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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 GM

June 19th, 2008 by

The openSUSE Project is proud to announce the release of openSUSE 11.0 — everything you need to get started with Linux on the desktop and on the server. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, the openSUSE Project provides free, easy access to the world’s most usable Linux distribution, openSUSE.

The 11.0 release of openSUSE includes more than 200 new features specific to openSUSE, a redesigned installer that makes openSUSE even easier to install, faster package management thanks to major updates in the ZYpp stack, and KDE 4, GNOME 2.22, Compiz Fusion, and much more.

On the Desktop

Whether you use GNOME or KDE, the openSUSE 11.0 desktop is a beautiful experience. Users have the choice of GNOME 2.22, KDE 4, KDE 3.5, Xfce, and more! See the screenshot page for a in-depth look at the openSUSE desktop.

GNOME 2.22

GNOME users will find a lot to like in openSUSE 11.0. openSUSE’s GNOME is very close to upstream GNOME, because Novell and openSUSE want to do as much work as possible in the upstream release. However, we do modify GNOME’s artwork to provide a unified look and feel for the distro. The default GNOME configuration, such as panel layout, is slightly different than “stock” GNOME, and the openSUSE GNOME team backports a number of bug fixes into our GNOME release to ensure stability and the best possible GNOME experience.

GNOME 2.22

GNOME 2.22 in openSUSE 11.0 includes the GNOME Virtual File System (GVFS), with better support for networked file systems, PulseAudio for better sound management, improvements in Evolution and Tomboy, and much more!

KDE 4.0

openSUSE 11.0 is the first openSUSE release to include a stable release of KDE 4.0. This release includes sweeping changes in the KDE desktop, and represents the next generation of KDE. This release includes a new desktop shell, called Plasma, a new look and feel (called Oxygen), and many interface and usability improvements.

KControl has been replaced with Systemsettings, which makes system configuration much easier. KDE’s window manager, KWin, now supports 3-D desktop effects.

KDE 4.0 doesn’t include KDEPIM applications, so the openSUSE team has included beta versions of the KDEPIM suite (KMail, KOrganizer, Akregator, etc.) from the KDE 4.1 branch that’s in development and scheduled to be released in July and for online update.

Note that KDE 3.5 is still available on the openSUSE DVD for KDE users who aren’t quite ready to make the leap to KDE 4.

KDE 4 on openSUSE 11.0

Compiz Fusion

The openSUSE desktop is not only a green glorious sight to behold, it’s also available in 3-D! Compiz Fusion is now the default in openSUSE 11.0. You’ll find a slew of interesting Compiz plugins, as well as easier configuration with Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) and the more comprehensive CompizConfig Settings Manager that allows detailed configuration of your Compiz setup. See the Sneak Peek for a detailed look at Compiz Fusion on openSUSE 11.0.

Firefox 3.0

Firefox is one of the most popular open source applications on the planet, and the openSUSE desktop just wouldn’t be complete without Mozilla Firefox. The 3.0 release has a number of new features and improvements that will make browsing the Web on openSUSE convenient and safe, including better site identification features, simplified add-on installation and management, detection of “phishing” sites, the ability to save tabs on exit, better download manager, and a new page zoom feature that lets you zoom text or the entire page.

Note that openSUSE 11.0 ships with Firefox 3.0 beta 5, and updates to the final 3.0 release will be available through online update.

Firefox 3.0

Banshee 1.0

openSUSE 11.0 includes Banshee 1.0. The Banshee media player has been re-written to improve performance and includes many new features, including video playback, better “shuffle” playback, support for iPods, MTP devices, and mass storage player devices, and support for podcasts and better Last.fm integration.

Banshee 1.0

OpenOffice.org 2.4

You can work hard and play hard with openSUSE. If you need a high-quality office suite that’s Microsoft Office compatible, look no further than Novell’s OpenOffice.org 2.4. This release includes import support for OpenXML, 3-D transitions in Impress, SVG import support, improved performance over standard OpenOffice.org, and better Excel support and VBA macro support.

NetworkManager 0.7

NetworkManager has been vastly improved since 10.3, and now includes support for multiple network interfaces and UTMS and EV-DO cards.

Under the Hood

  • Linux kernel 2.6.25
  • glibc 2.8
  • GCC 4.3

Media and Download

openSUSE is now available for immediate download. The openSUSE 11.0 release brings several new options for installation media, as well as familiar choices:

  • openSUSE 11.0 DVD 32-bit
  • openSUSE 11.0 DVD 64-bit
  • openSUSE 11.0 KDE 4 32-bit Live CD
  • openSUSE 11.0 GNOME 32-bit Live CD
  • openSUSE 11.0 KDE 4 64-bit Live CD
  • openSUSE 11.0 GNOME 64-bit Live CD

You can download openSUSE 11.0 via HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink from software.openSUSE.org.

You can also purchase a retail box with openSUSE 11.0 that includes 90-day installation support, physical media, and a printed Getting Started guide.


We want to hear from you! The openSUSE Project has many channels of communication:

To keep up to date with openSUSE, be sure to keep an eye on openSUSE News and watch Planet SUSE for blog posts from the openSUSE community.

Want to help the openSUSE Project? To get involved with openSUSE see the How to Participate page on the openSUSE wiki. We can use lots of different skills to help the project, so feel free to jump in!

All of the contributors who have worked on openSUSE deserve a huge thank you. Without your hard work, this release would not have been possible. openSUSE 11.0 is the best openSUSE release yet, and will help promote the use of Linux everywhere! Now, get openSUSE 11.0 and have a lot of fun!

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204 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 GM”

  1. uusssaa

    upgraded only for the grrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeat speed from zypper (yes, and all the other stuff, too ;-)
    great work, beta3 was tough to install, RC1 nearly perfect and GM rulez. Some rough edges will come through daily work but it doesn’t cut an edge of this great software

  2. Bill Lee

    Why do I have to wander between Novell sites to find what is in the boxed set?

    Only the German pages are forthright in that the book is small (only 238 pages in German version; one book) and that there are two DVD: one with the software in 32 and 64 bit versions (so double layered?, double sided? what?), and the second DVD with 6 hours of videos for instructing on Linux, the console, compiling, writing Guten Tag, Welt, the Open Office and Gimp.


    And where is the partially sighted (blind) version mentioned? It should not be released until is universally accessible from the get-go.

    I wish that Michael Kofler re-issued his book “Linux : Installation Configuration, Use” for this version as a suppliment to the small 250 page pamphlet, probably full of warnings and printed copyleft scripts.

    Much of the marketing pitches to people who have several ocmputers, have used Linux before, maybe want to save Windows, and don’t need hardcopy to read before playing with various options. Viewing videos on the same computer you are going to install means little to them as they want to watch a few minutes and then try it out, yet restore the entire computer back to their initial settings with a single button.

  3. Suseuser

    fe733c3cb3708245682bdf11ceb389f5 openSUSE-11.0-NET-i386.iso
    65cf4856cf60720edaf9cad6b4bb8cd4 openSUSE-11.0-NET-x86_64.iso

    If one wants just a kde 3.5.9 install, the net isos above might be the best options, imho. Unless you can get it from your local server, I would recommend waiting awhile for the rush to subside before doing a full net install.

    99c8b1c92b87b5ab63002317a83bf775 openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-i386.iso
    723f4bb8e9cc0a507212f29e6aa48970 openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-ppc.iso
    558879cc74347ec19482bed02b026672 openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-x86_64.iso
    c9d2c31ef7a1429d1abbb0cbd3ba505b openSUSE-11.0-GNOME-LiveCD-i386.iso
    07317f00f062f9322bb059b42a33781b openSUSE-11.0-GNOME-LiveCD-x86_64.iso
    83b1a04f18d6782cfe0407edadac377f openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.iso
    7db4c1c89dd62b8b97950f54c56d4a41 openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-x86_64.iso
    688224f8b2338f3350d8131617f366cd openSUSE-11.0-NET-ppc.iso

  4. pelouro

    Thanks for a great job.

    I am amazed of how much Opensuse has improved with the 10.3 and 11.0 releases. Suse was loosing its reputation
    with the poor speed and soft management performance.

    But with 10.3 starting and execution speed were vastly enhanced, and soft install revised, and I think that saved the Green One.

    11.0 seems to keep on the right way.

    Downloading the final release from Galicia, Northern Spain.

    Congratulations for all

  5. Carlos

    The best ditro! congratulations!

  6. CRWTom

    The Download Help page mentions a “Non-Open Source Software CD”

    I cannot find it on any of the download pages though.
    I suppose the stuff is also in the repositories but a CD
    would be more convenient.

    Cheers, T

  7. WTF

    Hey just want to say. The new kde blows *azz. It is the worst kde ever built. And yes i have been using SuSe Linux and Kde since their creation. I want to say, to take out the basic places and functionaility of kde is the most unitelligent thing Kde could have done. Period , without a doubt. First of all, no right click for configuring desktop, only one option left now. no resolution size. YOu know what i am saying. 2nd No control panel (KDE) when i click on settings in the kmenu it brings up crappy Gnome control panel. How dumb is that? it is very very dumb. 3rd. You newbies might like the appearance and think its so cool. But when it comes to usability, it plainly is the worst *nix X windows. without a doubt. Do not try to argue. I know what i am saying. Period
    (bla bla if you do not like it use kde 3.5.9. yeah well that wasnt default, and now i would have to go delete everything, and go back and install kde and try to get out all the old version parts, or reinstall OpenSuSe. Trust me, you will get a huge number of complaints about putting a beta into a *Production so called ready Distro* It is far from from Distro as far as the default desktop goes. As a *Nix server it will be fine, (no desktop). Have a great time!
    I now believe that Opensuse had no patience for the next version of KDE , and please do not come up with some lame excuse. YOu know it was wrong, just admit it instead of making excuses. Period

  8. WTF

    I will still use OpenSuSE, bUT It was a long time tyo wait, for the biggest dissapointment of all. Seriously the wrost *new version* with the exception of the SuSe 8 series, ever.

    Hey just want to say. The new kde blows *azz. It is the worst kde ever built. And yes i have been using SuSe Linux and Kde since their creation. I want to say, to take out the basic places and functionaility of kde is the most unitelligent thing Kde could have done. Period , without a doubt. First of all, no right click for configuring desktop, only one option left now. no resolution size. YOu know what i am saying. 2nd No control panel (KDE) when i click on settings in the kmenu it brings up crappy Gnome control panel. How dumb is that? it is very very dumb. 3rd. You newbies might like the appearance and think its so cool. But when it comes to usability, it plainly is the worst *nix X windows. without a doubt. Do not try to argue. I know what i am saying. Period
    (bla bla if you do not like it use kde 3.5.9. yeah well that wasnt default, and now i would have to go delete everything, and go back and install kde and try to get out all the old version parts, or reinstall OpenSuSe. Trust me, you will get a huge number of complaints about putting a beta into a *Production so called ready Distro* It is far from from Distro as far as the default desktop goes. As a *Nix server it will be fine, (no desktop). Have a great time!
    I now believe that Opensuse had no patience for the next version of KDE , and please do not come up with some lame excuse. YOu know it was wrong, just admit it instead of making excuses. Period

    • pdu

      If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that KDE isn’t an X windows at all, its a Desktop Environment, like Gnome it runs on top of ‘X windows’ – aka Xorg or XFree86, the primary difference being that Xorg is modular whereas XFree isn’t.

  9. Marcus Goncalves

    Parabéns pelo SUSE 11! Ótimo trabalho!!!!!!

  10. Ruler_of_the_Thirds

    What I have seen of the KDE 4 so far was a mere catastrophy in regard to usability. I don’t expect that the openSuse team elevated this crappy desktop to something great.
    I won’t use openSuse until it reaches the lightness and easiness of Ubuntu. I had spent so much mony on Suse boxes. From release 5.2 to 10 I bought almost all boxes. Every time disappointed but still hoping for and expecting a better product in the next release, I have found myself installing Suse with high expectations but shortly after using Debian or Mandrake/Mandriva. There is to much overhead in Suse, e.g. SuseConfig. These scripts are just awful, totally unnecessary and time consuming.
    Suse is the distro I had always fun installing and using it for some days, but then suddenly something turned out not to work as expected. Since I use Ubuntu I have no need for OpenSuse. I would not like to waste my time on it as I did in the past. I could have bought Windows over and over, regarding the money I spent on Suse boxes.

    • Maverick

      Spent money on suse boxes? The boxed version, without testing out the opensuse rc versions? And you bought all the boxes from 5.2 to 10 you say? More money then sense I see :P You are doing a good job of keeping the Novell profits high.

      • I spent money, too, since the german 6.x to the Novell 9.2, Not buying each of the releases. I was thinking that it was a way for me to help the community. But maybe that I am answering to someone that can not imagine this way of thinking?

    • Bobby

      I don’t believe a word. if you are using Suse since 5.2 then you should’t have a problem in the world using the easiest version that they have shipped up to now.
      KDE 4.0x is not the only Desktop that openSuse ships with. You can install the good old KDE 3.5x, the less usable and feature rich Gnome or the lightweight XFCE. i can’t understand all the whining about KDE 4, which is still under heavy development.
      If you are happy with Ubuntu then use it but no need to come here and complain about one of the most powerful Linux distros out there.

      • ThinkAgain

        Hi Bobby,

        Most of the persons who use linux are not confined to one distro. They(sometimes) switch distros when a distro has come up with something really good in a new release. So, it is quite normal for a ubuntu user to come here and comment and he has every right to do so (as much as you have the right to say that openSUSE is the best distro).

        I am personally a fan of openSUSE. But if we shoo away a Ubuntu user, we will never grow better.

  11. billbar

    I am simply overwhelmed by the disparity between all the glowing praises in this piece and the reality of one of the ugliest and most inadequate distros I have ever installed. I go back to 5.x SuSe and am always hopeful when I install newer releases. Any earlier one was better than this one. The last I installed was 10.3. I used the downloaded live CD 32 bit.

    Let’s start with an almost unreadable font.My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 932GW. The driver is Nvidia and Kubuntu displays beautifully.
    Then look at the installed menus. There is no application menu. Desktop configuration gives you no options that are useful and when I clicked ‘leave’ I wound up with a KDE sig error.
    Then I’m faced with a wireless that is not ‘out of the box’.
    The only thing the installation did decently was configure grub to include all the distros I already had on the system.

    No kudos on this stinker.

    • Joe

      I would have to agree. I too have found this distro to be a big disappointment. The yast2 GUI messed up after I rolled it back. I had to use the text version to install the default kernel and the nvidea kernel default. The install chose to install the pae kernel and that was the wrong choice for my system. The system locked up many times before I got the correct kernel installed. I do not like the gnome yast look and would like it if gnome stops trying to shove things down my throat, I still like xscreensavers better for one thing. If you are going to use gnome, I suggest you un-install all the gnome extras. I will most likely use a simple GUI like FVWM or Window maker or maybe Xfce. For now 11.0 will run in run level 3 with text mode software only… I will continue to use openSUSE v10.3 for my productivity as I feel this distro is one of the most stable and reliable Linux distros out there. Sory if that’s not what you wanted to hear, however if we are to continue to get good distros we need to be honest.

  12. expe

    Драные суки!

    • Псих

      Ебало завали

    • Конь

      Сам кобель неотесанный, руки бы такому вырвал…

  13. ferenc leo

    Tks for hard works.

  14. niko koliqi

    Great work guys, you have all my admiration. I wish i could be more active user and support you.
    Thank you and best regards.

  15. Joe

    If you —– Are thinking —- Of —– Upgrading —– To —— openSUSE —- v11.0 ———-
    DON’T ! — No, that’s not the next movie I am going to see. It’s is a suggestion to not upgrade to openSUSE v11.0. That’s it. I am not going into details. Just one word… — DON’T !!!

    • Kaosfury

      That is extremely unhelpful. Of course, it also means I have to do an upgrade instead of a clean install just to see if I find anything wrong with an upgrade (I have a new work pc on the way anyways). I’ll post IF I find any reason not to upgrade with details on why.

      • Joe

        Let me make myself clear. I Myself will not be using openSUSE 11.0 at all. I found this distro to be of little use over 10.3 as far as productivity vs. functionality. Moreover, I believe this distro to be quite unstable. I will be doing more studies on this, but for now let’s just say 10.3 works and “If it works, don’t fix it”.

        • Kaosfury

          Thank you for clarifying your problems a little bit more. I am not having the same issues as your however. I am finding it to be as solid as 10.3 at the very least. Of course, I am still using XFCE instead of Gnome or KDE, but that shouldn’t cause that much difference should it?

          I DO miss my all-in-one gestures from Firefox though and hope it gets updated soon for Firefox3, but that’s not OpenSuse’s fault. ;)

          Good luck and I hope some patches come out to improve your experience.

      • Kaosfury

        Now I have to apologize to Joe. I have found it so nearly unusable for my day-to-day work that I switched to Ubuntu rather than going through all the work (again) of getting 10.3 to work. I’ll keep a watch on this distro and keep testing it, but I need to be able to work.

        My dual-monitor setup DID NOT WORK after upgrading to 11.0, and a clean install to 11.0 didn’t help either. I also had issue getting my iSeries emulator to work (I still have no clue why) and an old piece of backup software we still use for our server backups wouldn’t install properly.

        Like I said, I’ll keep trying OpenSUSE, but for now I am not going to be able to use it. :(

  16. Mirko

    Great work, thanks to all.
    Greetings from Bosnien, Republika Srpska und Serbien :)

  17. Jacques

    Great release, Thank you very much! Even on PPC it does work perfect. A big applause to the OpenSuse team, standing ovation would be better.
    Greetings from Belgium

  18. Alexandr

    on install – error check packages, almost all. Why?

  19. kojo

    I’m using 32 bit SuSE at work and SuSE x86-64 at home since 9.3, always using KDE.
    From a short visit to 11.0 Beta 1 I went back to 10.3 promptly – 11.0 Beta 1 I had called an early alpha test version unusable for all but progress in 11.0 building.
    In the last weeks I’m using 11.0 RC1 with KDE3 as my main system because of its bold benefits in relation to 10.3, and beside of some minor, but boring insufficiencies (mainly KDE3!).
    There was a very big progress in the direction of stability in relation to 11 Beta 1, letting 11.0 RC1 beside KDE3 being perhaps more stable than 10.3.
    I didn’t try to evaluate KDE4 because of my experiencies with KDE4 in 11.0 Beta 1 – there it proved to be a valuable tool for masochists – but even KDE3 was proving as the weakest part of 11.0 RC1, somewhat less usable than in 10.3.
    I think about giving Gnome a chance with 11.0.

  20. Big Suse Fan

    I’ve been looking forward to this. One question, I downloaded the live cd, but cant see a way to upgrade from and older version, ie 10.3. There appears to be only an option to install not upgrade, whereas the DVD version has the option to upgrade. Can anyone confirm this for me, thanks.

  21. Petri Järvenpää

    Great work people! I am really loving the 11! Seems that you are getting rave reviews everywhere. :)

  22. KKA

    Отличная работа. KDE 4 сыроват конечно, но после обновления до 4.1 Beta 1 еще более-менее. В остальном все здорово.

    • Desperado

      Да херня это, а не дистро. Пытаются под Виндоус все заточить. НАворотили неизвестно чего. Перепробовал все версии (Гном, КДЕ 3,5, 4,0) – ерунда. НА лэптопе Ñ…64 так вообще видео не понятно тормозит, хотя все драйвера установлены. Шрифты вообще отвратительно выглядят. ЗАвсисает постоянно. Перепробовав всю эту ерунду поставил Пардус – офигенная система, проще чем эта зелень и весь хард распознала без глюков.

  23. Congratulations to the openSUSE team for this great release!
    I love you more each day!

  24. Great work! I guess the difficulties of transition from KDE-3 to KDE-4. I’ll wait a little, anyway, and will install with version 3 of KDE. I already have trouble with 10.3 and Nvidia (just accasional freezes and for 5 seconds only! :-)

  25. Miguel Angel

    Hola a todos de nuevo.

    Hi, buddies. I can’t get neither http mirror nor torrent link to work. I already spend all the night waiting for the torrent to finish but it hasn’t even started, I tried many http mirrors form america and they don’t work either. The torrent has 606 seeds, but it download squat. I tried different download managers but i got the same problem.

    And I like to add that KDE4 is a big dissapoint again. I just can’t get enough from its simpleness and pointless fancyness. I’m not a standar user, nor a skilled programmer. I like to be able to custumize the most i can, like I did with KDE3. That was the thing that make KDE special, different from GNOME, wich I like too. Not to mention the KDE4 inestability. Only the fugly Oxygen theme works ok, everything else looks messed up. Don’t even the icon themes works.

    I’m willing to give it a try. However, I hope KDE3 reaches 3.6 or even better, 3.7.

    I’m not bitching just for the pleasure of it. I’ll download suse 11, and I will try it. Then I’ll change its appareance like the good ‘ol 10.0, with a little of 10.1, wich in my humble opinion, are the prettier of all, specially 10.1, it has very very professional look.

    Greetings from Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, where everybody downloads squat.

    • Grósz Dániel

      KDE 3 is no longer developed because development is focused to making KDE 4 more stable and have at least all the features that KDE 3 has. Hopefully this happens partly by the time of 4.1 and fully by the time of 4.2 – meeanwhile you can use 3.5.9.

      Themes other than Oxygen should work. If there is any problem with them, please issue a bug report at bugs.kde.org .

  26. Tony Lynch

    Well all I can say is that I love it! Installed 11.0 with KDE 4 as a dual boot on a Vista system with fairly modern hardware. The result was a flawless install and a great looking desktop. I don’t miss the command line work since I tried Red Hat many years ago. There is a feature story in an Australian Computer Magazine headed “Ubuntu 8.04 – Windows Killer – Linux Comes of Age with a Better upgrade than Vista” Well Ubuntu missed a few of my system devices on install and couldn’t configure the network ~ openSUSE did it all right out of the box! I see that some of the more experienced users have criticisms based on years of prior use. However as a Newbie I must say that this distribution is one that Windows users could try and I am sure they will be very surprised st the result. For me this is a serious contender for replacing a Windows desktop. Thank you very much

  27. Great in great ,the collaborative work is here.
    Thanks for the code.

  28. UtahLuge

    Um, couple things…
    1. During the NET Install: When you are installing via wireless and it reboots, there is nothing ‘automatic’ to bring the wireless connection back up (CTRL+ALT+F2; yast network; etc. etc. as a work-around). This is a problem as it tries to download something but cannot as there is no connection.
    2. During the LiveCD Install, where the heck is the options for selecting what software I want installed??? I have limited space (home-made 4GB SSD) so I need to limit what gets installed.

  29. I’m a opensuser man and former a suser man since Suse Linux 8.0 Professional !!!!!

    And i Think I will be an opensuser man till release 43.0 If a six month release time will be maintained….

    So Keep the faith and the good work your are doing !!!

    Best Regard from Rimini, Italy !!!!

  30. Vnuce

    This has got to be the *worst* of SUSE releases!
    It’s awful. Not a thing works like it should.

    I couldn’t install from the DVD… I’ve downloaded it twice, tried to install with different configurations… even tried just clicking next->next->next (default setup with no customizations)… It failed every single time!
    Then.. I downloaded the LiveCD. Hurray… I’ve managed to install something.
    Aahh.. f* it … I’m too disappointed to write the rest of the story…I mean, come on people… half the time ALT+TAB doesn’t work!
    I thought of filling up bug report(s) crossed my mind.. but, then again, I don’t have enough time to report all the bugs… I figured 11.1 will be released by then!
    After long time of being a happy SUSE user.. I’m switching to something else…
    Damn, I though Vista is crap!

    Guys, this would be a fine Beta release… nothing more!

    Now… search for a descent KDE4 distro… how well can that end up? :S

    • Gnome User

      I doubt there is a descent KDE4 distro because KDE4 is obscene. Go Gnome and install your KDE apps on it. It works perfectly.

    • Grósz Dániel

      Or install KDE 3.5.9. Btw openSUSE comes with the most polished KDE 4 today.

      I also downloaded the DVD at first. The download was broken (the MD5SUM was incorrect). I tried to install but many things did not work. Then I installed with the net install CD downloading every package directly from the net and it works fine. (Currently I use KDE 3.)

  31. pdu

    People, people, people. OpenSuse is not responsible for KDE4, if they hadn’t included it in this release it would have been a PR nightmare for this distro as its new, exciting and cutting edge. I too agree KDE4 isn’t ready as a full time desktop yet as there are some niggles, but I think the team should be thanked for their work in including it for us to try out, considering the massive newbie following of this distro its unreasonable to think most users could compile KDE4 themselves. For those of you with complaints, try using KDE3.5.9 again, I am and release 11 is fantastic, it supports my hardware better (DVD drive works now, didn’t at all under previous kernels) and ACPI no longer causes random death whilst I work. A huge congrats to the improvements of package management, this is the first release since 10 where it has worked flawlessly, adding the speed it just makes it sweeter. For those of you who find bugs and can’t be bothered/don’t have the time to report them, may I suggest you pay for a commercial distro like SLED, reporting the odd bug you get in a free operating system should be the least you can do.

    Congrats opensuse, I’ve been using linux for 10 years and you have done the business this time, absolutely brilliant.

    • Velocity

      I fyou have been using this 10 years, then you would see what i see. That opensuse 11 should have never been a release. All it is , as far as anyone can not see is this. it is a small series of updates, that should have been a normal standard update in 10.3. there is nothing major about this. they brag on all the bugs they fixed, yeah those should have been bug fixes for 10.3 . look at what i am saying and understand, then you will see that opensause 11 should have been just normal updates for 10.3 which they lacked to do through OPct until now. I am very dissapointed in the lack of effort to 10.3 and what they call a major release, which it is far from.

      • Wj

        @Velocirty: You clearly miss the understanding of how these release cycles work. Please go do some homework before making your statements if you want to be taken seriously.
        As for ‘a small series of updates’ ? There have been enough major rework done. Have another read through the news postings.

        Anyway, if you are looking for long term, focused on stability and robustness, type of distro I suggest you go for SLED, RHEL, Ubuntu LTS or similar.

        Enjoy life a bit more ;)

    • Thomaswin

      Thank you for saying it!!

      Yes, KDE 4 is a brand spanking new desktop environment and yes it has a shit load of growing up to do, however, the devs at Novell and the entire open source community have invested an enormous amount of time to get things as polished as they are. Bugs and features don’t add and fix themselves, people. In fact, I’ve tested every major distribution using KDE 4.0.5 and Opensuse is the most polished of the bunch.

      People, quit complaining. The devs were nice enough to include KDE 3.5.9 on the installation DVD and it contains FAR fewer issues, in fact you can even download the pattern from yast directly. A very, very, very nice Gnome desktop exists as well.

  32. Terry

    Thank you very much. I like it. But I should say that the fonts in Yast2
    is too small for a late 40 years old man. Is it possible to make the fonts for Yast2 larger?

    Best regards from Tokyo Japan.

  33. moman

    I am very impressed by the lightning fast package system.
    The improvement compared to the 10.3 and before is gigantic.
    Thx for this brilliant new distribution

  34. Михаил

    Большое спасибо разработчикам ( ставил с Live CD KDE ) мне очень понравилось, до этого ставил 10.3 DVD вариант – этот вариант намного лучше. Конечно всю жизнь просидев на “окошках” – тяжко переходить надругую систему.

  35. powrhaus

    Absolutely fantastic final build. Everything works perfectly. I’ve installed it on 3 different machines now and they all just work. And turning on all the bells and whistles in Compiz is hella fun. Way to go!

  36. Firas

    A superior linux distro indeed. I have tried fedora core 9 and I was shocked at the low quality and bad design. ubuntu isnt regarded a distro really, its a toy for winblows users. But OpenSUSE is quite polished and professional. I have special admiration for German engineering. and Im happy to say Im never disappointed.

    Phenomenal job guys, applause.

    • Joe

      I really don’t know how you can think of Ubuntu as a toy. That distro blows away this so called upgrade from openSUSE when it comes to stability. Don’t get me wrong, I still think 10.3 is the best out there, however if you have really used Ubuntu for a long time you should know they are really on the ball. By the way ever tried Slackware? Now that’s a cool distro…

  37. Jaydip

    Thanks a LOT.. I really admire the amount of effort has been put so forth by opensuse developers to make a better-looking and a rock-solid distro.

  38. ryan

    openSUSE 11 is very nice. Everything installed just fine right out of the box, except for my Nvidia driver, which I had to 1-Click install after doing search for nvidia on the “Discover It” web page. This really is the best experience I’ve had installing Linux on my computer ever! The only other problem I’ve had so far is that it tried to preserve my 10.3 stuff and I meant to blow away those partitions. So I did that and reinstalled and everything works as expected. Mine is running Gnome, everything works as expected, and I’ve install some KDE apps on it. If you click on Computer and Install Software, it’s unbelievable how much software there is. I just don’t have time to research it all. This is a great foundation to build on. Everything works very well and Mozilla did a great job on Firefox 3, I don’t have to resize text any more! I wish all the success in the world to the openSUSE team and Novell.

    HPa6130n AMD64 computer, Canon i560 printer (wouldn’t recommend because of its slowness on any OS).

  39. Geraldo

    Once again congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  40. Geraldo

    The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  41. Geraldo

    OpenSuse is the best Linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Joe

    Long live 10.x

  43. UtahLuge

    My review of KDE4 isn’t very good either. I mean, come on! When I can’t even paste to the desktop!! I went back to KDE3 and everything is GREAT! Nice work on openSUSE 11.0!!!!!!!!

  44. SaveMeGood

    I never use opensuse before; i try it with release 11.0 – it’s great, thank you!
    Gnome is more comfortable and stable, i don’t like kde3 and more awful kde4.
    Sorry for english))

  45. Mike

    Congratulations to the openSUSE Team, job well done with version 11.0!

    But 10.3 was also very good (except package management speed) and is too young too kill, IMHO!
    The following repos are my attempt at getting the benefits of 11.0 PM improvements and keeping
    a good WORKING SYSTEM:



    Smart PM is my backup in case things go astray and so far all is OK. I have improved Zypper speed and an updated Yast2.
    Its NOT 100% but seems to be workable and I am keeping it (also hoping the backports will be even more mature with time).

    I have 11.0 installed on one machine but my laptop is working very well with 10.3 and I don’t won’t to start reconfiguring
    all my settings all over again (the install is only 6-7 mths old).

  46. Marius

    I use SUSE and only SUSE since version 9.0. About 11.0, once it’s installed the os works amazing, as usual…..BUT….the “new” installer it’s extremely annoying! I usually install about 3-5 servers/routers in a month with bigger or smaller roles for a network. On an older dell pc with a 900Mhz processor, 256MB ram and slower cdrom, i needed 2 hours to finish the instalation. You are forced to boot the live cd and there is no way to select the packages to be installed and do a minimal and fast(text mode) instalation….you don’t need gnome or kde for a trivial dhcp server and/or do a DNAT, server which(most of the time) is going to droped in a corner in some GOD forgotten office and needs to be accesible via a ssh.
    Is this becoming a desktop ONLY distro.?

    PS: i don’t know and i don’t even wanna find out. Probably the dvd version has the old and fast text installation….but NO, i’m not going to download a big ass 4GB dvd and YES 80% of the time, the systems i install don’t have a dvd drives.

    • Robert

      Hi Marius,
      Live Cds are usually quick to install but you don’t get the choice of choosing what gets installed as the whole CD image gets copied to HDD. But you can get a text-mode option if you boot into console mode (init 3 as boot option) and call up the ‘yast2 live-installer’ (either directly or via yast/yast2—>Miscellaneous—> ysat2 live-installer option).

      The following net isos are probably more what you need though:
      openSUSE-11.0-NET-i386.iso openSUSE-11.0-NET-x86_64.iso


    • Grósz Dániel

      To solve the problem that the machine does not have a DVD drive, do this: Download the DVD ISO to the hard drive. Mount it with -o loop and copy its contents to a directory on a partition that you won’t format during the installation. Download the mini net install CD and burn it. When you boot from the CD, tell the boot loader to use the directory on the hard drive in which you copied the contents of the DVD as installation source. The mini CD has the traditional installer where you can select which package to install so you can install specific packages from the DVD contents from the hard drive.

      You can also install directly from the net with the net install CD and download only the packages you need – the drawback of this is that this way you download them at every installation.

      If you do many installations, you may consider creating your own server installer CD with the packages you want with KIWI.

  47. Agnaldo

    Congratulations and tanks for de hard work, guys!

  48. Ralph Martin

    This is great, I’ve just installed it and I didn’t have any problems, the installation was smooth and thanks God no problem with radeon drivers for the RADEON integrated 200.
    Usually I had to put back radeonold drivers in order to have video. I’m looking forward to put back my Oracle 10g XE database so I can keep doing tests.

    LOVE IT.

  49. us

    Ačiū už šaunią OS distribuciją. Thanks for great Linux OS distribution, currently using 11.0 to write this, had no problems whatsoever, everything just works.

  50. Nicolas

    Congratulations ~
    I using Mandriva2008.1 right now,i’ll try OpenSUSE 11 ASAP……