSUSE 10.3!

    But please release the next version on a friday, not on a thursday!!
    My collegues are teasing me ’cause I’m looking a bit tired today.

    …just.kidding! :-D

  7. Heksys

    Yesterday was a very, very good day for us (open suse users). My regular download of a 4 gig it usually takes a few minutes but yesterday was insane it took 3 times more but it is worth the wait, this Version is the best of all distributions. I actually have the craziest set up with mostly everything new on my box, and, the only distro that ran smoothly with no problems, from bigging to the end of the install process has been OpanSuSE 10.3. AWESOME JOB OPENSuSE TEAM, AWESOME JOB. If this version has all this new changes and updates, I can only imagine what 10.4 is going to be like! wow…

  8. i’ve just installed the Gnome cd and i have one word to describe it all
    really great job guys the software anagement and the 1 click install works like a breeze .
    This distro is almost perfect
    and the ‘almost’ because Zypper lacks a really good GUI to work with this really good tool however it’s a job well done guys … thanks

  9. I finished downloading the x64 DVD this morning and I guess I’ll have much fun for the weekend!
    About this post, congratulations for the admin team! The server worked very well while I was downloading this new openSUSE version!

  10. Osw Cab

    Oui, the servers are overloaded but it is worth every minute of wait. In fact, the distribution is excellent. Even the RC1 is very nice and stable. I’ll upgrade to final but I’m downloading the DVD ’cause I plan to install openSuse in all my machines, even the server. Great,great job!! Congratulations to the team and go ahead with the good work.

  11. Lubos Klokner

    openSUSE 10.3 is the best Linux distribution I have ever had on my laptop. Version 10.3 fixed all problems I have had in version 10.2. I use it at work and also at home. Thank you guys very much !

  12. Ben

    There are some bugs needing to be worked out, but that’s what bugzilla is for..

    I am really dissappointed at the ipw3945 bug though.. My wireless not working with NetworkManager is .. Vital :(

    Oh well.. traditional ifup it is.. Can’t wait for 11..

    • Gary

      Am absolutely new to SUSE. Have a 3945 in a Dell Latitude D830. Also could not get 3945 to work until I changed the router to broadcast SSID. (Must have typed the SSID 50 times but still would not connect. I don’t type my SSID wrong 50 times!) Anyway, after resetting router and choosing network from a list of available networks, it connected in just a few seconds with WPA-TKIP (after entering correct passphrase, of course).

      Can’t get display (Nvidia 140 graphics card) to run at anything but 800 x 400 (probably driver issue). Have LOTS to learn here, but am committed to SUSE. Many thanks to the openSUSE team for a great job!

  13. SneWs

    Nice numbers. It’s impressive that the site and the servers managed to run as smoothly as it did, at least it worked smoothly for me ;)

    Just want to say tank you to the openSuSE team for a sweet release, so here it goes, TANKS for a sweet 10.3

  14. Rajesh G

    Everything is just perfect! Except for one feature which I longed (still longing) a lot. I want yast software manager (zypper!) to keep the downloaded packages in the HDD so that it can be reused while installing in other systems.

  15. Jürgen

    The best openSUSE release to date.

    It is especially great to see 1-CD installs and Live CDs. (What the heck is fvwm2 doing on that CD?)
    What would also be cool is a downloadable Live USB image.

    One issue so fat: The installer stalls multiple times during installation. This is on an Intel i945G mainboard with PATA HDD and DVD drive on the same (only) channel. Maybe it has to do with libata? I wonder whether anyone tests these things before releasing them.

  16. Have to say. I’ve tried about 6 or 8 different distros over the past 8 months since leaving the world of Windows.

    Of all so far — and including Ubuntu and Kubuntu, which I’ve been using for the past 6 months — openSUSE is just more refined at this point.

    You guys have done a GREAT job on the interfaces and have good settings for the look and feel, font sizes, etc.

    I’m going to switch to openSUSE for a while and give it a try!

  17. thomas

    Finger weg von der 10.3!
    ich habe hier eine migration meines bestehenden 10.2er Systems durchgeführt. teils ok, aber leider nicht ganz. SESAM findet die Auflösung nicht mehr, geht aber – nur seltsam langsam. Habe sofort alles zurückgestellt auf 10.2, alles vom feinsten danach wieder! Und so bleibts.

    Installation in einer reinrassigen VMWare 6.0.1 WS scheitert!, bei der Hardwarediagnose werden die BS-Anzeige so durch die Mangel gedreht und umgestellt, das danach nur noch zwei kleine Blinkende Balken zu sehen sind! Das kann man nur mit quaelenden reboots fixen und die YAST Konfig abbrechen. Das hats vorher nicht gegeben!

    Achja, deutsch und TEXT-YASt ist auch nicht’s für root’s.. teilweise sind die übersetzungen gar nicht vorhanden. Schön wenn man englisch nutzen will. Das trifft auch auf die erste auswahl nach dem booten zu – warum ist englisch auf der CD Default?

    Ich bleibe bei der 10.2 – die läuft rund, schnell und sauber.

    • Guido

      I do not want to sound a party pooper, but I think this version of SuSE has been pushed out: I’ve a bunch of items that don’t work whereas they did with oS-10.2; e.g. compiz, eclipse, netbeans, texdoctk, and I’m just beginning.
      I run an AMD 64 X2 wit NVidia GE7600GT, but I am a sort of disappointed. I loooove Linux, and I firmly believe SuSE it’s the best distribution, so I’ll stuck to oS-X.2 and wait for 10.3.1

  18. I’ve tried downloading at least a dozen times. The Norman, Oklahoma is the cosest site to me, but it’s asking for a password. I have downloaded from Madison three times, and each time it has been a flawed .iso. All of the other USA sites are at max connections. Oh well. I guess I will have to wait.

  19. I hope on the next big release the http://tracker.opensuse.org:6969/announce won’t go offline (a multi-tracker would help a lot ;) and the torrents will be included in the metalinks, preferred over the download mirrors.

  20. Tim

    Downloaded 64bit DVD (30 hours). Burned it okay. Tried update (10.2 to 10.3) install. Got to dependency checking. It failed – would not say what dependency problem was, kept asking to 2X time allowed for problem solving – got to 480 seconds. 10.2 still works.

  21. Shahzad

    why x86 DVD on major mirror servers is just 105 MB? Anyways, installed 10.3 using KDE CD on my Acer travelmate 2480. sound card is not working!

    • Likely either the server or your client can’t handle files bigger than 4GB, care to list the servers?

      • Shahzad

        oh yes… its a problem of IE7, somehow IE7 splits files more than 2GB. With firefox I am able to download the DVD iso file.

  22. headache

    I use SUSE since version 6. Honestly after all the glamour you made about this release, I can confirm you: 10.2 was lengths better. What do I need a system that offers the same KDE version, has only a new updater and a faster boot (how many times do I boot? I do not have XP on my machine you know?) but unexpected troubles. The installation does work on most machines but not on all that worked well with 10.2. The sound support surprised me the most. No support for a Realtek soundchip HD audio in a 3 year old notebook? Mandriva 2007 with kernel 2.6.17 no problem on the same machine and Suse 10.3 failed miserably? Not that I do not notice some effort. But there is no reason what so ever why I would update my machines from 10.2 in the moment. Maybe in 3 month when the main part of the bugs are repaired. Wouldn’t it have been more intelligent to admit: O.K. we are close but not ready. We will postpone and continue with a GM2 and GM3 as you did with 10.2 to get a qualitative good system? Maybe you where afraid of other distributions comming up. But with this issues you can do even a version 11, a change of distribution will be obligatory if the quality of the system at first release will not go up.
    Still thank you for your work. But I cannot say all this “hurray” things about a distribution that was fundamentally was on a better track with 10.2 (leave beside the updater) for what is quality assurance.

    • Anonymous

      > What do I need a system that offers the same KDE version

      No, it’s a new KDE version.

      > has only a new updater and a faster boot (how many times do I boot? I do not have XP on my machine you know?) but unexpected troubles

      I’m sorry that you don’t like it but unfortunately we can’t shape distributions to exactly how you like them. In the real world, many people shut-down their computer either because we care about the environment or we don’t want it on. That means they then have to boot up. A boot time which is twice as fast is pretty handy here. God-forbid it should be useful to others, right?

      Also, it gets a new and improved updater and you’re COMPLAINING about that? How curious.

      Also which is just as strange is that you’ve ignored half of the release announcement. It quite obviously doesn’t “just” have the things you’ve mentioned.

      > Wouldn’t it have been more intelligent to admit: O.K. we are close but not ready.

      What would be intelligent would be to notice that all the complaints you have mentioned are hardware-specific, and they probably weren’t known about. If it was a clear and huge software issue (or a very common hardware issue) then you could criticize the development team on this point, but since it isn’t….

      • headache

        I do not complain about the boot speed but that the older version presented a better hardware compatibility then the new one. It has a lot of features, of course, but tell me: what are they good for if the machine does not run or blocks within the formatting process, while 10.2 runs through without problems. Boot time is important to me as to everybody else but installation process and hardware compatibility are more important. Of course if you consider to run it only on brand new material, agreed upon.

        >A boot time which is twice as fast is pretty handy here. God-forbid it should be useful to others, right?No, it’s a new KDE version.

      • Great… there are always miserable people out there no matter what happens they complain.

        I am not a very technical guy when it comes to Linux, all i know is that I have been using OpenSuse on my notebook since version 10.0 (I have been using Suse since 9.1, but not exclusively), and upgrading to 10.3 from 10.2 has fixed many majour issues and improved almost everything I use this computer for. Aside from all the improvements that I personally notice (faster boots, awesome power management support that was not working for me in 10.2, fixed ACPI, improved and easier to use installation, heck it even installed w32-codecs from the site automatically when I went to play a video!!!) if you were using the forums and have been ever looked at the community you would have noticed a lot of people worked really hard to make this (I believe) the best OpenSUSE to this date.

        You as a human being are not a slave, you have a choice. OpenSUSE comunity is not Microsoft… they did not force you to pay for what they offer and they did not force you to use their product. if you are looking for sympathy and with your awesome attitude go and join forces with masses at Microsoft Forums and kiss Vista, at least there you will be with people who think like you.

        Once I upgraded to 10.3 I was so excited to see things working so good out of the box I couldn’t help to play with it all night long. I didn’t sleep a wink! I love the way things keep getting better and better everyday. You don’t have to like it, you can go elsewhere. There are hundreds of distributions out there and there is Microsoft also. I don’t like complainers. You can make suggestions to help improve if you like, but no complaining… I’ll nuke you myself!!! ;)

  23. headache

    Hope this time the comment appears. Sorry for that.

    I do not complain about the boot speed but that the older version presented a better hardware compatibility then the new one. It has a lot of features, of course, but tell me: what are they good for if the machine does not run or blocks within the formatting process, while 10.2 runs through without problems. Boot time is important to me as to everybody else but installation process and hardware compatibility are more important. Of course if you consider to run it only on brand new material, agreed upon.

    >A boot time which is twice as fast is pretty handy here. God-forbid it should be useful to others, right?No, it’s a new KDE version.

  24. cyran00

    I’m sorry but my 10.3 dosn’t work properly … and I went back to 10.2 .
    X windows won’t start , cause some problem , and I don’t want 2 waste my time to solve this problem right now .
    I’ll better wait 4 something better than that . This time U guys nothing different than MS Vista :)))

    • Richard

      works for me with no problems

      Actually I’ve had no problems at all with opensuse 10.3, a damn fine release. Don’t know why you are posing this here, if you are really having a problem, you should file a bug report, unless you are just posting here you are having a problem for the sake of it and you haven’t even tried it?

    • Heksys

      My machine works beautiful with 10.3 trust me, everything in my box never gets recognize, I have try all the other new distros and none of them has done what 10.3 has, not even the so called “User friendly” ubuntu, I really think the SuSE team and Novell have done a hell of a job with this version. You should really try it cyran00 !

  25. sean

    I feel opensuse distribution is the best as compare with fedora,ubuntu ,debian or memphis. Its see to be user friendly and yast is very nice to use. All i can say opensuse 10.3 is better alot compare to opensuse 10.2. Now sound is fix, video cam also fix properly now with kopete, grapfic card Geforce 8600m GT also able to use. All i can say the improvement is alot compare to suse ver 9.

    The only sad i can see it 5 in 1 buildin ricoh card reader is not being fix even from ver 10.1 till ver 10.3 >.

  26. AlbertoP

    Wow! Really happy of this deserved success! :-)


  27. Leszek

    I’m using this distribution since version 9.3 (missed 10.2 though …) But I won’t miss this one.
    Thanks for the developers!

  28. I have a weird problem with openSUSE 10.3 (or even 10.2) ISO images under openSUSE. I am never able to copy the ISO image from my system hard drive to any other external devices (USB, DVD-ROM) and any attempt to it fails at 98% saying the operation failed. This happens only for openSUSE OS ISO image, not for any ISO image and this happens in openSUSE desktop alone coz I don’t have this weird problem in my other Ubuntu PC or Windows XP PC.

    I spent 3 days downloading various times, trying to copy in different user accounts and finally fed up; downloaded the ISO image in Ubuntu desktop, burned DVD and installed the other openSUSE PC. Once 10.3 is installed, hoping that my this strange problem would vanish, I tried downloading again with new torrent, but the result is the same. It’s really Annoying and I have no clue about what’s happening.

    I tried creating different accounts and copy the ISO (and burn also); it didn’t work.
    I tried copying it through root account; it didn’t work.
    I added the user to cd-rom group and tried burning it, it didn’t work.
    I tried changing the ownership of the file to different user (with all rights), tried copying; it didn’t work.

    Any lights? This is making my crazy. The system which openSUSE is installed is: DELL DIMENSION 5150, P4 3.2, 1GB, 120GB

    • maybe you’re downloading in a Fat32 partition? It can handle files with a size lesser than 4GB.

    • eddie javier


      I had the same problem. Burned the GNOME iso several times and won’t install properly. I’ve checked and re-checked the MD5 sum and everything checks out.

      What I did was burn the mini iso, boot that and let the installer load the iso located on a separate VFAT partition. Perfect! I’ve replaced my Ubuntu syste, with openSUSE. It rocks!

      Yast2 and zypper needs a little getting used to (coming from Ubuntu).

      Mabuhay openSUSE!

  29. lxtwin

    I was hoping for something good but was a little worried when it went GA only after seeing one RC. My fears came true the 64 bit version is pants, I have a dual 2.66GHz Clovertown with 8GB of memory and it is slower than my old T41 laptop. SLES10sp1 or SUSE 10.2 is great on there but OpenSuse 10.3 is slow and hangs when transferring a large amount of data over the network. I have just installed it on my home PC 4GB RAM, QX6800 and broadcom network cards. This is the same, slow and hangs. However the 32bit version is fine.

    Sorry Guys it is not looking good for the 64bit version.


    Why,why released package so big?!
    I can’t save it into my fat32 system disk.
    Because my PC have no CD/DVD driver,so I must install openSUSE 10.3 form harddisk.-_-||

    • lee

      Fat32 users

      type convert X: /fs:ntfs
      if it asks type in the Drive label
      Press n then enter then y then enter (No to force dismount / yes for on reboot)

      X: = the disk thats fat32 replace that with the disk letter that needs chageing (all sould be done), Do not Force dismount

      • lee

        i am asuming that its windows as not sure any one in there right mind would install linux on fat32

  31. dec0de

    Installed 10.3 ontop of 10.2 on two HP TC-4400. The upgrade worked, but got some “YaST got signal 11 at YCP file bla bla bla” when wanting to put in the standard 10.3 OSS and NON-OSS repositories. Installed one of the machines from scratch, but still got the same when choosing these repositories from the list. using Zypper creates a segmentation fault, and also
    YaST. have gone back to 10.2 on one of the machines and awaits a solution for the other.

    Conlusion, the installation works great both upgrade and fresh installation, but forget about putting in more repositories…

  32. Michel Aaldering

    My first SuSE linux was version 6.1. What an incredible progress has been made looking at openSUSE 10.3. Also compared to 10.2 some fundamental improvements are made. Unfortunately also some serious problems in basic hardware recognition reappeared (many of these problems remind me of old suse versions years ago).

    Highlights are:
    – I am very happy with the fast boot!
    – Also the new feature ” One click install” is great: adding multi-media support to openSUSE 10.3 is very easy now. Very good.
    – The green theme looks very nice.

    Lowlights are:
    – X-windows installation (sax2) gave two serious problems:
    . A 30 seconds black screen each time X-windows is started. Installing the NVIDIA driver solved the problem.
    . An very old problem popped up: the mouse wheel didn’t work. Sax2 installed the wrong mouse type. Switching to USB-port and running sax2 again solved the problem.
    – Simply switching off the PC automatic does not work. This problem (I think with ACPI) was introduced with version 10.0 or 10.1 (I forgot which one) and still isn’t solved. On the same hardware the old suse 9.3 has flawless ACPI support, so what is wrong in the 10.x versions?
    – During installation two existing NTFS-partitions were assigned in the wrong sequence to the windows drive letter. I had to change this manually.

  33. eingmt

    first: awesome job, DL speed was as fast as never ever before! second: 10.3 still is flawed, especially the one-click-install.installing multi media stuff and simple programs works, but as soon as you try to install more critical things like hardware drivers you still have to compile the rpms yourself or reinstall it via yast after the one click install didn’t work correctly.

  34. colinlc

    9.0 gave me unsolvable problems with the DVD drive: read most, then said it couldn’t read. Forced to buy 9.1
    9.1 no problem with DVD drive – but couldn’t manage the screen – many hours to find a manual solution.
    10.1 screen problem fixed – but now no sound – hours to fix.
    10.3 revised screen problem – during ‘upgrade’ it lost all settings – then informs me that “Desktop settings are not available at this time” Pardon??? Say that again???
    Also, lost ability to auto-mount USB drives – no problem before!

    Why is it that a system finally works and a new bug is added?
    Like: reading DVD – change read mode – oops, can’t read it – MSG: Your fault!
    Screen: installs fine – change mode – oops, can’t see – MSG: your fault!
    10.3? Looks good!