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IP Exchange Sponsors openSUSE Project

November 7th, 2007 by

IP Exchange, a major german Internet Service Provider, is sponsoring the openSUSE project with internet connectivity. They provide a mirror server in their location with a up to 1 GBit/s, a fast connection from the openSUSE Build Service and the central openSUSE ftp server to the mirror servers.

During the launch of openSUSE 10.3 we did already benefit from the sponsoring of IP Exchange. It allowed us to get the ISOs fast to the mirrors and to the people downloading 10.3.

We highly appreciate the contribution of IP Exchange and like to thank in the name of the openSUSE community. This makes the openSUSE project even more attractive to Linux contributors all over the world.

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6 Responses to “IP Exchange Sponsors openSUSE Project”

  1. KDE4

    good job IP exchange, I got some good download speeds, too bad there werent very many good seeders, just leaches…

  2. Juan-Pablo

    Thanks to IP exchange, from Santiago Chile South America, I downloaded almost in 3,5 hours the DVD!! from here!

  3. EnRokuta

    It would be great if you could use IP Exchange or something more powerful for the main down repository, download.opensuse.org. Installing RPM packages using YaST or directly downloading packages from download.opensuse.org isn’t an experience one would like to have. The connection resets frequently even for small files, 2MB :(

    • Stefan Bruens

      You seem to be victim of a broken mirror. download.opensuse.org redirects each request to a suitable mirror, but it only check for the availability of the file, not for mirror performance. Please try

      curl -I
      curl -I ‘http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE%3A/KDE4/openSUSE_10.3/i586/kde4-kspaceduel-3.95.2-2.4.i586.rpm’

      I think the correct address to report these errors is either opensuse-buildservice@opensuse.org ftpadmin@opensuse.org

  4. Thanks for all openSUSE sponsors!

  5. John

    Nice to hear, but what’s the actual URL?

    (I would like to include it into my mirror list instead of relying on download.opensuse.org because I often run into slow / broken mirrors too)