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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2

February 8th, 2008 by

Only three weeks after Alpha1, we’re glad to announce the release of openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2. There are various exciting changes in there that we would like to have feedback on.

Installation - Location KDE 4.0.1 Desktop GNOME Desktop
For more screenshots head over to the Screenshots/openSUSE 11.0 Alpha2 wiki page

Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1

  • KDE 4.0.1 replaced KDE 3.5.8 as default KDE
  • GNOME 2.21.90 was integrated
  • Continued work on the Installation workflow
  • Live CDs for both GNOME and KDE
  • CDs support German as an additional language
  • DVDs have only OSS software
  • Linux 2.6.24
  • OpenOffice.org 2.4 Beta
  • Alsa 1.0.16rc2
  • D-Bus 1.2rc2

For a more detailed list with links to backported packages, see the Factory/News wiki page.

Most Annoying Bugs

  • Progress dialog Loading the Package Manager… blocks the installation-update proposal (Bug #359235). Although you can accept the proposal by clicking on [Accept] you can’t see the proposed data/values.
  • KDE3 autostart applications may crash on KDE4 Startup (Bug #359800)
  • Mono apps do not work on the GNOME LiveCD (Bug #359768)
  • Missing graphical menu on Live-CD (Bug #359486)
  • Popups during the installation behave sporadically

Media and Download

Please refer to software.openSUSE.org/developer for direct links to all the available media.

Comments, Feedback and Helping

communicate.pngPlease report all bugs you find on in our bugzilla as explained on http://bugs.opensuse.org; discussion is most appropriate on the opensuse-factory@opensuse.org (subscribe) mailing list. For other queries and ways to communicate with the openSUSE community — including IRC, Mailing Lists, and Forums — take a look at the Communicate wiki page.

The next release will be openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3, on March 18.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

103 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2”

  1. matt

    What about xorg? latest version?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. vm82

    what about creative labs soundblaster x-fi support?

    • draeath

      Nobody has that yet. Yell at creative…

      • David Minster

        Why then do all the other Linux distros have perfect sound support for XFI – I have used Hardy Heron and Fedora Core 9 with startlingly amazing audio results – no special set up, no excuses, will now decide which of the two to use – if SUSE doesn’t have the programming talent to make things work don’t blame the vendor

  3. Atilius

    What is the roadmap for oS 11? If you use KDE 4.1 (I suppose it if you use in alpha 4.0.1) so the roadmap for final 4.1 is about one month later than supposed final oS 11. Or anyhing changed?

    Thank you.

  4. NoCaDrummer

    I downloaded it yesterday and installed it on an old (500MHz) HP I had. Other than wanky pre-installation screens, the installation seemed to go fine. The screens that would query about Language, Time Zone, etc., seemed to shift around whenever a button was clicked or information was being drawn. I presume that’s due to the new code for the installer. Other than that, the installation went fine.

    I’m not sure I care for the default selections when one gets to the user name & password. I’d think nOOb installers would be too tempted to set themselves as “administrator”, which might lead to significantly easier malware attacks. For those used to 10.3 and earlier, you might be surprised that the user name and password is requested BEFORE the root password now.

    Since the installation finished about 11:00 PM last night, I didn’t get a chance to play around with it much, other than confirm that it came up. I was also having difficulties with my internet connection (ISP’s fault, not 11.0 alpha’s), so I can’t speak reliably about whether there was any problems on that part either.

    I CAN say that the installation seemed to go smoother than with the previous alpha version. That one never did install properly on the same machine. I guess I’ve got the weekend to play around with this newest alpha-version, and I’m anxious to see what Open Office 2.4 will be like.

  5. Fisiu


    But where are torrents for delta ISO?

  6. j

    i think it would be quite handy if you integrate yast in kde4 system settings like a third tab.

    • Grósz Dániel

      Doesn’t make sense. User-specific and system-wide settings are different things.

    • Znurre

      I wish that too…
      In GNOME Desktop Enviroment, Yast blends in perfectly with the Desktop Enviroment.
      Would it be too much to ask, to make the Qt version fit into KDE4 ?

  7. KDE

    oh yes, and pls allow a option in yast to be able to eject cd if it has problems and put new one, in… since my burning doesnt always work… (even when checksum passes) Also, in yast package manager — it should say speed at which it is getting the package (From dvd, internet) speeds, (if this isnt too much work) thanks.

  8. KDE

    forgot one thing — system should automaticly add the update repo when it gets internet maybe?

  9. gman

    Before I download, a question. Can you install from the live CDs?

  10. Richard

    ah, I’m in love. So what country is it legal to marry openSUSE?

    gman, live cd’s usually are installable :)

  11. Radon

    I’ve been testing KDE4 since around RC1 and am proud to say that it’s finally good enough to replace KDE3. Great Work everyone! v4.1 is going to blow Gnome out of the water :)

    I just installed this release and the only problem is with enabling kwin compositing and the ATI drivers, but that’s to be expected since ATI’s drivers are crap. Works great with Nvidia.

    • Richard

      I agree, 4 is coming along nicely, my only problem with it is the system settings, it looks awful and it’s too much pissing around, I wish they would take that back to how it used to be in 3.5, it’s too much like apple and gnome

    • kde

      kde4 works great here (using it on my laptop (with ati) and no problems, probaly will be stable to replace kde3 by opensuse 11 release, in the worst case opensuse can just keep a repo with new kde4 releases incase of kde4 bugs.

  12. gman

    I know live cd’s are usually installable, but I wanted to check. In the past I thought OpenSUSE (and Fedora) would release live cd’s that were not installable.

  13. Wow, this looks great! However, is it stable enough to use as a default desktop? I know it is only and alpha, but I really want to try it.

    • apokryphos

      Not really. If you want something stable and/or for production wait until the final release. If you want to help test it, report bugs, or just take it for a spin then feel free to try it.

  14. ccj

    Two trash icons? Something is wrong!

  15. gman

    I can’t get either the Gnome or KDE live Cd’s to boot on Dell C610 Latitude. The M5d match for both iso’s. In both cases I get the following error:

    Could not find kernel image: Live-System (or failsafe, whatever kernel I put in).

    I did notice that both cd’s are over 700 MB, so I had to allow overburning in K3B. I also tried burning to a DVD-RW. No go in all attempts.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

  16. I have the same problem: Can’t get by the Boot “Live-System”. I am using a TX1000 (HP) x/nvidia graphics. Any suggestions?

  17. gman


    Dell Latitude C610 1 GHz P3; 384 MB RAM; 20 GB Hard Drive, 14.1 inch monitor 1024×768 @ 60Hz

    Got the KDE Live Cd to boot. The worse live CD I have experienced in quite some time. Issues:

    Slow. The speed issue is not related to KDE4, I ran ShiftLinux 0.62 with KDE4 just fine.
    Wouldn’t configured the monitor resolution correctly. Kept wanting to go to 800×600 on a 1024×768 screen.
    Sax2 or YaST (I can’t remember) configuring everything under the sun was annoying.

    My preferred distro, Mandriva 2008 Spring, is awesome compared to this.

  18. GT

    I just downloaded opensuse 11 alpha 2. It looks very nice. Much nicer than any linux i have ever seen. Little problem, i cannot seem to change the resolution of the OS. It freezes up during test. So im stuck on 800 x 600. I am a beginner, so i dont know whether this is a bug or a something that i missed. Im using parallel software and im running it in virtual machine on macbook core duo 1.83 with a gma 950 intel graphics card.

    Is this a compatibility issue?


  19. Marius

    Nice!….congratulations…..keep up the good work.

  20. unxame

    Which iso file should I download to install OpenSuse? (CD image about 700MB or DVD image about 4.2 GB?)

  21. Axz

    Great work guys! keep it up!
    cant wait for final release of 11.0!

  22. IceM@n

    Is there any chance that my wireless cards from Broadcom (4318 v4) will be supported in openSuSe 11? I have many problems with my Wi-fi in openSuSe 10.3 but i think Suse it’s great. I like it :D

  23. Wallacy

    The FireFox install automatically the Flash Player, which was not happened in the version 10.3, is it possible to add compatibility for the “QuickTime” and “Windows Media Player” directly using firefox without go in the package manager and install the mplayerplug-in ?

  24. gman

    OK, I won’t compare to Mandriva 2008.1 (Spring) Beta 1. I will compare to Mandriva 2008.0 Alpha 1, which actually ran on my Dell and was still a whole lot better in my situation than OpenSUSE 11.0 Aplha 2.

    There are issues to be expected with Alpha and Beta releases. This is the first Live CD I’ve tried on my Dell that was essentially useless. The only live CD that didn’t read my monitor correctly and kept trying to go back to 800×600 when I changed the settings to 1024×768. At least 10.3 could run on the Dell.

    • Richard

      yawn, go spam somewhere else. then learn what an alpha is, if you download one you need to understand that. And personally, I doubt anyone cares what your preferred distro is or how you compare it to others. Compare the finished product which blows mandrake away, oh now wait what is their latest name, they go through so many.

  25. alexnovik

    lol gman
    maybe try to compare opensuse aplha 2 to windows vista alfa 2?

    omg where they are from those guys

    • adam

      From what I can tell as of 02-13-2008 vista alpha 2 hasn’t came out yet. :)
      What a brick of an OS

  26. This is the first version of any os that got me a working version of kde 4 on a computer that I have been using to test.

  27. Peter

    Using the openSUSE 11 Gnome Live CD – Alpha 2 on Acer Aspire 1640 series (1644 wlmi) Notebook (Intel “915 GM” Board 1280×800@60hz, which works very well in 10.3 and the LPL LGPhilipsLCD Screen was/is in the database).

    Cons: 1.Too many strange issues with the display to list here but even a working copy of xorg.conf from 10.3 does not fix anything. 2.Yast2 is missing from the application list and only starts from console terminal.

    Pros: Power Management is looking very nice. Good work guys! This the best Gnome PM implementation of all the Major distros (Yast PM in 10.2 was excellent too!).


  28. MickDundee


    Tried buring with nero but will not fit onto a 700Mb CD


    • apokryphos

      Known issue and problem — getting the images down to size will take some time. In the meantime you can burn it onto a DVD or use some type of virtualisation like QEMU, VirtualBox, etc.

  29. Senthil Nachimuthu

    Good work ladies and gentlemen. Keep it up.

    Can you include a detailed configuration module for libzypp in Yast, with the option to keep or delete downloaded RPMs? everytime I do an online update with Yast Autoupdate or YUM, the used disk space increases enormously. It will also be helpful to have a disk cleanup utility to remove unnecessary files (those leftover from update or uninstallation, and also the temp, log, backup files, etc). Integrate this with a tree-view of disk space usage (similar to Treesize on Windows or Kdirstat on KDE). Thanks.

  30. Hi!
    Will the final opensuse 11.0 include the 2.6.25 kernel? (or some of it’s late -rc)
    One can say the an -rc comes every week. So after 6-10 weeks the final release
    of 2.6.25 should arrive, which is AFAIK before the final opensuse 11.0.

  31. Grom

    The KDE 4.0 looks stupid. Could you pls create a windows classic theme for KDE 4.x. Say the trues the Windows Classic Theme is the best in Windows XP, Vista … I tried the KDE 4.0 on my OpenSUSE 10.3. It looks bad. The icons actually waste space on the desktop.The task bar is bold and ugly. Looks like some kids tried to draw a future car :o).

    • Rlf

      You mean, that kde 4.0 looks stupid for you!

      In my opinion, it looks quite good and better than 3.5.x

      You are aware of the fact, that the icons on your desktops are scalable vector graphics?
      Just klick on an icon and resize it to the size which you prefer!

      The task bar will be scalable in kde 4.1. This feature has also been backported to the Build-Service packages for KDE 4.0.x .
      Just update your KDE 4.0 to the newest version.

      I’m sure, that there will be a “classic” window theme for kde 4 in the future (maybe on kde-look.org).


    • Grósz Dániel

      There is a Redmond window decoration style and a Windows widget style in KDE 4 imitating Windows classic look.

  32. Emerson

    Great! It works fine in my Acer Laptop. I have the Opensuse 10.2 installed and the Alpha 2 is really fast than 10.2! I think that there is some details more to get a real functional kde 4 Opensuse, but this release is going in the right way!

  33. i wonder if this relaease will handel the intel X3100 GMA vedio card or what,i am really had a problem with it on my Lenovo N200 Notebook and OpenSuse 10.3

    thanks alot

  34. FoRuM

    congratulation for the new release but i have a question
    does it support my vga? i have gforce 8600 and my sound card realtec? i think it will work fine with my wifi cz on 10.3 it worked but in 10.3 the OS didnt detected the drivers for my vga and my sound card(talkin abt a laptop)
    thank u
    best regards,

  35. Siamak

    Since http://packman.mirrors.skynet.be was filtered in our country ( I don’t know why ) we have had many problems with installing any thing on the opensuse 10.1 – 10.3
    Is it possible to have important updates like video codecs on the installation media it self and also additional ( mirrors ) for the repos and other companents ?
    At the other hand, even 10.3 is not stable enogh, while it’s lovely, specially in the graphical parts. And there are too many companents for different setting. The user must do a lot of search to find any setting and any how too for it. Some other things like jasper and drivers like dlink dub210 tv capture device are not installed automatically and will not work even with a lot of work.
    Currently I can not say the 10.3 is a fantastic dstro for the newbie or even medium user, specialy if he used to windows and it’s ease of use.
    What do u think ? The 11.0 will be more comforable ? I’m really lokieing forward fot it.

    • apokryphos

      Strange and sad to hear that the link there has been filtered (what country is that?), but Packman has many other mirrors — some of these might work, so you should consider trying them: http://opensuse-community.org/Repositories/Packman

      • Siamak

        The country named Iran. The country which Linux had been selected by it’s government as prefferd OS ! But no matter. I had found a solution. While installing any thing, useing the “One Click Install” I must use the advanced option and disable te use of skynet, and then every thing goes fine ( but all of those things are off topic I think ).
        And about the 11 … I think it must be more compact, even in yast. One gets headache while trying to do any thing with it. And the most important thing … I beleave on it, that what made microsoft, microsoft was the production of some important softwares, in conjuction with it’s windows. THose incllude IE ( we have much better one named Firefox ), MsOffice ( we have a special, buggy version named OpenOffice ) and BASIC interpriter/compiler. Yes … the only usefull option for it in any version of linux is gcc. Ajunda, Qt, KDevelop and other ones included in OpenSuse doesn’t look so user friendly too me and many ones as me. MS used basic, basica, gwbasic, qbasic, qbx, vb, vb.net … very interesting collection which i used most of them. But I’m not able to develop any thing usefull in linux, while I had written atleast 200,000 lines of program in Amiga, Casio, DOS and windoz. Installing of Gambas is really hard. HBasic have lots of bugs and …. I even tried php / mysql. But even starting up apachie/mysql looks soooooo hard in os 10.3. Consider on win and wamp !
        We need a less professionl ( with less steps for installing a software as in GamBas ) OS with more stability ( I had downloaded about 500MB in addition to the 4.1GB of the standard dvd, and i can not ask my student to do something like that, useing dialup connection ).
        We need the stability of Novel Netware on our desktop. The kind of solution that seems Microsoft and other, will not able to produce it till end of their life.
        Lots of flovers for the ones, who had produced Linux and upgraded it as Suse and OpenSuse.

  36. Martin

    Open SUSE 10.3 sucks! So many bug`s inside. The Opera web browser crashes all the time and Gnome too. The whole system is very slow. When i make some folders with music, videos and other content the whole system slows down. Man who screw up the Yast shuld be killed. The good thing in Open Suse 10.3 is click and run. Guys from development teams should fix it!

    Thats all folks


  37. Bassel

    would you please add the “protected” and “never install” options to the opensuse update applet so i don’t have to uncheck the boxes of the update i don’t want to install every time i’m doing an update.

  38. Martin

    Dear developer`s please make it more stable. Then the final users will be very happy and proud from the new Linux.

    B T W: I hope my ADSL modem SpeedTouch 330 will still work with new distro.

    Greetings from Poland


  39. Some things that SuSE (and other distros) seriously need to get to a “plug ‘n play” (as opposed to plug ‘n’ pray) level for modern users who do not wish to compile, patch, etc. their *operating system*

    1) Better WiFi support — *modern* laptops need to be supported, without struggle, hassles, or headaches
    2) Better multimedia support — browser plugins, video and audio players, with codecs, java, etc.

    These two items alone are among the biggest show stoppers IMHO.

    I do not personally mind having to patch the kernel, re-compile the kernel or drivers, or any application for that matter; but I am like many other Linux users, used to it and have close to 30 years of systems engineering experience — most wanna-be Linux users do not.

    Who cares about spinning desktop switchers .. ?! Seriously.. come out as #1 and increase from there! Go go go Novell!

  40. Franklin

    This is not fair. How can you tease us like this?

  41. Another

    I think the gnome version of openSUSE 11 should be like linux mint 4, or better than it.(menu panel / bar etc).

    Should add build in restricted drivers (optional).

    Compiz fusion will automatically disabled temporarily when run the certain applications that might crash with it, or may reduce the desktop performance (just like auto disabled of win aero in vista)—if it possible.

    And I think there’s need to have GUI option to cache memory in swap disk rather than in physical memory. (my 1.5bd RAM always have (+-)40MB free while my 2gb swap always 99% free, which is a waste), can u do something about it????

    I hope that the release version will have its own identity (the suse theme, icons, login; I hope u guys don’t put the default icons from kde4, besides should have openSUSE own icon theme).

    Ha, can u include epsxe and pcsx2 installed by default since its hard for the linux newbe to compile those fav aps in openSUSE. thanks :)

    I hope that I will use openSUSE 11 rather than Linux Mint. Wish the best to the team! Good Luck!

  42. I haven’t been a real user of openSUSE, but I know that 10.2 worked with the hda_intel sound card.

    But the 10.3 had issues with that…

    Will 11.0 work with the hda_intel sound card?

    Time for me to choose a different distribution besides Ubuntu and Fedora. Can’t wait ’till 11.0 comes out!!

    • Janek

      I have Toshiba A205-S4587 and it uses Intel HDA. I have no sound with 10.2 and 10.3. Intel HDA works with Alpha2, so I can’t wait for final release of opneSUSE 11. For now I use 10.2, it’s more stable than 10.3 when running Matlab (java bugs). Audio is not a big issue for me now, and Alpha2 might be unstable. Maybe I’ll install when Beta1 comes out.

      • pablo

        audio might be a hardware problem reported in toshiba’s webpage, the problem cames when you install linux with mute in windows. There is a fix in toshiba

  43. Xuur

    Wat about WLAN ?

    Is now atheros ar5007eg working out of the Box ?



  44. idee

    Will YaST be configurable to retain all downloaded rpms? It is a valuable and very needed function that was removed back during v9.x. Please add that functionality back in, if it is currently not.


  45. Never realised that OpenSUSE 11.0 is currently under development. Anyway, I do have some comments from 10.3 and hope that they fix it in 11.0. First of all, it’s the wireless issue. I am still using ndiswrapper to connect to the access point. The support for wireless chipsets remain relatively poor. Secondly, I use xmms to listen to music; however, it always hangs my system. Apparently, there seems to be a IRQ conflict or some kind of I/O conflict resulting in my audio player not stable on OpenSUSE 10.3. Last but not least, keep up with the development work. I do notice a vast improvement from 9.3 to 10.3; with several new features and applications. However, I think we should focus on stability at some point as well.

  46. pablo

    What about integrated bluetooth support in laptops?

  47. OpenSuSEr

    I cant wait for what opensuse 11 look like ^^. Great news everyon who love Suse.

    Is that later version support my new monitor LG Flatron ez T730SH. The sax is not suported yet so i have to do it by hand. hope it will come handy for new soon

    the info i input in to cdb of monitor for sax is :

    # FLATRON ez T730SH
    LG:FLATRON ez T730SH {

    for someone need.

    anyway, Good work guys ^^

  48. ethan

    I also concern very much on the wireless support for the opensuse11 distribution. My T60 laptop’s wireless connection under opensuse 10.3 had occasional problems recently and I tried a lot, still could not figure out the problem. Thanks a lot for you hard work!

  49. caes

    Tested the openSUSE KDE LiveCD and found it quite annoying to “reconfigure” the desktop to our preference every time the computer restarts.

    It would be great if openSUSE’s LiveCD supports features like “persistent home” and “poor man install” capability like Knoppix.
    If updates (added packages) can be retained – that would be magical.

    Or maybe it already does but I’ve just missed it.

    Also, it would be easier for us to “sell” openSUSE to friends who is still running xp :-)

  50. nic

    will opensuse 11 include the new rpm 5?