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iFolder Project Meeting Tuesday, May 12

May 8th, 2009 by

On the iFolder mailing list, Brent McConnell has announced the first iFolder Project meeting on May 12 at 14:00 GMT.

Meeting Agenda includes:

  1. Engineering update. What’s happened since we relaunched?
  2. Wiki port project. Volunteers needed
  3. Todo list
  4. Open discussion

Meeting will be in IRC on Freenode in the #ifolder channel.

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3 Responses to “iFolder Project Meeting Tuesday, May 12”

  1. Joe – Just figure I’d chime in here. Novell’s iFolder is an amazing product, however, as with Netware – I think things are on a rapid downward spin (though the move to Linux may be breathing new life into things)…In any case, I still don’t see a real competitor out there to iFolder, but that is going to change and soon. Unfortunately, I think the project has shot itself in the foot by not including a migration utility to move from the closed source iFolder to the open source iFolder. I think if the project wants to lead in this field of tech., it needs to begin by not leaving its oldest and most faithful users stranded. jmho.

  2. Dich

    my usual flaming here: for people who heard about iFolder for the first time, posting the link to some resource which tells people WHAT exactly is iFolder may be useful and save them some googling (if not closing the page and forgetting about such a thing like iFolder for the rest of the day). This is exactly one of the reasons why certain things are on “downspin”…

  3. Arthur

    Have to say that I love the idea of iFolder and when it’s up and working, it’s wonderful!

    However, setting it up on anything BUT the exact system specified is a complete pain. Right now even the latest version of iFolder requires outdated software to install on the server. You need SLES 10 SP2 with older packages. I spent a week fighting with it trying to install on OpenSuSE 11 and had to throw in the towel.

    As the previous poster mentioned, there is no real competition to this file sharing model and I will be really excited if Novell and Kablink can capitalize on this before it’s too late.