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Bugzilla: Changed Definitions

July 22nd, 2008 by

We are standardizing now on the definitions given at http://en.opensuse.org/Bugs/Definitions. The severity definitions are now the same as in most other open source projects, so that we speak the same language and reduce confusion.

The major changes we are doing are basically:

  • Severity Blocker means “Blocks development and/or testing work”
  • Severity Critical means “Crash, loss of data, corruption of data, severe memory leak”
  • We would like to ask you to fill in the “Found by” field correctly, this will be “Beta-Customer” for openSUSE community members before a release and “Customer” if you file a bug after the release.
  • Novell will use internally both severity and priority for handling bug reports.

We would like you to use the changed severity definitions for every new bugreport that you are filing and also set the “Found by” field.  We hope that these changes reduce some confusion and help us at Novell to better prioritize and fix bug reports.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

14 Responses to “Bugzilla: Changed Definitions”

  1. You’re messing around a little bit.

  2. AlbertoP

    If possible, make the “Found by” field default unique, and default to “Customer”. I don’t see any advantage in distinguishing between beta-customer and customer.


  3. AlbertoP

    Another consideration: community members technically are not customers, because they don’t buy anything. Why not a “community user”?

    • Andreas Jaeger

      Good idea, I’ll discuss it. It would indeed make life easier.

    • Andreas Jaeger

      This has been implemented now – you can use “community user”. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. jengelh

    I always assumed “Beta-Customer” meant the group of (traditional) Beta testers (= no one after beta tests became public), i.e. those that were eligible for a SUSE box. Not that “Beta-Customer” implied that you do get the free SUSELinux box — the field is just for statistics.

  5. Bolek

    What about SLES and SLED corporate users? Some of the bugs found in there are also present in OpenSuSE (never addressed). Should we go through official channels where it will be directed down stream to OpenSuSE or should we post it here as a ‘customer’? I agree with some of the comments above that the word ‘customer’ indicates someone who pays for the services. It definitely does not apply to an OpenSuSE community member as s/he does not pay for the product/support per se.

    • Andreas Jaeger

      Bolek, if you have a support contract with Novell, you should use the official channel to report bugs for SLES/SLED.

      If you encounter a bug in SLED/SLES and find it in openSUSE as well, you can always report it against openSUSE.

  6. Couldn’t “beta customer” be added automatically if creating a bug report for a beta of openSUSE? It would then use ‘customer’ after it has been Released.