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People of openSUSE: Marcus Schaefer

August 13th, 2009 by

Marcus Schaefer is busy with Build Service, KIWI and SUSE Studio.

Every openSUSE user, that tuned graphic, used SaX2. The xorg.conf created with SaX2 has this line:
# Contact: Marcus Schaefer , 2005

Of course the sax2 is the best known, or better to say the most popular part of his work, but there is much more. The most recent project is KIWI that allows relative painless creation of distribution images (CD, DVD, USB memory stick, … ), and the KIWI is what powers up the SUSE Studio, powerfull and easy to use image creation service.


Mirrors for openSUSE-Education

August 10th, 2009 by

I’m proud to announce that the download area of http://www.opensuse-education.org/ is sponsored now by 6 (!) mirrors. A big “thank you” to each of them:

Like openSUSE, the openSUSE-Education team use a great software named MirrorBrain from Peter Poeml, which makes it possible to redirect download requests transparently to the nearest mirror. As result, our endusers normally didn’t even noticed that they get their files from a mirror instead of the original system.

Result: even if our current hoster still limits the bandwith of our main server, our users get their software faster than ever.

openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 5 Released

August 10th, 2009 by

openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 5 (M5) is now available for download. It includes several updates, new features, bugfixes, and other improvements. This milestone includes KDE 4.3 final, a kernel built specifically for desktop systems, and beta 1 of OpenOffice.org 3.1.1.

This is a Milestone Release, one of several that lead up to the 11.2 final release in November. It may not be suitable for production systems, but is ready for contributors who want to help with testing and development for 11.2.

Changes Since openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 4

Lots of changes since the M4 release! This release is built with GCC 4.4.1, and debug packages are generated for each sub-package. It also includes many updated packages and a few new packages, including:

  • Linux kernel 2.6.31-rc4
  • Xen 3.4.1 RC10
  • GNOME 2.27.5
  • PackageKit 0.5
  • Apache 2.2.12
  • Choqok 0.6.1
  • VirtualBox 3.0.2

A more complete list can be found on the wiki and an updated list of Factory packages can be found on DistroWatch.

11.2 is looking fantastic. Want screenshots? We’ve got ‘em! Check out the shots here, and/or add your own.

Most Annoying Bugs

As this is a milestone release, 11.2 M5 does contain a few bugs that we know about, but should not stand between courageous contributors and release testing. The big bugs in 11.2 M5 are:

  • Live CD ISOs will not boot from USB on some hardware
  • The GNOME Live-CD image is missing Tomboy, Beagle, and GNOME-Do.
  • Bug #529098: x86_64 DVD ISO doesn’t fit on DVD
  • Bug #522025: X doesn’t display properly in VirtualBox machines with big video memory. Workaround: reduce video memory size or switch to first console and back (default: right Ctrl-F1, right Ctrl-F7)
  • Bug #529113: and Bug #482749: kdesu does not work (for example, starting YaST), work-around: ‘su -c “unset DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS;yast2″‘
  • Bug #528397: X server might hang with some video drivers (vesa, intel) in runlevel 5 before the KDM logon occurs. A workaround can be found in this comment.

You can track the Most Annoying Bugs on the wiki along with 11.2 development.

Testing! Testing! Testing!

As you can see, 11.2 M5 does have a few annoying bugs that we know about — but there may be more lurking somewhere in the release that haven’t been found yet. If you want to make sure 11.2 final is free of Most Annoying Bugs, we’ll need your help finding, reporting, and fixing those hidden bugs.

Holger Sickenberg has put out a call for testing team members. If you’re interested in doing some heavy testing on openSUSE, check out Holger’s announcement.

To learn more about testing openSUSE, visit the Testing pages on the openSUSE wiki. To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, and join the #openSUSE-Factory channel on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

Get Milestone 5 Today!

What are you waiting for? Grab the milestone release today! Downloads are available at software.opensuse.org/developer/ now.

Note, if you need to try the live DVD on a machine with no CD-ROM drive, you can copy it to a USB key with the following command:

dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

Replace “image.iso” with the name of the ISO image that you have downloaded, and replace “sdX” with the actual device name of your USB drive. Be careful! This will erase the target device, so make sure you have the correct device name and have any vital data backed up!

The next milestone will be released on August 20th.

OpenSUSE Weekly News: Changes

August 8th, 2009 by

Hello Readers. The Weekly News editorial Team is pleased to announce, that we have made some changes.

* We publish the Weekly News each Saturday after proofreading.
* News.o.o: We want the news out in as many languages as possible, but do not want to delay the news in any language waiting for all to be ready. Therefore, as soon as the English language news is ready it will be published. And, we will provide a link to the translated news which will follow when completed.
* No Deadlines: the translation teams have no deadline, and will therefore publish the translated news “if its ready”.
* Content: The English language newsletter includes news topics from many Sources. Lifting their deadlines allows the translation teams to localize their newsletter.

For all readers it means that we publish the Weekly News if its ready. And we plan to make it more colorful, so if you have proposals, ideas or interesting blogs, feel free to post to us. Our email adresses are saigkill@opensuse.org and dl9pf@opensuse.org.

We hope our readers enjoy the improved Weekly News. Special thanks goes to Satoru Matsamoto, Sebastian Schöbinger and  Carl Fletcher who helps us with the English language Newsletter.

Thanks your Editorial Team.

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 83

August 8th, 2009 by

news Issue #83 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • KDE 4.3 review
  • Marek Stopka: YaST Education module is no more GSoC project
  • Linux.com/Rob Day: The Kernel Newbie Corner: What’s in That Loadable Module, Anyway?
  • Jeff Jaffe: Cloud Securityv
  • Nat Friedman: Running Linux in the browser

For a list of available translations see this page:

Reminder: openSUSE Project Meeting Wednesday August 12, 2009

August 7th, 2009 by

The next openSUSE Project meeting will take place today (Wednesday August 12) at 12:00 UTC. See all time zones on the Fixed Time World Clock. As always, the meeting will be held in IRC on the #opensuse-project channel on Freenode.

Please add your topics to the meeting wiki page at:


Please add topics as soon as possible. Also, if you have questions for the meeting, but can’t attend (we know that the meeting times can’t work for everyone) please add them to the agenda as well.

For more on IRC meetings, see: http://en.opensuse.org/Meetings/About.

As always, we meet in #opensuse-project on Freenode. Fire up your favorite IRC client and head over to #opensuse-project.

Not familiar with IRC? A good overview can be found at irchelp.org. This site is not affiliated with openSUSE. For more information on Freenode, see http://freenode.net/.

Wondering what meeting times are? Check the openSUSE Meetings page. All project meetings and team meetings should be listed there.

Unofficial openSUSE KDE 4.3 RPMs and Live CDs

August 6th, 2009 by

Get the latest KDE hot off the presses! The KDE Project announced the stable KDE 4.3 release this week, and openSUSE users can get the goods right away.

The KDE 4.3 release is available via One-Click Install for openSUSE Factory, 11.1, 11.0, and 10.3. Stephan Binner has provided a KDE 4.3 live CD using the openSUSE Build Service and KIWI. The live CD is a pure KDE showcase based on current openSUSE 11.1 packages. Note that the live CD and packages are not an official openSUSE release and have not been as fully tested as final openSUSE releases.

The latest KDE includes a number of new features, application updates, performance and usability improvements, and much more. See the KDE 4.3.0 release announcement for a list of improvements and updates.

Reminder: Weekly News Team Meeting

August 6th, 2009 by

We are pleased to invite you (Editors/Translators) to the Weekly-News Team Meeting.

The Topics from our Meeting are placed in: http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Meetings/Topics_current New Topics can included until Sat, 10h UTC


Date: next Saturday {7/25/09}

Time: 14:30h UTC
Channel: #opensuse-newsletter @ irc.freenode.net


openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 82

August 4th, 2009 by

news Issue #82 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • Milestone 4 released
  • Hackweek IV Results
  • Vincent Danen: System monitoring with Conky
  • Joe Brockmeier: Does openSUSE need a default desktop?
  • openSUSE Forums: Firefox and _64 Java Issue

For a list of available translations see this page: