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openSUSE 12.1: All Green!

November 16th, 2011 by

boot image from installer
It is November 16, 2011 and our mirrors have synced. Time to present to you: openSUSE 12.1! This release represents more than eight months of work by our international community and brings you the best Free Software has to offer. Awesome improvements include the latest GNOME 3.2 desktop as well as the newest from KDE, XFCE and LXDE; your ownCloud made easy with mirall; Snapper-shots of your file system; and much, much more.


openSUSE 12.1 comes with the new GNOME Shell 3.2. We presented you with a taste of GNOME Shell on openSUSE 11.4. Since then, many bugs have been squashed and numerous small improvements have made life on the Shell more comfortable. Notifications are much nicer, you can now configure your online accounts in one place and Shell handles multiple-screen setups better.

Among the features is color management, something GNOME shares with KDE where openSUSE is the first to integrate the Oyranos color management system. Also new from KDE is Apper, an easier-to-use PackageKit front end.

ownCloud integrating with the local calendar

Cloud things

It is 2011, and most of us use ‘cloud’ technology like having our files on Dropbox, friends on Facebook and music on Spotify. But these technologies are arguably dangerous from a security and privacy point of view. While not solving all problems yet, ownCloud aims to bring these services back under your control.

openSUSE is the first Linux distribution to support ownCloud with its own unique mirall desktop integration. For end users, mirall makes the difference between thinking that ownCloud is interesting and being able to actually use it. Read about mirall and ownCloud in our documentation to find out why!

For more demanding use cases in the small business area, our Virtualization and Cloud repository offers the latest versions of Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack for openSUSE 12.1. And we support all the virtualization technologies including Xen 4.1, KVM and VirtualBox which can be managed with the latest virt-manager and open-vm-tools.

SUSE Studio users can already build unique versions of openSUSE 12.1, with custom package selections, artwork, scripts, etc. that can be deployed directly to Amazon EC2 or onto a variety of other cloud platforms.
Snapper in action

Under the hood

openSUSE 12.1 includes Snapper, a new and unique tool that employs the snapshot functionality in btrfs to allow you to view older versions of files and revert changes. The integration of Snapper into the zypper package manager allows roll back of system updates and configuration changes.

openSUSE is also the first major distribution to ship the Go programming language, Google’s new open development language. Go is a fast, easy-to-use language that helps programmers handle multi-core, networked machines with the convenience of garbage collection and run-time reflection.

Keep tumblin’ and rollin’!

openSUSE 12.1 can of course also move to Tumbleweed, our cutting-edge rolling release repo which contains the latest stable versions of all software. Tumbleweed lessens the significance and change impact of major releases by updating systems continuously. Existing Tumbleweed users will have to make a small change to their repositories to stay current. For future releases of openSUSE this won’t be needed anymore.

Go and have a lot of fun!

“While the big updates include Snapper, systemd and ownCloud, there are also many smaller enhancements like the improvements to YaST or the work on zypper. And that is only what our own community did,”

said Bryen Yunahsko, member of the openSUSE Board.

“We’re standing on the shoulders of the gigantic open source community. I would not be surprised if openSUSE’s latest update has over 300,000 improvements that resulted from efforts in the open source community.”

For more details about the latest and greatest in openSUSE 12.1 visit opensuse.org/12.1 and read our extensive Product Highlights! If you want, go and download it right away from our mirrors.

Have a lot of fun!

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242 Responses to “openSUSE 12.1: All Green!”

  1. Ri

    Please publish XFCE and LXDE live cd for OpenSuse 12.1 !

  2. Hello,

    I downloaded the OpenSuse v12.1 DVD and installed it yesterday on a test machine. Today I have managed to fire it up and have a look. Before going any further, I ought to say that as of OpenSuse v10.3 I became a total devotee of the system and swapped out Windows at home in favour of it.

    Come Opensuse v11.1 however, this proved to be a broken system for me so I stuck with v10.3. I have a list of about 15 or so programs/criteria that have to work for me and most didn’t. Version 11.2 was an improvement but still broken and so I still stuck with v10.3. Redemption appeared with the next version, v11.3 – that had been largely repaired, performed well against my list and I migrated to that version and have been pretty happy with it now for quite a long while.

    And here comes OpenSuse v12.1. I don’t think I can be blamed for being a teeny bit wary of it now. So what did I find on my first look today?

    Well, I don’t want to be too harsh as I haven’t dug very deeply so far into it. However, that’s difficult when I find straightaway the following…

    – everything I do starts by clicking on the Activities button in the left corner of the panel. I even have to do this to access the ‘Dash’. This is driving me mad – why can’t you just move the cursor to the left side of the screen for this (like Rocketdock)?
    – the desktop is locked, non-interactive, no icons, no right-click menu, I can’t drag a file onto it.
    – I saved a file to the desktop folder in Nautilus and I still can’t see it on the desktop.
    – the top panel is locked – same as the desktop (and still is as I type).
    – minimised applications disappear to the ‘hot corner’ whereas they show an icon in the top bar when not minimised – rather reverse logical behaviour I say.
    – so how do I create a program launcher?

    …that will do for starters. How on earth does a new distribution get out of the door in that state? I managed to find an answer to the locked desktop thanks to a (Dutch?) guy on Youtube (viewed in Windows as 12.1 didn’t play the video!), I also managed to create a launcher by reading help on Ubuntu 11.10.

    So, it’s beginning to look like the boys have done it again, tinkered and presented a bit of a half-baked product to the world. It isn’t serious enough for me to reject Opensuse out of hand so far, on past record, I think it will probably get tweaked in subsequent versions until it is acceptable again. But why on earth does it have to be like this?

    Who the hell would appreciate an operating system where the desktop was locked down, empty and inactive. Jesus, the whole point of it is quite the opposite. It’s a desktop, it’s where you work!!

    Anyway, I will plod on with my more in-depth testing and see how it goes. But on today’s showing, I’m sticking to v11.3 till v12 is brought up to scratch.

    I will post an update to this some time in the future and I hope this comment does some good.

    • pacifico

      jeje, I should agree with this:

      Who the hell would appreciate an operating system where the desktop was locked down, empty and inactive. Jesus, the whole point of it is quite the opposite. It’s a desktop, it’s where you work!!

      You should be talking about gnome 3.2, but there is also KDE4, I think there are more converters now!

      By the way openSUSE 11.4 is very good also, using openSUSE Education, now and I find it very good and stable, could you tell what are the 20 programs that should run well for a system to be considered, I think is a good procedure to apply, thanks


    • Eve

      I think you are using GNOME? If you have only been using 10.3, thus, 11.4 and 12.1 would seem weird and not usable. This, however, can be fixed by Alt-F2 and enter “gnome-tweak-tool”, it will give you options to get stuffs work the way you described (icons on Desktop, able to handle files/folders on your Desktop etc)

      If you find this too unfamiliar and totally not able to work with, you can check out KDE or XFCE – which has been improved lately.

      Hope this helps

    • Albius

      I quote all…
      I’m back to 11.4 GNOME.
      I tried KDE but I found very unstable respect to GNOME.
      My point of view: OpenSUSE 11.4 GNOME the best !!

    • @John M:
      Howdy John
      Well, what you said is the same experience I made since rel 10.2 of (open) SuSE Linux env.
      I am also fascinated on this ‘open-source-software’ thing, but, to be honest, I definetely do not want to always lay hands on a dist, which does not come up e.g. with the desktop without any error, not to mention that you (n-) ever may get/see its surface without any error/hanging xserver, and so on.
      In my eyes the qualitiy of the openSuSE dist-releases did decrease since 10’er release in a huge amount.
      I was also stuck to 11.1 since all newer relases did not run after upgrade/fresh install on any laptop, which all are not too exotic concerning their built-in HW (since the same HW ran under the former release).
      Additionally I am not able to integrate all the necessary community repositories. Always get the error that it cannot be added and that without any hints on its reason. Since I am not really happy with laying hands on a dist, I am not definetely unwilling to do that if really necessary, but it is definetely too often. I want to install a system and work with it, not to ‘create’ it from scratch.


  3. aaa

    Hello jbenet
    You can find some answers in this mag :

  4. glen

    this is the best operating system i’ve used so far. my list includes windows, ubuntu, kubuntu (turned out to be a disaster) and linux mint. opensuse works flawlessly in my laptop. no bugs, no crashes. it also has a very active and robust forum (forums.opensuse.org). tumbleweed concept is simply awesome. i’m really excited about 12.1 bringing in more interesting features. Opensuse and its developers, you are the BEST!!!

    • kilfinge

      glen that’s true. I can confirm that. I used/I am using opensuse in numerous hardware configurations. On 5 different laptop machines, two different workstations. Even in IT department in my company, also on number of virtual machines. I configured opensuse and helped to configure for a number different users migrating from windows. Before I used a lot of different distros. What I like here its very reasonable ratio of stability/innovation plus will to polish one desktop environment and integrate system as much as possible with one common interface preserving a lot of space for customization. Developers thank you for your effort !

  5. DrDran

    I ditched Windows for Suse 11.4 some time ago.
    Best decision I ever took – my laptops have now also been swapped to Suse.
    Lots of positives from the switch – some things took a while to get used to, particularly after some of the slick software of MS. But I love the functionality of KDE and I like the fact that the system evolves. Software is great for photos/multimedia/office. The upgrade to 12.1 has been smooth and I think the developers should be congratulated for such a great job!

  6. John M

    Ok, so I did a completely NOOB thing in the excitement of wanting to install 12.1, an performed a Update to 11.4. Didnt turn out too well. Loads grub, times out, starts to try an load os an fails. Goes back to a command line version of grub.

    Will perform a clean install this weekend an provide feedback.

    John M

    User since SuSE 6.4

    • disappointed

      To John M
      Update to 11.4 or update from?
      Why noob – why do we even have update, if it is not supposed to work?
      Anyway, I share your pain.
      Since update is necessary in situations, when the shipped system desktop uses weird defaults, that one needs to spend a lot of time in microoptimisations.

  7. Thank you for such a great distribution

  8. Jim Pennino

    I’ve been using openSUSE since 10.something and never had any significant problem until 12.1.

    On boot the boot stops about half the time with various errors for logical volumes and RAID
    devices, at which point I have to log in as root and do systemctl reload-or-restart for
    everything systemctl list-units shows as failed, then ^D to continue the boot.

    When I try to use gdm as the display manager, the display shows the watch forever until I ssh in from another machine, kill it, and set the display manager to kdm.

    None of the printers worked without a re-configuration and the Canon MP560 which used to work now has no supported drivers, which means the scanner part doesn’t work either.

    All support for my USB camera is gone.

    Trying to get the Gnome 2 look and feel doesn’t work and personally I think the new look

    A big problem with the new look is you can not run more than one instance of a terminal,
    either a gnome terminal or an xterm, which really sucks as I normally have 3 to 4 terminals
    open when working.

    None of the system shutdown methods work as a normal user and I have to log out and log in
    again as root to shut the system down.

    The sax3 tools do not work and core dump.

    The mplayer application seems to be missing a bunch of codecs that used to be there.

    12.1 seems to take forever to boot and forever to login compared to 11.4.

    That’s what I’ve found in one days use, what new surprises are in store I wonder?

  9. mr5280

    Imma hold off a few… I am content with 11.3 and don’t see a compelling reason to jump to a two day old release (plus, Gnome3 ruins gnome for me… Dislike KDE, so a switch may be in order!)

    Perhaps I will toy around on the toy-box.

  10. I used openSUSE 11.4 with kde 4.6.5 and liked very well what I saw. But then I installed 12.1 and then started the problems. KDE 4.7 is clearly unstable for the crash now and then. And where is nvidia and webcam support going? So for me did not work 12.4. I am a bit tired of att the various sistrubusjonene vary both the quality and stability for each release. So now I run Ubuntu 4.10 LTS and here everything works as it should. Sorry but that’s it. You choose what is best. Whether it is new or not, has no significant.

  11. I used openSUSE 11.4 with kde 4.6.5 and liked very well what I saw. But then I installed 12.1 and then started the problems. KDE 4.7 is clearly unstable for the crash now and then. And where is nvidia and webcam support going? So for me did not work 12.4. I am a bit tired of all the various linux vary both the quality and stability for each release. So now I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and here everything works as it should. Sorry but that’s it. You choose what is best. Whether it is new or not, has no significant.

  12. pursche

    Upgrade went smooth (from 11.4)! Great Job, thanks a lot!
    Had a little “fight” with the nvidia drivers, but now they also work well.
    KDE 4.7 on 12.1 is somewhat unstable compared to KDE 4.7 on 11.4. But it’s more a nuisance than a real problem.

  13. p.

    upgraded from 11.4 wifi is not working. many messages about it but no any information how to solve the problem. going back to 11.4.

    • Anonymous

      back in 11.4 (after whole day fights with wifi modules in 12.1); so far wifi is working perfectly again.

      2 more penny according to release 12.1 – cloud technology without perfectly working network/wifi – you guys do have really specific kind of humor. i thint this is too specific for me, time to say ‘farewell’.

  14. ExUserNoMore!!!!!!

    Another DISAPPOINTMENT!! from SuSe!!!!! Whats wrong with U?? after 15 years only I can say u going backwards. I did make support, financial as well, but i think u used for drugs or something and it go for nothing. Thats it. No more, Bye Bye useless OS.

  15. I always try live discs first. download of Gnome and KDE did not operate for me on Athlon II, Old Radion Video (circa 2000) HP Desktop; after all Suses from 8 working and 11.4 working well. Live Knoppix latest (mid 2011) and live Ubuntu 11.11; Live Puppy work OK. Regret something wrong when even a small workable desk cannot be achieved.
    May be time to consider things.
    2 Live OpenSuse 12.1 works ok on 3 years old HP Laptop G61. Nice screen etc., but why the top left click to get to selection desktop applications? This seems a redundant screen shot.
    Will try on on other laptops circa 2005 (Dell), 2007 (HP), 2010 (HP)

  16. Jim Pennino

    Well, in addition to the problems I found yesterday:

    logrotate mysql no longer works because mysql is ignoring ~/my.cnf files.

    Firefox will open one PDF file with acro, after that acro hangs and doesn’t start until
    all acro processes are manually killed.

    Can’t burn a DVD or CD; all blank discs inserted are unrecognized as a supported media.

    When you try to add a repository, the USB webcam repository is listed but it can’t be added.

    • Jim Pennino

      Latest broken stuff:

      The wifi interface occasionally goes away for no apparent reason.

      The system occasionally goes into hibernate mode for no apparent reason.

  17. Now it is ok here, but webcam support is still missing!

    But thank you so much openSUSE.

  18. Jeg prøvde å installere Skype, og fikk denne meldigen
    “KDEInit kunne ikke starte «/usr/bin/apper».

    in English: I tried to install Skype, and got this msg ladder
    “KDEInit could not launch ‘/ usr / bin / apps.”

  19. John M

    Ok, so I loaded up a fresh install after messing up my system upgrading. I should have known better than to upgrade my machine.

    I have 2 gripes, an one may make me go back to 11.4. First one is during the install. After the reboot, the installer ask’s if you want to test for internet by checking for updates. If you say no, it goes to downloading repositories. If you have no internet, it errors, an you have to skip the process. If you do have internet, it downloads the repositories then ask’s if you want to update again. When does NO mean NO. Come On.

    Ok, my second gripe. You took away the menu on the login screen which provided remote login an shutdown from the login screen. I found it very convenient to be at a login screen, an choose remote login an connect to one of my servers from the back. Now it looks as if I will need to login all the way, so I can open a application to remote back. Not very convenient. Can that be brought back???? PLEASE.

    One of the nice things which had gone away a few editions ago was the configuring the machine to connect to a local NTP server via dhcp. I would like to see that back as well. It used to be located in the time an date module.

    All in all, its a clean cool OS for end users, but removing these functions is removing the very reason people like me who participated in the beginning to get SuSE where it is now.

    John M

  20. Taha

    I upgraded to version 12.1 but 2 hours later I reinstalled version 11.4! Why?
    1) The new version is totally unusable, as a developer I need to open more than one instance of for example’GNOME Terminal’.
    2) I didn’t find conventional minimize or maximize button for running application.
    3) New GNOME desktop remind me of symbian S60 of my cell phone

    But I must say here that:
    4) OpenSUSE 12.1 is faster
    5) Working with mouse is considerably improved

    I’d prefer version 11.4 over 12.1

  21. Honstly

    There is something very strange about Linux people… They want the latest version of everything, like it makes some really huge difference in their lives. Here I am back at Ubuntu 10.10, happy as a clam.. no complaints out of me. I may never upgrade my system to the next version of Ubuntu either, again.. ha ha.. until I am forced for some unforseen reason. Not like I am going to catch a virus.. I’m cool. Seriously, guys just try picking something that “works” and stop worrying about having the latest version of Linux whatever. I’m over it.

  22. krzysiek

    This distribution is very fast and kde is stable for me so far. But I have got a few problems here :
    – no tvtime volume control
    – gmail plasmoid script engine bug
    – Jack Audio problems (Could not open ALSA sequencer as a client) and guitarix and Rackarrack are not working.
    – Where is the menu on the logging screen?
    Snapper – how is it working? A guide for this is needed.

  23. Sphx

    This is a noob question, but it would be great to have an answer… Can I safely install the x64 version without running into any issues where in x32 they can be resolved whereas x64 is a pain? Back with OpenSuse 10.3 when x64 was starting to gain momentum I was sometimes told to build from source, but when I did I ran across problems where the compiler would generate errors I was later told in forums shouldn’t be happening. I didn’t realize it at the time, but x64 was likely the culprit. I went back to windows and have since forgotten all my linux commands and I am leary of having to learn how to compile an app again. I just want it to work… And on that topic, can I find distros of OpenSuse made for a modern CPU such as the Phenom ii x6 1100T (with SSE4/4a?). I’m someone who is happy to switch to Linux given half a chance and will even attempt to learn to compile again if I can get some benefit from all the candy other than a sore stomach…

    Cheers, look forward to trying this out. RSVP.

    • dmera

      Hi Sphx,
      I used OpenSuse on 64 bit since version 11.0 and I don’t have problems. You don’t have to compile anything unless you want some very special tools which are not complied. Everything needed by a regular user is available in the repositories via yast.

  24. Justin

    Downloaded the 12.1 live Gnome CD. Im currently using Gnome 2.32 on 11.4 and really like it, but I had wanted to try Gnome 3.

    The Live CD tested well. No issues, all hardware worked and system was as responsive as a Live CD can be.

    Played with Gnome 3 for a couple hours but in the end decided to stick with 11.4 and Gnome 2.32. Gnome 3 looked to be well polished and nicely done, but was too alien for my liking.

  25. use open suse long time and always have problems, I wonder why? is a community or not? I was so difficult to install codecs as simple as mp3, but I have patience until, completamnte gnome 3 is different, it’s nice but very different, I wonder, for a novice just starting q I can not recommend open suse not? I think not, but not all bad news, everything works and recognizes all the hardware is fast and consumes little ram, that’s good, thanks for everything this installed on my computer with gnome, we are

  26. steve

    I am not sure if you realize it but using version numbers as a marketing tool doesn’t make the distro better.

    This is a marginally well-done point zero release.

    Playing marketing games helps no one. Stop being dishonest.

  27. Your comment form is dangerously buggy. After posting it returned the posting data of the previous poster carlos.

    I see it is amateur hour here.

    • carlos

      my English is bad, I’m a newbie, linux live constantly learning from my criticism is only because for a person to use linux rookie, will Apasa long time, the tools must be easier to use only that, imagine a novice using yast his first day, there must be some startup program that teaches you configure your system better, just that, using open suse

  28. Joce

    Kudos for the release! Ubuntu went insane with Unity, Gnome 3 is (for the time being) just a joke, and Kubuntu is *as always* a piece of cheap crap.
    OpenSUSE has here an opportunity of pushing KDE 4 (which is getting really awesome) *very* up in the sky. :-)

  29. Greg

    Installed 12.1 at the weekend and am now back on 11.4. Gnome 3 is not for me.

  30. Ben

    Hi I am new to OpenSuSE, the previous distro I used it used to let me know when a new release was available and I had just to click the pop up to proceed with the upgrade. I would like to upgrade from 11.4 to 12.1 but I dont know how?
    I will appreciate it some advices. Thank you.

    • dmera

      Hi Ben,
      I just did an upgrade and a new install on another machine and was successful without any issue(last month I had to install XP for my son for some game, and it was a pain!!, now it doesn’t work so I installed OpenSuse on the same machine, so hopefully I will not have to use it again).
      Backup your home directory and then download a full copy or a network copy or a memory stick version whichever you want. I chose the network version. I burned the network installation on a disk. I restarted the system with disk in a I selected to upgrade the system. As simply and easy as that. If you encounter problems ask in the forums and you’ll get help.
      Good luck

      • Ben


        Thank you!
        I am now trying to install the upgrade. I love OpenSuSE but is not as easy as other distros. Hopefully everything goes according to plan.
        Thank you again.

  31. John

    Just updated two machines to 12.1 using online update. Worked fantastically, except for a little struggle with nvidia drivers.

  32. Hum … not workin with XEN on Dellr210II … strange … the last release workin’ on this machine is 11.2… §$&§& SHIT

  33. Jesus

    I have been using SuSE (yes SuSE… it was the original name, it was born in Germany and ruled Europe) since 6.2 always with KDE and the 99.9% of time all works fine.

    In my home I am using 11.1 because my laptop is old with few resources and I can not run the installers of new versions. In the office I am using 11.2.

    Today I am downloading 12.1, tomorrow I will test it and put the results here.

    • Jesus

      Until now, I only see a problem: Samba Server. I can not set tHe permissions for a share, I was thinking in modify the configuration files by myself.

  34. Ben

    So I did the upgrade and turned out my laptop has not support for the new graphical display (A.K.A. Gnome III). So I was wondering if somebody will be so kind to write a how to use OpenSuSE 12.1 with Gnome 2.x.x . Thankfully Icewm and twm are still there so I can have a working laptop but I would like to go back to the previous version of Gnome.
    Thank you I will appreciate it.

  35. Sergei_from_Pretoria

    I recently installed openSUSE 11.4 on my new desktop (unfortunately, I did it just a week before the new 12.1 version was released). In the past, I used to work with Mandriva and with KDE.
    It is strange, but in the KDE which I have now, there is not any indicator of the network at the right bottom corner of the screen (an icon with two symbolic displays). It should show if you are connected or not. If you put the mouse over it, your IP-address is shown. Does anybody know why such an indicator could be missing and how to put it in place?

  36. Pascal

    I am very happy with this release since KDE 3 is back (on 11.4, I fighted to insdtall back KDE 3).
    Also my HP color Jet 1600 with the hplip driver works fine.

  37. Jan Nielsen

    This evening, I upgraded [1] my old 32-bit old Dell Dimension 4700c from openSUSE 11.4 KDE to 12.1 KDE. It worked perfectly. Thanks!

    [1] http://en.opensuse.org/Upgrade

  38. krzysiek

    Only one question and the most anoying bug in my opinion:
    Where is user list in KDM? I tried everything.

    Suse 11.4 KDM display user’s list and i can configure it in system settings. It don’t work on Suse 12.1

  39. Ralph Martin

    Great Release Ever…

    I really like the new open SUSE 12.1 it is great I really the latest changes that have been given to gnome 3 it’s pretty smooth and the color choices are great, however, I would like to have more control about changing themes and I do like the default theme, but I still need my minimize buttons on all windows which something I miss.

    Enough about Gnome 3. You guys have been doing a really great job and you have always find room to continue improving open SUSE which is great. I have tried other distros and always come back home, maybe I like the SUSE green, but also I really like how everything just works in open SUSE and how fast it is as well, which is a concern a few years ago, not anymore. This is the distro to beat and this the one that I recommend all the time to my friends who wants to use Linux.

    Great Job, keep it up. We’re all happy :-)

    • Ralph Martin

      Just wanted to let all know that I found the Advance settings to make the changes in Gnome 3. Problem was that I was looking for the Gnome Tweak Tool and even though this was coming up in the search I didn’t pay attention to it until I read about it.

  40. ismail

    i just installed opensuse 12.1
    i am a beginner for linux
    i was very much impressed by opensuse,but i have a problem with connecting to internet,if i connect a lan wire to my laptop it shows “cable unplugged”
    because of this reason i couldn’t use opensuse os so please help me
    i am using hp pavilion dv6 1152tx laptop
    please do reply

  41. Manu

    What about “systemd” ??!


    … implemented in this distribution already?

  42. ok got it

  43. my English is bad, I’m a newbie, linux live constantly learning from my criticism is only because for a person to use linux rookie, will Apasa long time, the tools must be easier to use only that, imagine a novice using yast his first day, there must be some startup program that teaches you configure your system better, just that, using open suse

  44. w135n03

    Very nice!

  45. Eng. Mahmoud

    Very Good in every thing except it is too slow
    No menmory overhead and the programs are great
    but when i put it to sleep or hibernate it goes very slow(unlike openSUSE 11.4) when resume and even if you just booted it after a short while the whole system become to slow( I am using HP ProBook 4520s and I am using KDE)

  46. Eng. Mahmoud

    I forgot something
    The notification when moving and copying files in KDE keep changing the size rapidly and that makes me mad

  47. vahid

    Is it possible to switch between Gnome and KDE in dvd?

  48. Can anyone tell me how to turn on the parport so that I can use my printer. No one seems to use lpt, lpt0, etc anymore. I even tried modprobe parport and that doesnt work.
    Thanks for the help.

  49. Peksus

    I have install 12.1 to Dell PowerEdge T310. Desktop kernel work great. But if I try to boot with Xen kernel, It says “kernel panic”. Have someone else same problem?

  50. scn