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YaST Mascot Winner Chosen! Say Hello to Yastie!

November 21st, 2008 by

The openSUSE Project and YaST team are happy to announce the winner of the YaST Mascot Contest. After extensive deliberation, the judges have chosen the Aardvark concept, submitted by Klára Cihlářová.

The judges have also settled on a name for the mascot, which will be called Yastie.

We had a lot of great submissions, and it wasn’t easy picking the best idea out of the bunch. We received a number of high-quality submissions, and it’s clear that a lot of thought and hard work went into each submission. Thanks to everyone who participated, it shows just how important YaST is to the community.

As we mentioned in the contest guidelines, we were looking for an idea for the mascot, and not necessarily the final artwork. We want to make sure that the YaST Mascot fits with other openSUSE artwork and branding. Our own Jakub Steiner (jimmac) is going to work on the final artwork, and we’ll be showing that very soon.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! With years homework-writer.com of experience in providing ibm ibm maximo asset management v7

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47 Responses to “YaST Mascot Winner Chosen! Say Hello to Yastie!”

  1. superppl

    An Aardvark? Where’s MattB to see this? It’s his picture!

  2. Looks cool, but what is it for :P ?

  3. Bob I

    I got to ask why do we need this? Yast is an integral part of Opensuse. If one decides to fork Opensuse they can’t take Yast with them. So please tell me why does yast need its own mascot?

    • Layman

      It’s purely for marketing. It attaches an easily recognizable symbol to the setup tool so that if another distribution incorporates YaST, it could use “Yastie” to show people what’s in the package. Interesting that they didn’t go with a red pointy Y as the symbol. It would have excited me more if they would have called it the Administrative Console because something called an Administrative Console just sounds like serious business to me.

    • YaST is GPL and not an inegral part of openSUSE they can take it anywhere they like. There even used to be an attempt to fork it for Debian at one moment. Please read /usr/share/doc/packages/yast2/COPYING

      Depending on how much the fork differes from the standard openSUSE, they can just use it. e.g. if my fork just includes MPlayer then it is not a huge fork, but I could easily do that (and have done so already in the past) If they decide to fork YaST as well, then they can’t take the mascotte with them.

      To be honest, I think the mascot is ugly. So if a fork would help to get rid of it, please fork.

    • Andreas Jaeger

      If you fork openSUSE, you can take YaST – it’s under the GPL.

  4. xavier

    If our Camaleon is his father, please tell me who or what is his mom!??

  5. AlbertoP

    Hum, indeed it seems Geeko, but made orange and with a strange nose. Oo

    I preferred the green Y ( http://en.opensuse.org/Image:Yast-mascot-rm-006.png ) and this one http://en.opensuse.org/Image:YaST_Contest_Wrenchy.png

  6. peteleinnen

    its damn ugly

  7. Mike

    I think we should use animal icons for every openSUSE application, and then rename openSUSE to openNoahsArk

  8. skh

    My favourite from the beginning! ;-) Will there be T-Shirts?

  9. steve

    Well done. It’s female. Will it be in time for 11.1?

  10. manchette

    It’s really awful, but we love it already ! :p)

  11. what kind of animal yastie is? :)

  12. freedguy

    Its an Aardvark – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aardwark

  13. Steev

    I am glad you write better software than you do logos.

  14. Uwe

    Oh great, an animal from South Africa in Ubuntu colors. Sheesh…

  15. Haisen

    oh no

  16. Dum

    I don’t like it. It’s a ugly thing. (where is it for?)

  17. ST

    That was the name I suggested :P

  18. bananas

    Effectively looks more like a Ubuntu inspired idea. Even the colours recall Ubuntu. Maybe the graphical outfit is not the strength of Opensuse. Not that important after all…

  19. haha .. cool mascot. There were many cool submissions. My top two where this one and the “yet another tool” one.

  20. R. J.

    I read somwhere a while ago plans to fork Yast to other distro’s. I hope this wont happen, as Yast is one of the major draw cards to OpenSUSE.

    As for the mascot, sorry, but it is ugly, go back to the drawing board, it doesn’t even remind me of opensuse, as someone else said, it’s more ubuntu

    Here’s an idea for you, all logo’s to do with OpenSUSE/Novell should intermeix, and be the same colour

  21. Yastie? WTF is this? An aardvark? Why not squash KDE 4 bugs, and get 11.1 into Release almost bug-free!? I found a number of Critical bugs in beta5. Why the f**k are we deliberating on an aardvark?

    Do we want a better community? Let’s fix opensuse forum problems, that when people come from a search engine to a forum post, they are instead redirected to the main page?

    What about bugs that are still not fixed in 10.3 and 11.0 that significantly hamper a fun usable distro?

    Why not improve laptop support, like getting native resolution correct on first install, and all other major distros, big small, old young have done successfully?

    Yastie? Aardvark? I don’t consider this important for the distro, community, or Novell.


    • anicka

      Then feel free to start. You might do loads of pretty good work on all the bugs.

      And meanwhile, please let the people who are not techies to make their own contribution. We might not like it but to be a successful distro, we need a good marketing as much as technical superiority.

      • darkmatter

        The point being that we need ‘good’ marketing. I highly doubt that anyone with even half a clue would consider that… thing… good marketing.

    • freedguy

      Simply dont come here and comment just becoz you’ve got something to tell.

      The suse guys aren’t spending 24/7 only on this mascot thing.

    • Dan Goodman

      Felipe is right on.

      And the fact that he isn’t doing all, or even any, of the things he suggests are more important, doesn’t make them any less important.

      But beyond this just being a “what he said” post:

      1) If you are truly looking to create brand identity, keep the same color as the other mascot.

      (What is the other mascot? I have seen it referenced as a chameleon, as a gecko, and as a generic lizard. And have rarely seen his/its name given as Geeko – perhaps as in “Geeko the Gecko”?).

      2) Geeko is a somewhat clever name – a play on gecko and geek – but “Yastie” is just a mechanical knee-jerk name choice. I don’t have something better, but find it hard to believe that this is the best the entire community can come up with.

      3) This, and all similar things in the future, should be done in multiple stage votes…at least one to narrow it down, thus giving everyone a chance to vote for the one they like best among the viable candidates. In a single pass vote, if there are 100 entries, three good entries could all lose out to one that happens to catch the fancy of only 2% of the voters — but more worse, that might not ever get votes from hardly anyone else. (Not saying that is the case here, but I wonder…)

      4) It is butt-ugly.

      5) The concept should at least minimally tie into, or suggest a relationship to, the function of its subsystem. And an animal that gathers up annoying little creatures from all over (OK, that part might fit), doesn’t quite work. The primary function of yast is to distribute new software. What does an aardvark (anteater) distribute, from where, and how? According to my biology books, only the remnants of the ants that it eats… ‘nuf said. Wrong association — 180 degrees out of phase.

      6) Yast doesn’t need a mascot; it dilutes the value of the single, good (perhaps best of all of them) linux mascot…

      7) But if you have to have one (a Yast mascot), and want to keep the “beanie babies” concept, how about something like a green hummingbird, which DOES gather and distribute (in a useful and esthetically pleasing way) — first of all, green is a natural color for a hummingbird, as well as tying to the green theme (which openSUSE should stick to). Secondly, hummingbirds do what was once thought aerodynamically impossible, and though there are many birds, and many of them are similar, the hummingbird is unique among birds — the same thing we should hope to convey about Yast.And it doesn’t NEED an individual name — does the Cisco logo have a name? Or Apple? Google? Or if you want to argue that they aren’t animals, what about TigerDirect? Bear wheel alignment systems? The Energizer Bunny? Effective animal logos, no personal (proper) names, just their type of animal. If you have a good name, fine, but not just “XXXXX” with a “y” or “ie” added to the end, PLEASE.

      8) If all of this gets ignored, at least please give me the option to replace the icon when I install, or any time thereafter. It’s not as annoying as “the Paperclip Assistant” or “M$ Bob”, but if I have to live with it for a few years, it may become that annoying…

      9) If you are defending the artwork on the ground that all you needed was a concept, not finished artwork, why wasn’t that spelled out more clearly before the deadline? I can’t draw anything more complicated than a bath, but I would have submitted something like the Hummingbird (which I would grudgingly name “Susie” if you have to have a name), rendered in openSUSE green. In fact, if you make the icon customizable, and make it easy to create one and upload it, I will bet that you will have two or three dozen alternatives in the first ninety days.

      10) Then there is always the burro, donkey, mule (also a term for one who carries contraband), and other beasts of burden, often portrayed haulijng packages (pretty direct and positively oriented connection there, also, except if you choose an ass. But if you do, I hope then, at least, you will stay away from the pink color… ;-) But pray, tell me, what does an aardvark do that is suggestive of the actions of a subsystem that gathers, transports, and installs packages (unless they are collecting ants to make chocolate covered ant candy, but that is too much of a stretch for just about anybody.)

      openSUSE is great — but KDE 4 DOES need fixing, 11.1 DOES need to hit the deck solid, with few to no bugs that affect most users, and the entire software distribution system needs to be revamped to make it easier to distribute code without a repository between the user and the package. And it DOESN’T need marketing tools that are “cute” but don’t carry a message, or carry a confusing or misleading image or message.

      Sorry, but the Aardvark (perhaps better named Art), just doesn’t do it for me, and I suspect it will not do it for many other people, either.

  22. Comment

    Yeah. In the end it’s still all about the money…

  23. Adurbe

    So who won the prizes?

    I assume Klára Cihlářová won for the aardvark but who won the name and 2 runner up slots?

    With regards the winning design, I think it won because it hardly needs changing to fit into the current branding! :-)

  24. Pieter

    It amazes me that people have to resort to bad language to bring across a point. Yes, the bugs need fixing, yes marketing is important. This is what makes linux special, that there is place for EVERYONE to make contributions.

  25. Dich

    I missed the contest announcement (like many others obviously).
    How did the voting happen? Was it open to public?
    I would suggest (if such a thing happens again) to first collect votes for
    all submissions, then choose three-five most popular ones, and repeat the
    voting. The Aardvark doesn’t fit at all (IMHO), but this is a matter of taste.
    My personal favourites would be Wrenchy, Yet another Tool, and the Yascht mouse.

    • Adurbe

      The contest was announced in the weekly news, it was also repeated in the likes of distrowatch

      How the contest is judged is clearly explained on the contest page


      Although I do think the page should be updated to include who won what. If nothing else but to give people a link to send their friends ;-)

  26. OMG, it’s so ugly…

  27. Zueuk

    OMGwtf, it IS ugly and that’s no joke :-( PLEASE keep this thing away from YaST – the one & only linux config tool!

    Dan Goodman
    Felipe Alvarez
    can’t agree more with what you said.

  28. John B

    You have got to be shi**ing me! A ‘mascot’ for YaST!? Oh good lord, does anyone else see nightmares of ‘Clippy’ and that stupid dog M$ had for a while there? Marketing my brown eye! It’s stupid, plain and simple. It *IS* butt-ugly. What’s it gonna do, walk in on your window while you’re in YaST doing something important and crap in the corner or something? What good is an application ‘mascot’ other than a ‘neato’ effect for the teenyboppers.

    Like a few others with common sense have said, quit worrying about a pathetically inane ‘mascot’ for YaST and simply fix the things that need fixing instead of adding crap that doesn’t need to be added!

    Welcome to the beginning of ‘OpenDisneyWorld’. I think I’ll go puke now.

    • Chrysantine

      Well, we could start by getting rid of people like you – this would definitely improve the distribution.

      • John B

        Alright! That good ol’ liberal PoV…’We’re peace loving folk and if you don’t come to our side we’ll kick your a$$ to prove it!’.

        Tell me, oh enlightened and benevolent one, how would you “get rid of me”? A bullet? A knife in the back…oh wait, that was already done by…YOU!, a garrotte? Would someone like you have the cods to do the ‘getting rid of’ or would you hire out?

        Instead, how about whiners like you allow one and all to post their opinions. If you don’t like it, you’re free to jump out of a window from the 30th floor of a building so nothing else will scar your delicate sensibilities anymore.

  29. MzK

    hmmmm..are the gecko and aardvark friends? I agree with the other comment here….does Yast need a mascot??? Yastie sounds too much like “nasty”….ewh.

  30. Dan Goodman

    Hot on the heels of the smashing worldwide success of Yastie the Yast mascot, the entire mascot world is being reshaped by this brilliant new concept.

    Disney has announced that Donald Duck is being renamed Ducky Duck, and from now on in will be colored teal, in keeping with the bird theme.

    And Bear Alignment ™ has announced that their famous, but previously anonymous, bear mascot would be named Bear-ie Bear, and from now on in will be colored white to stand out from its other corporate color schemes.

    And Warner Brothers, in a quick response to Disney, has announced that their Tasmanian Devil will be renamed Devon Devil, and will have its pigment changed to a deep cerulean blue, to complement the usually red theme associated with other devils.

    And finally, (for now), in an attempt to outflank Red Hat, it is rumored that Novell is considering creating a mascot for openSUSE Linux. “Susie Linucks (no trademark conflict)” will be rainbow-colored (to avoid excluding anyone), and is rumored to be able to sing and dance as well as pose for cover art. It is hard to tell if this will be enough to stop Red Hat from naming a new mascot for Fedora, “Federico Fedora”, to be rendered in caution light orange, in order to promote brand recognition, since orange is a member of the red family.

    Meanwhile, the mascot “Zeppo Zypper” is reported to be more than a little p***ed off, claiming that it has been shunted aside before even being given a chance to make his mark. (The fact that his mark was to be yellow may have something to do with that.)

    But more seriously, what makes a Linux distro good IMHO is that it provides both a simple, easy to manage desktop GUI interface (with minimal install issues), and also provides the ability to manage the system from the command line (ideally conforming as much as possible to standard Linux/Unix concepts). A third key point would be that the OS does not contain lots of little useless “frills” that require tweaking to get rid of.

    So openSUSE (and especially KDE4) need more work to meet the smooth GUI standard. (And we know who the 800 lb. gorilla is in this category). And openSUSE could certainly benefit from keeping functions such as update easier to use, instead of “cute”…but it does not benefit from having needless additional baggage. Not even so that everyone can make a contribution. (The OS is not a third grade parent’s day display.)

    BUT THE ONE BIG QUESTION THAT HAS BEEN MISSING: why yast in the first place? It stopped working behind several people’s firewalls according to reports, beginning at 10.3. Meanwhile, zypper looks like a much easier to configure interface. Why yast instead of zypper? What was the problem with zypper that yast solves?

    And yo! if the spam protection asks for the sum of four and 9, it should take either 13 or thirteen…interfaces should accept the obvious, even when the obvious is ambiguous.

    • YourMom

      YaST is more than a software installer. Zypper is just one element of the package manager. YaST is a complete system-wide configuration tool.

  31. Barack Ubuntu

    OMG this guy’s FREAKIN’ CUTE!