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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 70

May 5th, 2009 by

news    Issue #70 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • KDE4 Reloaded
  • Google Summer of Code Introduction
  • OpenOffice.org 3.1beta6
  • Lukas Ocilka: YaST Has New Icons / Mascot … Finally :)
  • ARM support in openSUSE Buildservice – fixed

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8 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 70”

  1. Anonymous

    also interesting article


    • Chrysantine

      Poor, really poor trolling attempt.

      As always, it’s an anonymous poster above me – perhaps if you had the guts to post with your real identity, you’d have some credibility to your trash.

  2. boha

    the opensuse 11 was a schock to every body who used 10.3

    the number of bugs in it was not normal, there is people(like my self) that are trying to work with it!

    @Chrysantine : critic should be welcomed from everybody(anonymous included) especially in a community project :-) so stay cool

    • martin

      For me it is the other way round.
      On my computer OpenSuse 11.0 (I use KDE3 as my desktop environment) is the most stable Suse distro since Suse 9.3.
      And OpenSuse 11.0 is also much more stable than OpenSuse 11.1.

      For me it was impossible to use KDE4 at this early KDE 4.04 stage in OpenSuse 11.0.
      And, as you see, no KDE3 user is forced to use KDE4 at the moment, not in OpenSuse 11.0 and not in OpenSuse 11.1.

      • Dich

        And if I would have the chance to get the updates and bugfixes for suse 10.0 without having to deal with the mess of KDE4, compiz and hal I wouldn’t even bother to update (albeit from pure curiosity)… I wonder why the stability/configurability/usability of the system are getting less and less important, and only *features* (especially *NEW* ones) are taking over.

        What about forcing KDE3 users to upgrade – with no more development on KDE3 branches you will eventually be forced to make the move. It’s just clear that even KDE4.2.2 is much less usable than KDE3… it should have had a version number of kde4.0.0.99 maybe…

  3. boha

    i use KDE3 too

    check this out: the usuable version of open suse 11.1


  4. Each mirror “hides” behind download.opensuse.org – so the end user has no control over which mirror they are using (all up to Novell). This would not be so bad, but with almost every large update, there is always some piece of software missing.

    This is something I must point out too. When build service is rebuilding something, there is lot of things broken in the meantime. This worked just fine on fedora. Maybe the packages should be updated atomically, not one by one?

    I must agree, that 11.1 is very bad release. I got so many problems that it forced me to switch to kubuntu (I hope temporallily). Some of them are in novell bugzilla but no progress so far.

  5. Dmitri

    I agree about the bugs,but updated version is so much better.I do use kubuntu as well for the time being.