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openSUSE 12.1: All Green!

November 16th, 2011 by

boot image from installer
It is November 16, 2011 and our mirrors have synced. Time to present to you: openSUSE 12.1! This release represents more than eight months of work by our international community and brings you the best Free Software has to offer. Awesome improvements include the latest GNOME 3.2 desktop as well as the newest from KDE, XFCE and LXDE; your ownCloud made easy with mirall; Snapper-shots of your file system; and much, much more.


openSUSE 12.1 comes with the new GNOME Shell 3.2. We presented you with a taste of GNOME Shell on openSUSE 11.4. Since then, many bugs have been squashed and numerous small improvements have made life on the Shell more comfortable. Notifications are much nicer, you can now configure your online accounts in one place and Shell handles multiple-screen setups better.

Among the features is color management, something GNOME shares with KDE where openSUSE is the first to integrate the Oyranos color management system. Also new from KDE is Apper, an easier-to-use PackageKit front end.

ownCloud integrating with the local calendar

Cloud things

It is 2011, and most of us use ‘cloud’ technology like having our files on Dropbox, friends on Facebook and music on Spotify. But these technologies are arguably dangerous from a security and privacy point of view. While not solving all problems yet, ownCloud aims to bring these services back under your control.

openSUSE is the first Linux distribution to support ownCloud with its own unique mirall desktop integration. For end users, mirall makes the difference between thinking that ownCloud is interesting and being able to actually use it. Read about mirall and ownCloud in our documentation to find out why!

For more demanding use cases in the small business area, our Virtualization and Cloud repository offers the latest versions of Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack for openSUSE 12.1. And we support all the virtualization technologies including Xen 4.1, KVM and VirtualBox which can be managed with the latest virt-manager and open-vm-tools.

SUSE Studio users can already build unique versions of openSUSE 12.1, with custom package selections, artwork, scripts, etc. that can be deployed directly to Amazon EC2 or onto a variety of other cloud platforms.
Snapper in action

Under the hood

openSUSE 12.1 includes Snapper, a new and unique tool that employs the snapshot functionality in btrfs to allow you to view older versions of files and revert changes. The integration of Snapper into the zypper package manager allows roll back of system updates and configuration changes.

openSUSE is also the first major distribution to ship the Go programming language, Google’s new open development language. Go is a fast, easy-to-use language that helps programmers handle multi-core, networked machines with the convenience of garbage collection and run-time reflection.

Keep tumblin’ and rollin’!

openSUSE 12.1 can of course also move to Tumbleweed, our cutting-edge rolling release repo which contains the latest stable versions of all software. Tumbleweed lessens the significance and change impact of major releases by updating systems continuously. Existing Tumbleweed users will have to make a small change to their repositories to stay current. For future releases of openSUSE this won’t be needed anymore.

Go and have a lot of fun!

“While the big updates include Snapper, systemd and ownCloud, there are also many smaller enhancements like the improvements to YaST or the work on zypper. And that is only what our own community did,”

said Bryen Yunahsko, member of the openSUSE Board.

“We’re standing on the shoulders of the gigantic open source community. I would not be surprised if openSUSE’s latest update has over 300,000 improvements that resulted from efforts in the open source community.”

For more details about the latest and greatest in openSUSE 12.1 visit opensuse.org/12.1 and read our extensive Product Highlights! If you want, go and download it right away from our mirrors.

Have a lot of fun!

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242 Responses to “openSUSE 12.1: All Green!”

  1. Thank You!

    http://www.josemanuelgon.com.ar Freelance web developer

  2. Congrat`s / Felicitari !


  3. O kara escrever em ingles errado.. blz.. mas em RUSSO… ai é foda…

  4. Arun

    Thanks a lot… V. excited…. Downloading in progress

  5. Ralf

    First time I try OpenSUSE after having problems with Ubuntu

  6. Hamed

    Thanks guys

  7. Great Job, Thanks everyone to make this all happen :)

  8. PRinformatica

    Valeu! Obrigado a todos pelo excelente trabalho no Suse.

  9. Cesar

    Parabens pela investida .Com certeza vou baixar e experimentar a evolução do open-suse.Mais uma vez a comunidade suse agradece pelo tabalho que ,antecipadamente deve estar ótimo

  10. alucard1589

    now the question is, to update or to do a clean install =S

  11. Hey Guys – thx for this great day! Thx for this overwhelming release!

    Great Job, Thanks everyone to make this all happen :)

    keep on rocking – you ve got many many thousand friends all over the globe


  12. Juan Pablo Roman

    Gracias estaba esperando esta version de OpenSuse

  13. Jeyakumar

    Thanks to everyone ..

  14. Hola, de verdad esta nueva versión esta genial, ya lo acabe de instalar!!

  15. Thanks.I has published for Chinese linux lovers.

  16. VUnger

    Sehr schön!

  17. Marcel Pa1mar

    Thanks to everybody……..i ame still downloding…..
    Tomorrow i go to install…….
    Who is also code the hamradio apps?
    When comes this in the posetoris?

    pa1mar from Holland.

  18. Pawel Dylik

    Thanks for next version my lovely distro & regards 4 all from Poland!

    SuSE user since 6.2 :)

  19. 100le

    Thanks for the awesome work. <3 this distro.

  20. Djo

    Absolutely wonderfull

  21. Hotspace

    Hey, guys, great job there! Thanks!
    Have just installed on my so called “server”, works perfect. I actually do not need the cloud thing, but thanks so much for providing others with this, it’s way better to have an additional opportunity to use it besides the doropelasticgoole stuff.

  22. Alf Solli

    Oh my god, so polished! LOVE IT!

  23. rms


  24. Bob

    Would have been nice to switch over to 12.1 but it does not like my hardware as opposed to 11.4. Thanks anyway …

  25. UWB

    Thank you very much! It’s always a great job with openSUSE!
    Can’t wait to upgrade my 11.1!

  26. Andri Surjandono

    Terima kasih, Selamat Datang dengan suasana baru, sukses selalu.

  27. LordPengu

    Great job guys, keep up the good work.

  28. John M

    Been downloading while at work, eagerly awaiting getting home so I can on my systems. Already setup my pxe server so that all I need is the iso, an a network boot… :-)

    Thanks for all the people who have invested time an effort to this product. Looking forward to playing with all the cool new features such as OpenCloud.

    John M
    user since SuSE 6.4

  29. Nak Bali

    “Om Swastiastu”
    Rahajeng ring OpenSUSE sane sampun rilis seri 12.1. Dumogi OpenSUSE state ngicen inovasi ring iraga sareng sami.
    “Om Canthi Canthi Canthi Om”

  30. Anonymous

    Congrats guys. Keep it up. We need an OpenSUSE for Tablets too…

  31. Perfecto, gran trabajo, muchas gracias por este SO tan bueno.

  32. Angelo Vittozzi

    Grazie per il lavoro svolto.

  33. Angelo

    Obrigado. Estava pensando em quais seriam as novas no Open Suse!!

  34. Congratulations for this new release. I use and recommend openSUSE to friends and customers.

    Parabés a todos por esta nova versão. Eu utilizo e recomendo openSUSE aos meus amigos e clientes.

    Rodrigo Ribeiro
    Curitiba, PR – Brasil

  35. I love this release. Looks like I’ll fall in love again with opensuse 12.1. Thank you.

  36. LinuxLover

    Just tried the LiveCD today. There were some things that I found that were lacking.

    I did an update, and it changed the system tray as if there was a new icon there, but there was no icon. I hovered the mouse over it and it said something to the effect that something was updated but no reboot was necessary. This seems like an oversight.

    So, now there are, count them, 3 applications that handle packages? There was YaST, YOU, and now Apper? Seriously? That also leads me to repositories. I was a little confused. I went to the OpenSuse site for adding repositories and it said Contrib was deprecated for 12.1? Okay, what does that mean? Is it now rolled in the normal official repositories? Was going to add KDE repository, but there was a warning when using that repository, saying “Warning Remove all repos from the Updated Apps only section (UpdatedApps/Extra) if you are going to use KR47.” KR47 is the repository for having the latest KDE, which is what I assume every user would want. Why make it confusing? Why all of the mess of repositories, anyway? Then, to make matters worse, there’s a bunch of KDE 3 stuff in the repositories. Now, I know the Trinity project is ongoing, but for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t we be leaving KDE 3 behind by now? What is all this stuff doing in the repositories?

    KDE Control Center, at first, seemed MIA. They renamed it “Personal Settings” and put it in the root level of the Kmenu? What are they thinking? I seriously had to Google the answer to this!

    I had some trouble with a couple of widgets. I put RSS Now on my desktop, but it threw an error at me. It was something to do with creating a file for Python. I couldn’t make sense of how to fix it. Maybe it was because I was running off the CD?

    I used to feel as if Suse had the most spit and polish of them all as far as the look and feel. I have always loved how the boot messages were in 80 column text instead of 40 column, and the entire way it booted up just felt like a good commercial effort. I can’t say I still feel that way about Suse. It still feels good – just not as good as it used to. Linux Mint has since become my standard of excellence in this regard.

    Now, what I like about it: First, Tumbleweed! As a big fan of PCLinuxOS, I absolutely love the whole rolling release method. Why should I wipe and reinstall every 6 months? 9 months? I shouldn’t have to for quite awhile, thanks to Tumbleweed. Second, they’re still defaulting to GRUB. Yep, GRUB 2 is a mess, so I prefer GRUB for now. When they get it straightened out, I’ll bite. Mixing GRUB and GRUB 2 is a PITA, too, so it installs happily with my mainstay PCLinuxOS installation without workarounds to get them both to show up in the OS chooser screen. Third, everything had a familiar feel to it. I used to use Suse quite extensively some time ago, so I’m familiar with it, but jumping from PCLinuxOS or Mageia to Suse isn’t quite the same harsh reality as jumping to Ubuntu or Debian. I can get comfortable fast. Fourth, the community is very good and alive. It just saddens me to go into Mandriva’s community and watch the total lack of traffic. OpenSuse’s community is very much alive and well.

    I think I’ve found a distro to play with for a bit. It’s not perfect, but maybe some of the quibbles I have will be fixed in subsequent updates.

  37. Very good linux!

  38. Lathoi

    Thanks you, How can i upgrade from 11.4 to 12.1?


  39. Black Math

    Sieht schick aus, Kompliment!
    Ist aber äußerst buggy…so brauchte ich mind. zehn Anlaufe zum Aufbauen einer WLAN-Verbindung, da es irgendein Problem mit der Rechteverwaltung gab, und mein WPA-Key nach dem Klick auf ok immer verworfen wurde und die Verbindung dann fehlschlug.
    Auch braucht Dolphin gute 20 sek. zum Start. Die HDD arbeitet nicht, die CPU auch nicht.
    Bitte behebt das – es NERVT!!!

  40. Cool, ich werde es gleich mal testen.

  41. Alex

    FELICITARI!!! Congrat’s , Download in progress, thank you guys for your work!!!

  42. Mark

    Lang gewartet gute Arbeit Leute … weiter machen !!!…. Downloading in progress

  43. Sérgio Correia

    Thanks guys…

    I can’t wait to try this new and exciting release.
    Congratulations for your, always, beautiful work…. I’m sure that the 12 will not disapoint.

    Keep ruling :-)

    Ps: Portugal is with you!

  44. gasdriver

    Been running a couple of hours now and everything seems to be as it should be.

    A job well done I think.

    Thank you all.

  45. aovari


    I don’t like Gnome3. Beautiful, but slow and unusable.

    Epmhaty has long time ago some bugs (groupwise, msn access). If I use Pidgin, (because I don’t want copy the certs in the /tmp directory every time when Emphaty starts) then it can’t notify when new message arrive.

    On the same machine which ran 11.4 for a weeks, freeze 12.1 during 3 hours.
    I must use openSuse at My workplace, I can’t change to another distro. I think 1 put back 11.4 on my computer.

  46. Toni

    Just in time for my new PC!
    Tried LiveCD (RC1) yesterday, but must use acpi=off (freezes otherwise).
    Installed sensor-package and configured it -> works fine, shows “FAN” and
    more “temp” than the BIOS.

    Thanks to all, good stuff.

    User since 6.x.

  47. Hendra Fardiansyah

    Terima kasih banyak ya sodara-sodara sekalian…!!!

  48. Ben

    Great job, and great release.

    Here’s a quick blog post for the people that need to install the Oracle (a.k.a. SUN) Java:

  49. Tom

    Hope it helps others …

    Lenovo SNB based Thinkpad laptop:
    Basic install works as expected.
    Network does not work out of the box:
    Do not try network test at installation – causes freeze/delay
    Wired ethernet ( normal DHCP) does not work right after install – needs full reboot to start. Then it is OK.
    Wireless (Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6205 AGN) – does not connect to hidden WiFi; did not try normal hotspot yet.
    Power consumption is OK – better than RC2 and older. Tweaking it using i915 kernel option at boot should gain another 10-15% batery life

    • Black Math

      Maybe it could help you:
      On my Thinkpad T43p, i’ve chosen btrfs as filesystem.
      The whole system feels very slow and there went something wrong while setting up an encrypted Wifi-connection (keyphrase not stored by clicking OK and a strange error).
      Now, all works perfect using ext4.
      Try it, if you’re using btrfs!

  50. tarantonio

    someone had problems with DVD 64bits?

    I’m unable to download from the official mirror, and chosing another mirror is not the solution. The isos i downloaded from mirros are corrupted, unable to burn it.