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Novell Open Audio: YaST Improvements and 1-Click-Install

November 5th, 2007 by
Novell Open Audio

As part of their openSUSE series over the next coming weeks, Novell Open Audio is taking a look at the YaST Improvements and 1-Click-Install in openSUSE 10.3. It features interviews with Thomas Göttlicher, Martin Lasarsch and Adrian Schröter. They talk about the YaST speed improvements, openSUSE updater improvements, and of course 1-click-install.

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7 Responses to “Novell Open Audio: YaST Improvements and 1-Click-Install”

  1. Richard

    Interesting, thanks

    My only problem with the update applet is that it does not let you know, once you are updating, how many it has left to download and install, which when you are on dial up speeds, with a lot of updates to do, is rather annoying. But apart from that I love it.

  2. Loque


    for updater, it works good, just if I dont want an update, I cant delete it and every time when PC starts, updater inform me about new patch. But it is the one from last time I didnt want. So I’d prefer to have possibility completely remove any patch/upgrade from updater and updater will never offer it again. Thak you. Martin

  3. Master.Spy

    Thats good :)
    Its possible to make a Download manager for yast?

  4. Adam

    Two progress bars would be great. 1 (which is already there) shows package download percentage. The second would show overall percentage. That would help end users with bad connections as well as people who simply want more information.

  5. Marco

    I think in yast package manager you have to make a single window which shows the downloading repository.. Now each time yast have finished downloading a repo, it closes the window and reopen another one for the other repo, and of course, this new window request focus.. So it’s impossible to use other apps while the package manager is downloadig repo.. Take a look to KUbuntu’s Adept!
    Apart of this, Yast works great! :)