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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 14

March 19th, 2008 by

Issue 14 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • Videos and Slides from FOSDEM 2008
  • openSUSE to Participate in Google Summer of Code 2008
  • Novell Free Hugs at CeBit 2008
  • KIWI-LTSP 0.3.14 Now Out
  • LimeJeOS, the openSUSE-based JeOS is Born
  • Banshee 1.0Alpha1 is Available with 1-Click-Install
  • New KDE Four Live and updated KDE 4.1 Snapshot Packages
  • HP to preload SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on Notebooks, Desktops
  • In Tips and Tricks: Best Practices for Editing Configuration Files
  • Upcoming: openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3 (today)

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12 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 14”

  1. Francis Giannaros

    Busy week!

  2. good news

  3. I’m excited to test the new OpenSuSE 11 Alpha3 when will be released! :-D

  4. KDE

    “Zypper/YaST in Factory now display download-rate” YAY!!! what a success! I always wanted that. Will yast show this in frontend?
    Is there somewhere where I should file Wishes? I have quite a few…
    1)rather than complain about no update repo, just let it offer to add update repo For you. (if user didn’t do it during install (which i never do, its a waste)).
    1)maybe do deltafiles on all refreshing of repos? (and maybe all packages too, since downloading 28MB every time someone changes the kde4 wallpaper package is annoying!
    1)make backup a little better (maybe add log viewing to the frontend…)
    2)ntp should be able to sync automaticly every few hours, rather than just at boot… would be a lot better…
    3)yast software management should offer to cleanup or rebuild zypp database if its getting to be really slow.
    4)allow yast to remotely connect to a remote yast (maybe you can make a “yastd”) service :)
    5)maybe add a module to configure hardisks via hdparm or something???
    6)a “system status” module, for things like making sure no hardware errors are occuring and checking hard disk space (or smart errors) and so on..
    7)add a “ndiswrapper” config module to yast network config :)
    1)offer some kind of system to allow user (or at least let them know about) beagle and its not so good habits :P maybe even have it disabled if the system detects a old computer, but offer to do it or something..

    ok I will stop for now :)

  5. SaintDanBert

    SUGGESTION(s) For OpenSUSE 11:

    1. update the installer to use layers instead of shell glob or similar order for package install.

    2. clearly identify the “installer package” so that folks-like-me might try our hand at #1 or
    any other changes we think are interesting or useful


    What do I mean by “use layers”? Think about an onion.

    [NOTE — I don’t intend this to be a complete and exhaustive specification. I want to
    get this idea out there for consideration. We can write a detailed spec once we decide
    that this is a “good idea”.]

    Install Phase-1
    At the core is the hardware. Hardware
    demands firmware and drivers. Drivers require a kernel. Kernel requires loadable modules.
    Somewhere in all of this is “the network”.

    At some point you have enough so that one can boot to a running kernel that will use all of
    the hardware.

    Reboot away from install media and use the target system HDD and other resources.

    Install Phase-2
    A minimum-bootable system requires administrative and utility components to enable configuration.
    Some configuration details depend on the installed hardware. Some depend on user preference.

    On reboot, launch an end-user interview application that (1) asks about how this
    system will get used, and (2) uses the interview and installed hardware to create
    a set of install work orders for Phase-2. Again, avoid glob or similar installs.
    Instead install all of whatever is needed to deliver a complete feature — not package,
    “feature”. We will likely need to find a suitable definition of “feature” but
    I offer this: an office productivity suite is a package; it isn’t useful without
    the ability to print documents; printing is another package; these two packages likely
    have dependencies; when you have a complete whatever that delivers value to the
    end-user, you have a “feature”. Either the entire feature installs successfully,
    or the entire feature fails.

    [Note – One common complaint about linux from my clients revolves around the situation
    where they want to do XXX, download components to do XXX, and then must walk
    a mine field probing for whatever else they need.]

    ** There are some components that everyone will want regardless of intended use
    such as print.

    ** A server system requires some list of server-specific components.
    Anything desktop might be optional in a server configuration.

    ** A desktop system requires some list of desktop-specific components.
    Anything server might be optional in a desktop configuration.

    Run the list of work orders.

  6. Comment by Coment by

    OpenSUSE 11 Alpha 3
    Will be

    Overall, a Good BUSY WEEK

    • KDE

      funny name… ” Comment by Comment by Coment by” :P but anyways, yeah, it was busy week! well done.

  7. expat

    What I really wish for…
    Being in China makes updates really difficult – thanks to the great firewall.
    YaST only opens one stream and that means I takes me 40 hours to update 100MB.
    Becuase the great firewall drops all internationl transfers to 5-20KB/s

    If I use DownThemAll with splitted streams in Firefox I easily reach 300KB/s, means fullspeed.

    Don’t say Chinese mirrors. The Chinese mirror are within the educational network that has a somehow modem connection-speed, or isn’t even reachable from outside .edu.cn

    If I use Ubuntu, which has a good server in china speed is fantastic. And further more, ubuntu starts multiple downloads at the same time.

    I would like to see a more intelligent download function, like aria2c or DownThemAll integrated.
    Or simply open more parallell download.

    Waiting 8 hours for 199kB update really sucks……

    • apokryphos

      This is really not the place to make complaints like that if you want it to get noticed/get something done about it. Post to the mailing to get these ideas heard :)