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GNOME Shell Overview

September 4th, 2012 by

GNOME Shell Overview

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3 Responses to “GNOME Shell Overview”

  1. Scott M. Allen

    Love to see this work on my “older ” IBM Thinkpad.

  2. Ruslan

    Ehm, still the same GNOME 3 as in openSUSE 12.1. Just with slightly different background, maybe some shades.

    I’m waiting for more usable GNOME 3.x. Honestly, I’d like to return to the GNOME 2 UI.
    That’s why I’m running XFCE now.

  3. FatRakoon

    KDE 4 forced me to Gnome. I loved the move and Gnome 2 is great.
    Gnome 3 however…
    I am now with XFCE and quite frankly, I am struggling to justify why I even bother at all with Linux these days.

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