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openSUSE-Education 1.0 RC2 for openSUSE 10.3 is Ready

April 6th, 2008 by

With RC2 for openSUSE 10.3 the openSUSE-Education project starts the last testing phase before we release the final version of openSUSE-Education 1.0 for openSUSE 10.3. At this point, the only things left for the release is fixing possible bugs in the current packages and working on the documentation.

Recent Changes

In contrast to the normal release work-flow, we updated many packages and even added new ones to the media. Below is an incomplete list of changes with this release:

  • all KDE4 packages are updated to 4.0.3
  • For the first time, we've LTSP 5 packages (and a pattern)! Many thanks to cyberorg and kiwi: now you can easily install an openSUSE terminal server!
  • NetBeans 6.0.1 was added
  • Gambas2 and Tipp10 as well
  • With Phun we now have a funny 2D physics sandbox
  • and with k3dsurf a program to visualize and manipulate Mathematical models in three, four, five and six dimensions.
  • iTALC was updated to 1.0.7 and adapted to integrate better in openSUSE
  • with wine-doors it should be much easier to install Windows Software on openSUSE
  • tuxpaint (incl. tuxpaint-config and tuxpaint-stamps) made an update leap
  • Additional packages with new versions:
    • clisp
    • chemtool
    • childsplay-languagepacks
    • dansguardian
    • fbreader
    • galculator
    • gcalctool
    • gcompris
    • geogebra
    • kding
    • kseg
    • pauker
    • MultiplicationStation
    • moodle
    • semantik

A detailed change log can be found here.

Media and Download

As a result of the size, we decided to ship three ISO images instead of one:

  • openSUSE-Education-1.0-for-10.3-i386-RC2.iso => for (normal) 32bit PCs
  • openSUSE-Education-1.0-for-10.3-x86_64-RC2.iso => for 64bit PCs
  • openSUSE-Education-1.0-for-10.3-SOURCES-RC2.iso => contains the source RPMs (if you don't know what this means, you don't need it ;-) )

You can find the ISO images in our download directory and also on the SUSE FTP server. But you can also add our online repository as add-on source via the YaST2 Add-on Module. Just use the URL:


Feedback and Communication

Please get in touch with us to tell us of any problems or just to tell us what you think.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

3 Responses to “openSUSE-Education 1.0 RC2 for openSUSE 10.3 is Ready”

  1. R. J.

    It seems every time I come here there are internal server errors leaving an inability to comment. What is going on with all these constant errors?

    again I will ask, how did Kiwi get its name, and why is it playing on the well built reputation and marketing of New Zealand and even using kiwi fruit in it’s logo.

    • Lars

      Well – the name KIWI is a personal issue, as far as I know. I think you have to blackmail the KIWI author to get the “real” reason for this name. ;-)

  2. R. J.

    the word kiwi is one that is strongly associated with New Zealand. many’s kiwi’s will see this as a play on their good reputation, especially when they then go and use the kiwifruit as their logo. The kiwifruit, originally from china was named after the national bird of NZ, the kiwi. NZ has been known to strongly go after companies who use names that relate to our identity.