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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 112 is out!

February 27th, 2010 by

news Issue #112 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

  • Honoring openSUSE Wiki Reviewing Contributions
  • Michal Hrusecky: Public openSUSE 11.3 virtual machine
  • Jared Ottley: Alfresco PDF Toolkit
  • How to make Monitor refresh 120htz
  • Guillaume DE BURE (gdebure): A call for testers KMyMoney

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3 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 112 is out!”

  1. CS

    Please Publish clear and concise information and Procedures about the risks/benefits on manually installing a different Kernel as the
    current release effects so many of us particularly with X64 CPU’s

    While you at it could you please publish clear and concise Repo additions/deletions to install KDE version 4.x.x and include backout help in case of disaster etc.

    Linking weekly news to Forums provides general knowledge but nothing else.

    Linking Bugzilla Numbers to pretty Graphs does not help.
    Can we publish weekly news on what problems face opensuse.
    There is also no text information from the Development Manager on Bugzilla numbers and estimates on what we can expect, by way of online updates in the next week.

    The Development Manager could also offer news on what problems the development team face in providing fixes for all Critical Bugs, especially Kernel related ones..

    Can we also have information from the Development Manager on the division of manpower to realise any openFATE features completion against the number of bugs in PMS. If we all understand what limitations face opensuse we can all understand why it appears that little if no real manpower is devoted to bug fixes and their distributions via online update.

  2. CS

    down on the last comment being 51 – The following text message was put in

    Comment by callum
    2010-01-31 19:08:32

    great job open suse, it was very hard to burn the iso file to a disk as i am only 11 and had not parent or teacher help but in the end, my desktop is not going to crsh every time i load xp, thanks a lot to every one who took part and welldone…


    As the comment list is on capacity I feel someone should directly reply to this young man.

    If and 11 year old can Install and use other Windoze Products and he cannot understand how to install our – It speaks volumes about the emergence of generation Y or maybe he is part of GEN XXL.

    No Matter but I think this young man deserves a reply at the least and from someone who has a reasonable Title/Job Description

  3. CS

    Over the Years we have all seen people try use the analogy…Its Not Windoze….Indeed it is OPENsuse which we never wants to have the same product type, we want one that is far superior and we have one.

    Other newbies dont want Windozee but they have a reasonable expectation that open Suse runs will little or no bugs in release and users never see things that dont work or error dump.

    What people complain about – who get frustrated – its the enormity of applications…etc that dont work, a position other Windoze Users have been in since 2000. Their fightis not openSuse itself – its the enourmity of bugs that stop it working.

    Every time you see an Newbie spit the dummy, the do so in frustration of lack of stability – You can check every time spits about going back…Is really is a declaration they cannot cope with the enormity of bugs which effect the use of the Desktop.