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Open Source Event in Chile, Valparaíso

November 16th, 2007 by

openSUSE developer and Novell employee Cristian Rodríguez will perform 3 talks during an event entitled “Opensource : mas cerca del código” that will take place on Valparaíso, Chile at the dependencies of INACAP (Av. España 2255) between November 20 and November 22.

The current schedule, defines the following:

On Tuesday 20, he will be all day sharing and talking with interested people about the project as well giving away some nice t-shirts and hats :-D

Wednesday 21:
11:00- 13:00: “PHP5 y el camino a PHP6″(“PHP5 and the road to PHP6″) unfortunately, the room is already full. no more participants allowed :(

Thursday 22:
11:00- 12:00: “openSUSE, presente y futuro” (“openSUSE , present and future”) at the Auditorium (capacity : 400 persons, still open for registration)

15:00- 17:00 : “Tutorial openSUSE 10.3″ already “sold out”, registration closed.

In case you are interested to participate on this or other interesting talks please visit http://www.infovalpo.os-solutions.cl/opensource and register yourself before is too late ;)

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5 Responses to “Open Source Event in Chile, Valparaíso”

  1. Duncan Mac-Vicar P.

    Buena suerte!

  2. que buena… estoy demaciado desfinanciado como para asistir, pero me encataria. Saludos =)

  3. heksys

    Buena suerte hermano!!!

  4. nglboxtrbl6

    me hubiese gustado ir..
    lastima que estoy en el norte..

    y buena suerte