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Release Tomorrow, and More Good Signs …

December 17th, 2008 by

Tomorrow is the big day! So some might wonder what exactly will happen … Basically we turn on the headless chicken mode and waiting that our servers will melt away :-)

Not this time! ™. The plan is to release openSUSE 11.1 at 14:00 CET (13:00 GMT) . We added 3 quadcore servers to the wiki farm and Peter tweaked the configuration. Anyway, even with the new servers you should not go to the wiki to download it or wait for the announcement.

If you want to download openSUSE 11.1 tomorrow, use http://software.opensuse.org

Why? The server can handle the load quite well as we saw in the last release, and if you download it in the first 30 hours from software.o.o you should get an akamai mirror which is really fast. If this is not working, which I doubt, please read the article Peter wrote on lizards.o.o.

And after the release? Install it, tell friends about it! Blog, digg it, whatever you can do to make this the most awesome release ever!

Don’t forget the release parties; if there is not one in your area, I will try to stream some videos from ours. I try, because I’m quite sick and I’m not even sure if I can attend our party :-(

There is also a facebook event; if you attend a party, or make your own private one alone, post some pictures or videos.

So what is the other good sign? Some people already have the box, thanks Salid for the picture!


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92 Responses to “Release Tomorrow, and More Good Signs …”

  1. Bobby

    I am not really a fan of the green that openSuse 11 has but that green there is really looking cool. I think that this will be the coolest openSuse ever. I am already seeing openSuse on top of the DistroWatch chart. Go Suse baby go.

  2. Justin

    You might have cleaned off your desk first.

  3. !!!!!111

    openSUSE the best!

  4. Oliwer


    I am a hardcore Slackware user since ages. Just a few days ago I enjoyed installing Slack12.2 in just about 20 minutes, but….

    I have been using OpenSuse on my employees’ laptops since 3 years and I follow the development of 11.1 closely and I must say it REALLY looks very good!

    I love my Slackware, but now I am really tempted to switch to openSUSE. I will switch on my private PC and maybe even make a tripple boot laptop with both Slack and openSUSE (even if only for private use).

    This release is surely going to put openSUSE on top of other Linux distros by FAR!

    Keep up the good work, fold at openSUSE!!!!!!!

    • Oliwer

      I meant to say FOLKS ;-)

    • dedi

      Same here :)
      Have been falling in love with slackware for almost 8 years.
      And right now, just really interested in the new OpenSuse.
      It just seems great!
      Go forward friends… :)

  5. I’m stoked! I can’t wait to get a feel for this KDE. I’ve been anxious ever since 4.0 came out, and I hope this one is finally usable. By the way, is that Vista on the screen to the left?

  6. Vincent

    Argh… i’m still waiting. I can’t wait to get it :)

  7. Rigorth

    Like the others, I’m anxious for the release too. openSUSE 11.0 is GREAT, but knowing that the licensing for 11.1 is different, I think the 11.1 version is just the GREATESTEST, :D. I’m just wondering, when we download the iso file, is there one that can just update from 11.0 to 11.1? Or, we just have to install from “scractch”?

    I’m not that anxious about KDE 4.1 or Amarok 2.0. The old ones are better, especially for Amarok.

    Keep up the good work tho!

    • Nobody Important

      I don’t think that updating from 11 to 11.1 will be a problem but if you have a seperate home partition then a fresh install is done in no time. If you don’t have a seperate home partition then create a partition, copy your /home folder there and set that partition as /home during the installation. Make a backup before the installation though, just in case.

      • Peter

        /home is on an NFS box (running 11.0), but that’s the joy of Open Source. 150 quids’ worth of headless box to serve up NFS and samba. Heaven knows what MS would charge for the privilege of doing the same with Vista.

  8. Nobody Important

    NOT fair!!! It’s the 18th on this side on the planet!

  9. noone

    left monitor runs vista!

  10. joerg

    there are so many windows but the window i like most, is the login screen of open suse… thanks to anyone who work for this great community and everyone who spend a lot of time in order to create the probably best open suse distribution ever… joerg from germany

  11. zak

    Actually, by the color of the highlighted text, I’d say that that is Oxygen with an Emerald theme that resembles Vista’s win-decs.

    Man, I gotta get me a boxed copy of openSUSE some time. Maybe 12.0.

  12. dass

    waiting and waiting…

  13. Garg

    Hopefully on the left monitor it is an emerald skin and not Vista :-)

    Greetings from Forchheim to Nuernberg. Can’t wait to get 11.1 tomorrow!


  14. STS301

    get well soon and thanks for this nice article.
    damn, I am tommorow when OpenSuse comes out in school :(

    But at home I will download.

    greets from Austria


  15. Lauwerysen Erwin

    I can’t wait to download it too. I wait for this before installing my Oracle 11g on it.

    • Jayforweb

      Hi Wrwin,
      An luck with Oracle 11g.
      I’m trying the live CD (KDE 4) and for the first time an OpenSuse release could connect me to the internet through wireless :D (AR5212 chipset). So I really want to install the new Suse. The only thing is Oracle, if it seems to be working.. I’m going to jump in. Appreciate any thoughts from you.

      Good luck Suse !!

  16. Pretty dang stoked, can wait.

  17. mortenb

    I hope the network install image will be ready at release also?
    I have a Asus P5B with a JMicron JMB363 ATA/SATA that failed to install the DVD of 10.2, 10.3 and 11.0

    • Kavalor

      try the installoption insmod=ide-generic has helped in a lot of cases in 10.2. After that i cant remember anymore

    • R.S. Tse

      `I had the same motherboard and a Seagate SATA HD. Have had some problem installing from some DVDs. The problem occurred when the installation asked for a repository; of course at that point there was none. One can select “network” to locate a repository. But the installation software insists on the numeric IP address, named addresses would not be accepted.

      I solved the problem by downloading a CD(not DVD) image. No problem after that.

      Unfortunately that Asus motherboard has gone down. Right now I have OpenSuSE 10.3 in and old IBM desktop, and 11.0 in a new cheap Compaq. One problem with 11.0 is in scanner configuration, a problem that existed in some .even versions. During scanner configuration, very early on the user has to click “edit” to configure. With 11.0 the scanner configuration software went into an infinite loop. I am hoping that version 11.1 would have this bug fixed, as previously with .odd versions.


      R.S. Tse

    • mesamoo

      I have that motherboard and don’t recall a problem installing 11.0 although I found that version unusable so I went back to 10.3. Nice having extra drive space so I didn’t have to lose my working setup

      I did have a problem when I installed 10.3 if I remember right.

      Hopefully 11.1 will be another step forward. Guess we’ll know in 8 hours :-)

  18. Lookin’ good… this is going to be an extremely successful release of openSUSE. I feel it in my bones ;-)

  19. James A Barkley

    I am very excited. Things I’m looking forward to the most: kde > 3.5 that works, the new amarok, all the bug fixes.

    Biggest disappointment: No install party in Boston, MA. Where are the Waltham, MA developers??

  20. pete

    i am a little worried about the performance of 11.1 after reading the polishlinux report .
    lets wait and see :-)

  21. xavjer

    I can’t wait too, I’m looking at that counter every half of hour :s

    But I also think that ones of the best linux distro will be openSUSE + KDE 4.2 (openSUSE 11.2?)


    rgds. from El Salvador.

  22. Jens

    “There is also a facebook event, if you attend a party, or make your own private one alone, post some pictures or videos.”
    A Microsoft-contaminated site. No Thanks

  23. jrdls

    OMG, I want an openSUSE box! I want to install openSUSE 11.1 now! I can feel the envy all over me

  24. Berni

    My openSUSE 11.1 retail package already arrived today. Installation was fast and without problems. Looks good so far. Thanks guys for all the work.

  25. Dillon

    I hear that. The beta versions of KDE 4.2 is even awesome slightly buggy of course but still pretty sweet. Wonder if that cool lil red bouncy ball will ship with 4.1 though.

    • Beineri

      No, and is anyone playing with it more than a minute? :-) It should be available in KDE:KDE4:Community build service repositories.

  26. Hi!,
    i am an openSUSE fun since about 5 months ago with the 11.0. 11.0 is the best of distros for me, i am very happy with it, and love the comunity in freenode.org. I am not anxious because, as i said, i am glad with 11.0, but of course i am gonna download my openSUSE 11.1 liveCD this week and will perform a clean and fresh installation of Gnome and maybe KDe4, i still prefer gnome.
    Actually i love the green, i live here in Peru, green shines everywhere, our jungle is awesome!

    peace and blessings from Lima, Peru.

    Congratulations a lot!

  27. Cracker

    I have never used suse before, but i think i’ll use this one. according to the this one will be the right distro for me… i’m not sure how often go updates in suse world?

  28. Correy340

    I’ve been using Suse (now openSuse) since it’s beginning and the improvements have been very steady (except for the 9.x series… a bit problematic). 11.0 was a big step forward but the reach exceeded the grasp IMHO. Too many bells and whistles in 11.0 with the desktop effects (way too many conflicts). RC1 looks good but I’ll be doing a few months of 11.1 testing… torture testing… before I commit it to bare metal.

    Congratulations (in advance) to the development team and best wishes for continued success (NYCity).

  29. cjcox

    My preorder will ship out on JANUARY 5th. I guess some customers are treated differently from others.

    • Kevin Walker

      I just got that email too! If the release is still scheduled on time, what happened that those of us that per-ordered have to wait until Jan 5th.

      Sorry, I am getting so excited to get the new OpenSuse, guess I’ll have to download it with everyone else…just hope the servers don’t get too busy.

      • Bandit

        I too received my email with a delayed ship date of Jan 5, 2009 for my pre-order. Any ideas as to the delay?

  30. ruben

    A few years ago, i had installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my workstation. I was shocked about it. Then i passed a kiosk where i’ve seen a C’T with an openSUSE 10.0 install DVD. Since this day i love openSUSE. And every release is better than the last. I’m still waiting for openSUSE 11.1…………….

  31. I haven’t waited for any piece of software like this!

    We are starting an whole new opensource GIS division with Suse.

    Let 11.1 bless our ATI cards as well :)

  32. wykedengel

    I have spent the week testing and writing about Ubuntu 8.10, Mandriva 2009.0 (Free and One) and soon OpenSUSE 11.1. I am hoping that OpenSUSE continues its solid hardware support. Also, does anyone know if Easy Urpmi will be compatible with the new release?

    As a Windows user for over a decade, I am officially making the switch to Linux January 2009. I am currently working on an implementation schedule to move my literary magazine to a Linux environment. (Trying to get the hang of Scribus as Quark is in my veins.) I hope to be able to fully endorse OpenSUSE by then. If the beta was any indication of what the final is going to be, then I am stoked.

  33. vwbond

    Where can I get one on the small Tux’x that you on your desk with “N” on his chest?

    • From your favourite Novell account manager during the CEBIT when you ask him to hand you a bag of gifts… But should also be possible on various Novell events.

  34. robotist

    Couldn’t wait. So, I installed factory on my laptop and looking to cut to 11.1 when it releases. SuSE has always been my favorite along with dear old Slackware. Who needs anything else?

  35. anon

    well, it should be released any time now, and still there has been no sneak peak at KDE, rather disappointing that you seem to be pushing the gnome desktop again.

  36. Amin

    I’ve contacted local Novell office in Malaysia and they didnt have retail boxes here.Asked me to get it online which probably cost more to deliver it. What a waste for Novell here, seems they more interested to sell SLES.

    As for me, the biggest question is how i do a remote upgrade of the current 11.0 to 11.1 since all my remote servers are in US and Europe data centers. I hope there is a simpler binary upgrade to perform this.

  37. Harvy

    I see some folks love slackware among suse like me. I thought I’m the only one)) What can I say.. simply the BEST distro.
    p.s. Hi from Russia)

  38. suseuser

    Yesterday, in the very late evening, I put an entry in my blog, saying that openSUSE11.1 will be released today. Just to spred the word, you know…
    Now, just a few hours later my entry is number 2 of the most read blogs in that little community. It’s amazing that this many people are interested in openSUSE.

    I hope your servers won’t melt away when the downloads start. ;-)
    Thank you for your work.

  39. Bobby

    I am nervous, anxious, excited, have butterflies in my belly. I have never anticipated a release so eagerly as much as this one. What makes it even more exciting is that I just saw that KDE 4.2 Beta 2 is out. Now I am wondering if I should try it on OpenSuse 11 or wait until I have 11.1 installed.

  40. I’m a professional UNIX/Linux sysadmin (FreeBSD & Debian) and manage web services for more than 100 companies. They all used to run only Microsoft products on their staff PC, but I made some of them change their minds by showing them the OpenSuse that runs on my laptop. I’m using exclusively Linux since 1999 – hard days those, being Linux still such a young project – and the distro I liked most ever is (Open)SUSE, because of its stability, usability, drivers’ availability and cool appearence (also this matters when the os is you real world for a dozen of hours a day).

    I tried Mandrake/Mandriva, Fedora, Ubuntu and so on… but guys, believe me: YOU ARE THE BEST…!

    Thank you! Go on this way ;)


  41. PeterPac

    I queried Novell on why the delay on the boxed edition of SUSE and no answer. Maybe they forgot how to do a dual layer DVD LOL. Anyway they emailed with the delay but without an explanation of why. Only reason I want the box is I want to go through the manuals and edit and check for any problems in the manuals.

    • michl

      I guess the issued with delivery in NA is that between shipment out of German plant and shipment out of NA stock at least 5 working days are in between (transport, custom, commission etc.). This combined with Christmas Holidays unfortunately may lead to the delay. Sorry for that.

  42. The home page has a typo on the screenshot section (you have to open the screenshots and scroll to the right a bit) It says “installing never looked such good” should be “installing never looked so good”

  43. Biome

    Thank you openSUSE team i appreciate all your hard work, love it, can hardly wait,
    Biome from Byron Bay, Australia

  44. Eugen

    On some servers already available … see ftp://ftp.up.ac.za/mirrors/opensuse/opensuse/distribution/11.1/iso/

  45. Emrah RaÅŸa

    I love openSUSE, waiting for download 11.1 version, greetings from Turkey…

  46. Marc

    Looking up for it but still didn’t see if it is an online update or if I have to burn a DVD and reinstall

  47. Ramzy

    Hello there everybody;
    i can’t wait either, i am so excited for this release, i prepared my dvd and i backed up my data, i am ready for 11.1 :)
    I think OpenSuse makes the best KDE desktop compared to other distros, while i like ubuntu for its gnome based distro.

    i really cant wait..today is going to be a busy day for me and an exciting one :D

    wish u all the best.

    Greetings from Romania

  48. Marat

    I am so thirsty … it’s gonna be too long to wait 10pm of tomorrow in Perth!!!

  49. I am eager to see whether KDE4 is usable now. Two remarks from me:
    – The green design doesn’t fit the design of by far most laptops … also most people I know prefer the blue design of the 10.x versions.
    – SUSE shouldn’t focus on gnome too much. KDE 3.5 has been the best desktop environment with respect to performance, features and stability. Beeing written in c++ and gnome in C KDE4 will most likely develop much faster again.

    • Bobby

      I don’t think it’s fair to say that OpenSuse is focusing on Gnome so much because openSuse still delivers the best KDE ever. Even KDE 4 has gotten a lot of attention from openSuse. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that there is a distro that gives KDE the amount of attention that Suse does but Linux is all about choice so I think that it’s only fair for the Gnomies to have a very polished desktoop on their Suse machines. We should be happy for them because after all we have the best DE – KDE ;)

      As for the colours, yes I was loving the blue more but the 11.1 green that’s shown in the screen shots isn’t that bad at all. That can still be changed with a little user effort :)

      KDE 3.5x is still available for install and will be for a long time. It’s the most stable and mature Linux desktop, even though I like the KDE 4 UI more. I don’t have any doubt that KDE 4 will surpass KDE 3x in all areas but that will still take some time.

  50. I’m waiting for that release since November.
    Today I’ll convert 3 or 4 (@ my office) BSOD machines in to GreenSuse machines.

    Greetings from Portugal.