9. Jul 2010

openSUSE.org Scheduled Outage

News Team

On Saturday, July 10th from 09:00 AM CET to 03:00 PM CET, our infrastructure vendor will be shutting down services in the Nuremberg (Germany) data center to allow for a scheduled maintenance of the main power supply. As result, general network connectivity from and to the location will not be available.

Due to a separate maintenance activity the openSUSE Build Service will only be available again by 07:00 PM CET.

As result, the following services will not be available:

  • //build.opensuse.org
  • //software.opensuse.org

  • //svn.opensuse.org
  • //community.opensuse.org
  • //education.opensuse.org
  • //powerpc.opensuse.org
  • //boosters.opensuse.org
  • //board.opensuse.org
  • //users.opensuse.org
  • //hermes.opensuse.org
  • //notify.opensuse.org
  • //retro.opensuse.org
  • //connect.opensuse.org
  • //crashdb.opensuse.org
  • //gallery.opensuse.org
  • //shop.opensuse.org
  • //help.opensuse.org
  • //i18n.opensuse.org
  • //apparmor.opensuse.org
  • //count(er down).opensuse.org
  • //gcc.opensuse.org
  • //license.opensuse.org
  • //xgl.opensuse.org
  • //pluginfinder.opensuse.org

The staging version of these sites will be similarly affected.

Please spread the news about this, so that we can keep user disruption to a minimum.

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