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Archive for August 19th, 2011

The openSUSE Conference Program and Keynote Speakers

August 19th, 2011 by

With our conference, osc11, fast approaching (Have you registered yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!), the excitement is building all over the project.

Its quite some work to get to create a reasonable schedule for a conference. For osc we want to have a program with talks that interest all our visitors. And as visitors have a wide rage of skill levels we also want to balance the depth of the talks. Another thing we wanted to create are “gravitation centers” for our key topics within the program. Oh and we also seek out for new contributors with our conference. And all that needs to be sorted between rooms with different sizes, within the tracks you think are useful, with breaks, time to change rooms and so on and son on. Quite some parameters to take into account. That said, we are very happy that we can announce the schedule for the openSUSE Conference 2011 today!


We have scheduled more than 100 contributions in the four days of the conference. More than 50% of those are interactive like birds of a feather sessions (BoFs) and workshops, that is along with our motto RWX³ which basically means that people should not only just listen, but also do things.

So as the schedule is done, speakers are working on their presentations and evening events are being planned in full swing. And to top it all off, each day we have an awesome keynote speaker to get us psyched up for the rest of the conference. Let’s introduce you to some of our speakers.