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KDE bug team asks for help on Friday 13th

August 11th, 2010 by

Javier sent us the following announcement:

It’s my pleasure to announce the next KDE Bug triage :-)

It will begin next Friday (13th) and end on Monday (16th).

The aim of this bug triage is to help make KDE a bit better. You don’t need to have any special skills. The most important thing is that you’re interested in helping us to clean the bug list so developers can focus on fixing the bugs!

So, let’s squash bugs together! Join us in the #opensuse-kde IRC channel on Freenode :-)

For more info on bug squashing KDE, take a look here!

To see a list of open bugs is here (automatically generated).

Happy KDE bug squashing!

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5 Responses to “KDE bug team asks for help on Friday 13th”

  1. Jos Poortvliet

    see, my first news post. I do stuff. Sometimes. Notice also that other bugday teams should certainly ping the editors at news-submit (on opensuse.org of course) when they have a bug day. Bug days are important

    So – anyone doing bugdays, send us the date(s) and time(s) (time only if relevant) and a nice announcement whenever you do one. If you do it regularly or know a few dates in advance, let us know, we’ll add it to the calendar!

  2. Otto

    I installed RC3 on my Desktop…works

    on my Laptop ASUS: Intel(R) Core2 Duo CPU T7300 2Ghz NVIDIA GeForce 8400 G , 2GB Ram, Suse 11.3, …DID NOT !!! error msg “Can’t start ksmserver.


  3. JP

    Hi, these days I was thinking about a tool to improve the quality of distributions and applications and I found someone who had someone in openFATE suggestion where to focus on KDE. If you want to see is at https: / / features.opensuse.org/308138
    It would be good to be true.

  4. Will Stephenson

    On the laptop, switch to a text console – ctrl-alt-f1
    start a new X server on :1 – Xorg :1
    start KDE in it – DISPLAY=:1 startkde
    Look at the error messages in the console output for clues as to why it fails.
    Bug us at opensuse-kde@opensuse.org with the problem.

  5. my laptop is given me a lot of problems from i updated it to 11.3 i have blinking windows,i cannot install skype 2.1,it take a while to get to my desktop screen and now i am running of open-SUSE failsafe. i really need some help.