22. Jan 2015

Tumbleweed Highlights 'KDE Applications 14.12 snapshot'

Douglas DeMaio

The latest snapshot release of Tumbleweed has several updates. We dub this as the ‘KDE Applications 14.12 snapshot’ for Tumbleweed since many are related to 14.12.

Here are a few other updates:

Bison version updated to 3.0.2. This is a major update with deep overhaul improvements of the diagnostics.

IceWM added a fix for shutdown and reboot commands that didn’t work and changed the shutdown and reboot command in preference.

AppStream-Glib, which makes it easy to read and write AppStream metadata, updated to version 0.3.2 adds more non-applications to the blacklist and added Blacklist KDE3 KCM components.

Britty updated to 5.2 and removes obsolete patches and adds a dependency to python3 for building.

Read more details about the latest update at bit.ly/1wpLlLo

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