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openSUSE is Looking for a Chief Linux Evangelist

September 28th, 2007 by

To strengthen the openSUSE project we’re looking for an enthusiastic Chief Evangelist to:

  • promote and spread the adoption of openSUSE
  • be a public face for the project on conferences and events
  • act as voice of the community back to Novell’s leadership team
  • develop and nurture the openSUSE communities
  • pro actively drive openSUSE marketing

This is a global role and as such, you can be located anywhere in the world. We’re looking forward to you. For detailed information please look here.

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16 Responses to “openSUSE is Looking for a Chief Linux Evangelist”

  1. tactus

    I must say you guys are really working to strengthen the community here. The OpenSUSE portal is only getting better, the distribution is getting stronger in every iteration, this news site share a lot of insight, and now you are looking for your own chef evangelist (does other distributions even have that?). I am not an opensuse user for the moment but I hope you find a good candidate.

  2. Yttrium

    I would like to see “Evangelistas”, because as the face of Opensuse a woman is looking far better than a man (if one could choose to look at Mr Ballmer or to look at Opensuse’s spokeswoman … ;-) and it would be more open-minded, plus intelligent women are much more impressive in a patriarchal society than men.

  3. lestath

    Absolutly agree. A nice and clever woman would be the best choice.

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe Linda Evangelista :D

  5. daPhoenix

    Who wants someone like her when you could have me ;-)

  6. paul



  7. The best person I know would be Martial Bigras of Savoir-Faire Linxu, a Suse partner in Quebec.

    But that’s just my two cents.

  8. kkjensen

    Get that lady from http://www.msdewey.com …very infomative and patient :)

  9. Isaac.W.Nelson

    Try Me.

  10. Too bad, it looks like there were no “nice and clever” women. Intelligence is sexy!

  11. anonymous

    If I were recruiting I’d ask Jess Hall aka. Canllaith.

    – A young female
    – Native English speaker
    – A techie (works as sysadmin with SLE-stuff iirc)
    – Knows community and FOSS philosophy
    – Experience with marketing FOSS from her involvement in KDE.

    Only problem is that she’s mostly a Kubuntu user, but hey, noone’s perfect.

  12. enjoy-rs


  13. enjoy-rs