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openSUSE 11.0 Survey

July 18th, 2008 by

Survey time again! After nearly a month of the openSUSE 11.0 release we want to know what you think about it, how you use it and about openSUSE.org in general. As usual we will post the results shortly after the survey is closed end of August. We’ll raffle some openSUSE t-shirts and caps under all participants. You will find the survey here: openSUSE 11.0 survey, it will only takes a few minutes …

btw: I already got feedback on it. If you think the questions should be different, just send me a mail: mlasars at suse.de ….

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22 Responses to “openSUSE 11.0 Survey”

  1. kernel cruncher

    Didn’t take long to do. It will be nice to see the results. I expect some negative feedback on kde4, though it’s not from me.

  2. Colin

    Small nit-pick. Question 17 (How long have you been using OpenSUSE?) had a non-exhaustive answer – the first two choices were:
    -Less than 1 month
    -6 months to 1 year
    As I’ve been using OpenSUSE since 11.0 RC, that’s just over a month.

    Also, I’ve used OpenSUSE before, but the question doesn’t make it clear if it means the latest continual use…

  3. testdud

    “18. How often do you update your openSUSE operating system via software updates?” Completely irrelevant question really. Updating software is task that belongs entirely to the computers, people should not be aware of that activity, ever. So I answered naturally “never” although likely my system does something to keep itself upto date. If it doesn’t it is broken.

    “24. Please rate how openSUSE fulfils the following criteria: Documentation”. If your desktop software is so broken on usability area that it actually requires documentation, you really suck majorly. Expert software may be different.

    “Ease of administration”. Well, YAST is one of the largest usability brainfarts as GUI that I have ever seen. Things are just slapped all over, and not grouped properly. The QT/KDE usability nightmare legacy also shows even nowadays on the Gnome desktop…

    • R. J.

      no it is not irrelevant. I personally like to check what I am updating and decide if I want to update the computer now or wait. Just because a question may seem irrelevant to you does not mean it is. But it seems like you are just a troll.

  4. I also expect negative feedback on KDE4… I personally think KDE3 was better and easier to use… Some KDE4 apps such as Kopete were actually not better then the same of KDE3… I expect more Linux Distributions to ship with Gnome from now on…

  5. Gary Smith

    Twice I was only able to get to 4 of 15 on the Poll using Seamonkey 1.1.9 (OpenSuse 11.0 x86-64) on an Athlon64.
    Generally, 11.0 seems easy to install, solid, and to be quality software. There still seems to ba an impossibility of using Java in most browsers using AMD Athlon and x86-64 OpenSuse. And, at least on my computer, under 10.3 upgrades and 11.0, it seems impossible to use a majority of secure sites, such as Yahoo login, brokerage accounts, most, but not all, Paypal and other online payment links.
    I suspect that it has to do with DTD HTML 4.01 and DTD HTML 4.0 transitional created in Microsoft programs. But this is only a circumstantial assessment. I have been unable to find any mention of the HTML capabilities of Seamonkey, so far.
    According to the Opera Clock page, Konqueror does have Java running, in spite of a link to a none existant directory. Firefox, Seamonkey, Opera, and Epiphany do not seem to catch Java.
    I even downloaded IcedTea, but was unable to figure out what else to do.
    Contrary to testdud, having used Suse/OpenSuse since 9.2, with yearly updates, I find Yast very usable and mostly clear in use and would love to find a way to permanently disable the updater “eye” due to my narrow bandwidth and its lack of information. I kill it before connecting to the internet and I almost daily check for Yast online updates.
    Some things could use more explanation/documentation: (???) Server–is it for a home/workstaton, operation of a network, or a true server (i.e. apache). This is especially applicable to mai issues. AppArmor–who needs it? What is it for?
    Also, on the last Kernel update, I lost my Etho. I finally, some way or the other, added Eth0 Wan0 to my grub startup. I do not yhink it should have eliminated a module that way.
    If a second Linux installation exists, Suse destroys any Grub reference to it, now.
    Without a graphic accellerator, I find things like moving windows, getting text cursors, and such extremely slow. This has never been a problem before in 10.1, 10.2, 10.3. So far as I know(?) compiz is not running, nor do I think I care to run it.
    I really do like the new, fast, update check, under Yast! And the more compact updates!

    • ryan

      AMD Athlon and x86-64 OpenSuse 11.

      Have had 0 problems logging into gmail, jib jab (once). But then again, I’m mostly a web surfer. Did you try Firefox 3.0.1 because that’s the browser I’m using. Hope this helps.

  6. Roger

    well… every things that i used to manage in mswindows is now done under suse…and its free… and i mean finance, internet, email, web communications, scanning, printing, burning dvd and cd, music etc etc… and yes i believe KD4 will have negative feedback.
    i am 57, and i thought i had windows burned into my cell’s brain… well i was wrong!
    future is linux.

  7. We’ll raffle some openSUSE t-shirts and caps under all participants.

    Really? I will get a t-shirt or a cap because I answered few questions :) ?

  8. dolittle

    I was happy with 10.3 64 but I’m really impressed with 11.0 64.
    I had trouble with my NVIDIA drivers on 10.3 but 11.0 installed them no problems.
    I did install KDE 4.0 first but had a lot of problems with it. So I reinstalled with KDE 3.xx and it has run very stable since.
    Looking forward to 11.1.
    Compiz did not run on this computer with 10.3 but now all I can say is wow it works right from the start with the desktop effects applet.
    Thanks to all the people that made 11.0 passable.


  9. Niklaus

    Im new Suse 11 user, just got off the redmond stuff(im sick off it). I downloaded Suse 11 x86-x64 and been using for a week, everything looks good for now. Starting to like it, although i did needed half an hour to create desktop icon :) Had to do little “research” to find settings for mouse. I Did had screen flicker but nvidia drivers from repository solved that problem.
    Yep… SuSe Team, Thank You :)

  10. susegebr

    kleenup the kernel far to many kernel messages esp when initializering 4 cpu’s over 30 lines of no interest mainly assining buffers memory
    Put a kernel parm in grub for the level off messages
    Update all drivers so no errors on drivers in the log

    your CPUs had inconsistent fixed MTRR settings
    probably your BIOS does not setup all CPUs. A joke i think
    Driver ‘sd’ needs updating – please use bus_type methods

    Opensuse 10.3 kernel had no problems to report on same hardware

    Update alsa driver AD1998b is not supported scan bios.

    ATH5K is not working at all
    Madwifi installed (compiled by me) still ATH5K is loaded so i have to remove it from modules

    The Gspcav webcam driver is outdated use gspcav1-20071224 severall new webcam’s with mic are now supported

    Update what ever so that the WEBCAM MIC IS ON /DEV/DSP no dev/dsp1 Amsn kopete Skype and others dont see the webcam mic

    This is part off the list with tweaks i have to make to get opensuse 11 working

    • susegebr

      Installed kernel 2.6.26-20-default from //ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/opensuse/repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/openSUSE_Factory/x86_64/

      For a atheros wireless card the ath5k now works very well so you dont need de madwifi

      There are no gspcav1-20071224 rpm so i compiles them and installed them the webcam works fine

      I have acpi_os_name=Linux and acpi_serialize on the command line when the computer boot.

      and now all works well

  11. johannes

    Very fast and well done but in Ubuntu a lot of things are fare better solved. Just for example you can change GDM easy the way you like, or on Nautilus you have the possibility
    to change by click from icon to listing view. Most of all Evolution is up to date under Ubuntu 8.04, Suse 11.0 version is steps behind. So if you have backups from a Ubuntu Evolution System and want to use it in Suse Evoltutions System you get intro trouble. Your address book wil not work properly..why not updating such important things like on Ubuntu?

    Or just think about the ISDN support with AVM drivers, now fare easier on Ubuntu then on Suse.

    Best System which will be the best operating system on the market will be a mix of Suse and Ubuntu – the speed from new Suse 11.0, the well structured yast component including the good firewall etc. and the well thinking usability on Ubuntu.

    Let’s hope that some day it will be one world with those great systems.

  12. ryan

    Oops, on the survey I accidentally said that I use Windows more than openSUSE. The only reason I use Windows is because of a deal I received through a University for Office 2007. I do all my web surfing on openSUSE because I like the compiz zoom feature. And virtual machines respond much better on Linux than Windows. The few one to two page documents that I’ve typed using OpenOffice were perfect, but I haven’t put OpenOffice through any real tests. Many of the additional features in Office 2007 really aren’t anything special because most of my documents are entirely in text; although, the graphics are fun to play with. Assuming everything works well enough in OpenOffice, if a virus attacked all Windows machines and killed them all off and Microso… mysteriously fell of the face of the Earth, it wouldn’t bother me at this point to completely switch over to openSUSE.

  13. Cliff Richey

    The new Suse installation is the best I have seen in Linux. It does gets a little fuzzy around partitioning. I would like to see the options to include proprietary video drivers, the usual restricted codecs, and flashplayer at installation rather than having to search for them after installation. It seems each Linux distro gives them slightly different names so even searching for them takes time.

    Because I use multiple hard drives I would like to see the name of the OS on each drive (if detected) along with each drive number.

    I would also like to see the OS name and version number on the login screen..

  14. Jonathon R.

    KDE4 isn’t really ready for prime time, yet (it crashed a lot on me), but that’s OK – KDE3 is there too.

    However, it is very apparent from all the bugs for it that the switch to the iwl driver for the intel wireless chips (3945 in particular) was premature. Simply way to many problems for it to be the “default” driver. SuSE even went so far as to remove the older ipw from the distro entirely, which I think is father foolish. Just because something is “unsupported” doesn’t mean your users don’t want access to it.

    The continued lack of smbmount (started in 10.3) is still a sticking point with me. I have to connect to a Netapp Filer and EMC NAS at work, and they have buggy software whose fixes have not yet been properly distributed. The CIFS drivers in openSUSE fail and report a LOT of bad data in the connections. The smbfs drivers don’t. Thus, once again, I am forced to “roll my own” because the smbfs drivers are not supported. I say, “Who cares?!?!?!” This is an open distro. If I wanted support, I would buy the Novell Desktop. So why the big problem with making older stuff available – maybe even in a “Retro” repository?

    On a related note – a lot of my negative experiences have come from the fact that I upgraded, rather than installed fresh. The fillup templates really do need to be applied, even during upgrades, as leaving all the old configs in place has caused so many problems, especially with the switch to iwl drivers. Doing so forces a ‘reset’ to default configs. Once I deleted my old network ./config and ./dhcp config files and replaced them with copies from the fillup template, things got a lot better. No clue why, as I didn’t have anything esoteric in there.

    Given that laptops are expected to (or already have) outsold desktops (at least in the US), we really need to be more careful about things like wireless, upgrades, etc.

  15. Bernard M.

    I tried out 11.0 and still have it as one of my my bootable OSes in GRUB. My main OS is still 10.3. Why? I can’t get the recommended MADWIFI drivers applied to the base 11.0x system. The packages seem to be incompatible with the OS. Also, the installer didn’t handle the two prior bootable OSes elegantly (WinXP & OpenSuse 10.3). It made my 10.3 unbootable, so I had to go back and correct that.

    The survey should ask a few more detailed questions and include comment areas, so that these experiences can be captured in the survey.

    Other than that, I’m impressed by the installer, the over speed, and the professional look of 11.0. I’m hopeful that 11.1 will solve my problems so that I can move on to the next version.

  16. tvice

    I have been an Ubuntu user for over two years but occasionally installing Linux over the last 12. I installed SUSE 11 64 bit without any difficulty but had problems with printing set up and had to use the CUPS localhost web page to setup a network printer. Still I do not see a job option tab in any printing window either in the control panel or Yast printing applet. The job option tab would allow you to change page orientation among other things.
    Skype did not work (not Novell’s fault) but after poking around the forum I was able to find a solution as I did with Flashplayer both of which work fine now although SKYPE alerts don’t work. I believe JAVA based apps still have problems printing (blame SUN).
    32 bit anything is a declining technology just as 16 bit passed so will 32 bit stuff. I do believe my 64 bit hyperthreaded P4 running 64 bit Linux is now faster than my 32 bit dual core machines. All in all a pretty good distro. The only Virtualbox install that worked was through add/remove programs and is the Open Source version so no usb support. I downloaded two others for 64 bit with USB but they did not install properly so guess I will wait on that one. Nividia drivers loaded with a one click install which was quite impressive.

  17. Kent Szabo

    On my SuSe 10.0 I ran into a Firefox compatibility problem with my AT&T webmail, so I decided to install SuSe 11.0. At first I ordered the boxed set, and then discovered that it only included a DVD medium and no CD’s. As I don’t have DVD on my Desktop I called and canceled the boxed set. Then began searching around and discovered the ability to download the SuSe 11.0 CD with KDE4 on it. So I decided to give it a try. Downloaded it on my SuSe 10.0 with BitTorrent, and wrote out the ISO CD with K3B. Then installed into a 10 GB partition. All went fine, the installation was the easiest I have ever done. I then used YAST2 to download packages that I often use. The Firefox 3.0b.2 that comes with it is fine with my AT&T e-mail. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to mont my SuSe 10.0 to 11.0 so I can copy out my old /home data.

  18. wolf

    Suse 11.0 is really a good system.
    I have been using fedora, but now I find suse is a better choice. It is much more stable.
    One thing, I can’t change the brightness of my OSD (Toshiba Satellite Pro), can it be improved in next release?

  19. lyecdevf

    It has not really been long since I have upgraded from 10.3 to 11.0. The upgrade by it self was simple. I used the CD to update and I did not run into any particular problems.

    One of the first things that I have noticed after booting into 11.0 is that there is no floppy icon on the desktop like it used to be on 10.3. Now I am not going to make a big deal out of that. I do not use the floppy much any way. Although I would say that the floppy icon never bothered me and it was kind of nice to have it up there. For some reason I think that having three icons looks better than having just two. So I was a bit surprised to see that there was not floppy icon there.

    Now I am a big torrent user. I run this computer 24/7 much for the needs of file sharing. Suse is a stable platform to do that. 11.0 is not different. It runs great and I am very satisfied with it so far. Although I noticed that in 11.0 there is a new bitorrent application called monsone. I have never heard of monsone even though I actually spent some time looking on the net for an alternative to the one that I use a lot, which is Ktorrent. Now I have been using Ktorrent for a while now and it works great. I have nothing to complain about it. Except for one little tiny detail. The version that came out with 10.3 had this little red and blue icon and I did not like it a lot. There were two arrows joined together, where one was pointing upwards as to present uploading and the other one was pointing down as to present downloading. Now there is just one arrow, which is light blue and is pointing down. I like it some what better! Although there is still room for improvement…*caugh*. The other thing that I would complain about Ktorrent and I know that this is an issue that suse users might not be interested in since it is not directly liked to Suse but the plugin that displays statistics about the network speeds seems not to be as good as the one from the previous version!

    The last thing that I am going to address now is yast. The previous package manager in 10.3 had a few bugs in it. I am sure that others had problems with it. So I am not going to discuss it right now but I am going to say that to me it look 100 times better than the one in 11.0. The one in 11.0 works so much better but it does not sport a good look. I first started using suse with 10.3 and yast was one of the things that won me over to suse. It looked better than any package manager in any other distro that I have used before.

    All in all I think 11.0 is a good step in the right direction. I am going to stick with suse at least in the near future. I have no doubt in that. It is a good distro and 11.0 makes me like it even more. So keep up the good work guys!