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openSUSE Wiki Upgrade

September 24th, 2010 by

We have just completed the upgrade to the 1.16 release of MediaWiki.  This release comes with several improvements in functionality and performance.  Anyone who is interested in more information can view the release notes here.

As part of this deployment, 6 additional wikis (Dutch, French, Greek, Portugese, Russian, and Spanish) have been converted to the new wiki system.  These wikis now have the same themes and functionality as the English wiki, including Lucene search.

Later today, we will be moving the wiki files to the data center SAN.  The wikis should remain live throughout the entire process.  However, file uploads will be disabled and anyone editing the wiki faces a small risk of losing their session.  A warning message will be posted on the wiki during this move, which should take less than an hour.

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3 Responses to “openSUSE Wiki Upgrade”

  1. Ralf

    Just a question: What Mediawiki skin (theme) are you using? Self made? Can you share the skin with the community (i.e. offer for download)?
    I am looking for a skin for my private site other than the standard. The openSUSE skin looks really great.

  2. MatthewEhle

    The default skin is called “bentofluid” and is publicly available on BerliOS.

    As far as I know, no one has packaged it, but you can check it out directly from the Subversion repository. The location is https://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/opensuse/trunk/infrastructure/wiki.o.o/skins/

  3. patricia carla

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