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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 3

December 12th, 2007 by

The third issue of openSUSE Weekly News is out! You can read it in: English, German. In this issue:

  • openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 0
  • KDE Four Live 0.8, KDE 4.0 RC2 Packages, and Koffice Alpha6 Packages
  • Indonesian openSUSE Community Annual Meeting a Huge Success
  • Results from the openSUSE Contributor Survey
  • In Tips and Tricks: How to Change to the GNOME or KDE-style YaST, Calculations in Kickoff (KDE Menu), Fonts: Subpixel Hinting

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9 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 3”

  1. Richard

    I like the idea of being able to use KDE style yast in gnome. One of the things I didn’t like in Gnome was YaST, so if kde4 hasn’t improve the sluggishness that it had in RC1, I think I will seriously look at gnome. Sounds strange, but I am used to the kde style of YaST, the kde style of it, and the style of the menu in gnome is all that has put me off using it, lol.

  2. KDE 4 “RC” 2 still sucks. It’s more Gnome than Gnome. It’s Broken Knome!

  3. Josh

    Nobody told you that you must move to KDE 4. Why are you judging it already? Its basically alpha software right now. The 4.0 release is for the brave and the developers. The ones that want to help their favorite DE. Why are you treating it like its full stable software. You don’t use OpenSuSE 11 Alpha0 and say “THIS SUCKS I’M GOING TO REDHAT!!” Thats completely stupid. This is just the beginning, the laying of foundation. This is the open-source way, you are allowed to see the progress… Would you go to a construction site and look at a poured concrete foundation and say, “This house sucks! Its creaky, I don’t like it… That wood laying over there is ugly” NO, that makes no sense…. You are looking at a foundation, concrete… thats it. Have you seen the plans? This could be the start of a beautiful home. Take a look at the blueprints. The same goes for KDE4. You are looking at kde 4.0, the foundation of kde4. Look at their plans and see the potential for the future.

    I’m sick of all the ignorance….

  4. Vlad

    RC is not foundation, but release candidate. Users have full right to comment if they think a release candidate sucks. Take your house for example. This is not looking at the concrete foundation, but at the finished house missing paintjob and minor tweaks. You don’t improve a RC by changing the core.

    Unless you think that if something’s open source it should not be criticized?

  5. Josh

    You are missing the big picture… think of 4.0 as a alpha or beta for, 4.1, or 4.2… Yes, its a “release candidate”, but one for a DE that is mainly, like I said, for the developers and some brave users to get some usage, find some bugs and make it better. If you think about windows… windows development from start to its release would be like from KDE 3.0 to 3.3… You just don’t see it. If you were looking at Vista or something in its earliest of stages… You’d be like, hey thats just XP with a different skin, thats stupid. The KDE guys have already talked about the whole nomenclature of calling it an RC anyways. Everyone is just too busy complaining to get informed. This is not a built house… 4.0 is a foundation…. all of it…this is the release candidate for the poured foundation. Why is it so hard to wrap your head around that??

    Once we get up to say 4.2, 4.3… sure if the release candidate is in bad shape at this point, yeah, then you can complain, but not “THIS SUCKS.” Who does that help? No one, and you look like a loser. Do something constructive, get all the facts, report some bugs/wish lists, do what you can to help.

    Sure open source should be criticized… Constructively… Not people whining and complaining.

    • Richard

      I’d read your post Josh, but it is all just one moan, against people who are giving their views. Anal. If that person thinks it suxs, then they have every right to say that, but please get off your anal high horse. The stupid people are people like yourself who wont respect others views, without launching into an attack against them. The post isn’t meant to be constructive or helping, this isn’t kde bugs, this is people giving their views.

  6. just wait openSUSE 11 final version and ….happy :D

  7. dg

    I eat green berets.

  8. geniusiknowit

    So far, KDE4 is ROCKIN’. It runs crisp and smooth for me, and feels mature despite its RC status. I love that it is nothing like gnome. Trying to get anything done on my PC using gnome is like trying to row a boat through a tar pit.