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openSUSE 11.2 Released!

November 12th, 2009 by

The openSUSE Project is pleased to announce the release of openSUSE 11.2.  openSUSE 11.2 includes new versions of GNOME, KDE, OpenOffice.org, Firefox, the Linux kernel, and many, many more updates and improvements. In 11.2 you’ll find more than 1,000 open source desktop applications. openSUSE also includes a full suite of server software and a rich selection of open source development tools.

You can find a bevy of screenshots and more on the openSUSE wiki, and a lengthy list of packages and version numbers on DistroWatch.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting features of openSUSE 11.2!

openSUSE Desktop

As always, openSUSE provides everything you need to get started with Linux on the desktop.

openSUSE 11.2 includes KDE 4.3 as the “default” desktop. If you install from DVD without changing anything, you’ll have the KDE desktop by default. However, we still provide GNOME as an equal choice, and Xfce and other window managers as alternative desktops too!

KDE 4.3 is a major update to the KDE platform. It includes improved networking support, and work to make Firefox and OpenOffice.org better integrated with the KDE enviroment. The openSUSE Project also worked closely with the KDE Project on theming and branding to provide a look and feel that meshes both projects nicely.

You’ll also find plenty of GNOME greatness in openSUSE 11.2 as well. GNOME 2.28, the latest release of the popular GNOME desktop, is included with 11.2. This release includes a brand new theme, improved software update application, improvements in GNOME’s Webcam and video application, and many other enhancements and improvements to prepare the GNOME platform for GNOME 3.0 in 2010.

OpenOffice.org 3.1 is a complete office productivity suite compatible with Microsoft Office. This release includes improvements in change tracking and collaboration in Writer, and major improvements to the drawing application.

Social networking gets a boost in 11.2 with the addition of GNOME and KDE microblogging clients that handle multiple social network sites, Gwibber, and Choqok.

With openSUSE 11.2, you have the ability to install GNOME or KDE live media from USB, and numerous improvements to make openSUSE 11.2 much better on netbooks.

Under the Hood

The desktop improvements are the most noticeable, but there’s plenty going on under the hood as well in openSUSE 11.2.

Storage improvements include the ability to encrypt the entire hard disk, for users concerned about data security. Users can also take advantage of the next generation of filesystems for Linux with Ext4 or btrfs. In case you’d like to learn more about the new kernel features you can go at KernelNewbies.org and have a look at the “cool stuff” part.

Want to manage remote openSUSE servers with a Web interface? That day is coming soon! openSUSE 11.2 users can install the first technology preview of WebYaST: a Web-based remote administration tool for openSUSE systems.

Finally, you can upgrade in-place using Zypper! Though it’s been possible to do an upgrade in place for some time, with caution, it’s finally a “recommended” method of upgrade with openSUSE 11.2. For users who want to move from 11.1 to 11.2 using “zypper dup,” see Andreas Jaeger’s post on Lizards about the process. It’s quick, it’s easy, and almost competely painless.

Linux for Education

The openSUSE Build Service provides thousands of applications as 1-click packages to enhance your experience on openSUSE 11.2. The openSUSE Education Community provides hundreds of Educational applications suitable for students of all ages, parents, teachers and IT administrators of educational institutions via the Build Service.

The 11.2 release will be followed closely by a very special spin, Li-f-e: Linux for Education. Li-f-e contains GNOME, KDE as well the the award-winning Sugar learning environment for children. With packages from the Packman repository, Li-f-e provides everything required to get rich multimedia experience too.

Media and Download

openSUSE is now available for immediate download! You have several choices of installation media and live CDs (which are also installable).

  • openSUSE 11.2 Installable DVD 32-bit
  • openSUSE 11.2 Installable DVD 64-bit
  • openSUSE 11.2 GNOME 32-bit Live CD
  • openSUSE 11.2 GNOME 64-bit Live CD
  • openSUSE 11.2 KDE 32-bit Live CD
  • openSUSE 11.2 KDE 64-bit Live CD

Booting openSUSE 11.2 from a USB key: get one of the Live CDs available above, and can copy it to a USB key with the following command:

dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

Replace “image.iso” with the name of the ISO image that you have downloaded, and replace “sdX” with the actual device name of your USB drive. Be careful! This will erase the target device, so make sure you have the correct device name and have any vital data backed up!

We want to hear from you!

The openSUSE Project has many channels of communication! Whether you prefer forums, email, or IRC, there are plenty of ways to communicate about openSUSE.

To keep up to date with openSUSE, be sure to keep an eye on openSUSE News and watch Planet SUSE for blog posts from the openSUSE community. We also update the @opensuse account on Twitter and Identi.ca regularly with news about the project.

Want to help the openSUSE Project? To get involved with openSUSE see the How to Participate page on the openSUSE wiki. We can use lots of different skills to help the project, so feel free to jump in!


openSUSE 11.2 represents the combined effort of hundreds of developers who participate in openSUSE, and thousands of developers in upstream projects that are shipped in openSUSE. The contributors, inside and outside the openSUSE Project, should be proud of this release, and they deserve a major “thank you” for all of the hard work and care that have gone into 11.2.

When we say “contributor,” we don’t mean only developers and packagers. This includes translators, openSUSE Ambassadors, the openSUSE Board, and the users who help power our forums and support users who are taking their first steps into Linux.

We are confident that openSUSE 11.2 is the best openSUSE release yet, and that it will help to encourage the use of Linux everywhere! We hope that you have a lot of fun while you use openSUSE 11.2!

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134 Responses to “openSUSE 11.2 Released!”

  1. ColinP

    Congratulations to everyone involved with openSUSE! If the release candidates were anything to go by (and they should be!), this will be the greatest openSUSE – nay – the greatest Linux release to date. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Good work, i know Opensuse will grow stronger. Awesome screenshots. Thanks; Opensuse Team.

  3. Anonymous

    Waiting for NVIDIA drivers for 11.2 …

  4. oldcpu

    11.2 looks very promising to be a good release. Its been a long wait since 11.1. Well done!!

    And if I may put in plug ( /me see’s the delete hammer comming) for those looking for more support, please feel free to visit us on http://forums.opensuse.org/ (there was NO link in the mention above) and ask for help (or alternatively visit and provide help).

  5. Jack

    You should update the front page of opensuse.org. It currently has “11.1 is now out” as the top content item.

  6. stole

    Thanks for all your efforts! This is a great distro. Keep up the good work!

  7. Axel

    After looking at it since the early milestones, I was already aware that it will be awesome!

    Congratulations to the openSUSE team, keep up the great work!

    BTW, will there be a netbook remix with a ‘native’ KDE support?

  8. Congratulations!!

  9. Congrats… looking forward to get native support for mac :)

  10. thales

    I wish you had updated the download link earlier, i waited for the front screen to change to 11.2 and then went to ‘get it’ and I have just realised after three hours of downloading that I have downloaded 11.1!!! Anyway it has changed now and I am downloading again.

    I’ve tried the RC already and I like it, keep up the good work.

  11. EOS

    A big applause for openSUSE people.
    after using from Milestone 5 on, it is a great release.

  12. Great, thank you all!!! It looks awesome. I’ve been fiddling around with various distro’s on my eeepc, but this always leads me to the conclusion there is just one real distro: OpenSuse.

    ps torrent for 64bDVD broken???

  13. Minvielle

    A ce jour, c’est le système d’exploitation le plus magnifique qu’il m’ait été donné d’utiliser. La documentation est claire, le système stable, il y a une foule d’applications, tanks OpenSuse people !

  14. -=terry=-

    Thxs to all devs, this is a great release. I have been using RC2 and I love.

  15. dhruva

    I can confirm: great release!
    Xen kernel finally booting… A how to for dealing with nvidia driver it will be helpfull…
    Salutări şi mulţumiri din România!

  16. daniel

    Wonderful: downloaded in less than ten minutes with aria2 and everything works fine. My Iyama 1920×1080 has been recognized without any problem (it wasn’t by 11.1).

    Congratulations folks and thousands of thanks for your work.

  17. JKoder

    Wonderful JOB !
    Well done openSuSE team ! this is a great distro that i have been waiting for a long time.
    Thank you from Romania !

  18. Johan

    Felicitaciones ^_^

    Estoy descargarndolo desde las 9am hora Colombiana, Estoy ancioso por probarlo y desde ya, Gracias SON LOS MEJORES

  19. Congratulations!! Nice work Team !!

  20. Bobby

    Congrats and thanks for another release. I will install it tomorrow. I am Still using RC2vand I am very happy with it. Will the KDE 4.33 update be in the community repositories or do we have to update it manually?

  21. dhruva

    On a side note. This webpage has a security leak, – I’m not dhruva, yet his/her details appear in the form fields, including the email address, to prove it, part of it is “jazzy_”

    I’ve logged this before, and it’s still not been fixed.

    be warned should you be posting and want your email address to remain secret.

  22. jp

    I wait for this release and there is 11.2 is on my desktop now! Great work. I very happy. Thanks,

  23. true_dhruva

    don’t be stupid fella!

  24. JP

    I wait this release so long and here it – 11.2 is on my desktop. Great work! Thanks.

  25. Tamás Németh

    Despite having some very annoying bugs, 11.2 is much more problem-free than 11.1 and 11.0. This 2.6.31 kernel works like a Doxa watch – as we say it in Hungary. In addition to this I see much progress relating to USB plug and play and generally amongst drivers. By far the most stable and feature-full release in the past few years. I’m so sad that SLE 11 was build upon 11.1 and not 11.2. This is a much better base!

    Aren’t you planning building some SLE 11 SP1 entirely on 11.2? (I have virtually unlimited SLE licences.)

  26. Tamás Németh

    The spam protection field always refuses me with false positives. (The field works with numbers e.g. 9). The whole opensuse.org site seems to have very serious issues. I see more than a year old news on the main page notifying me that openSUSE 11.1 Beta 2 has been released etc. (browsing from Hungary). In addition to this I can see the mail address of the guy commenting before me. This page doesn’t seem to be able to cope with sessions. It seems to be unstateful somehow. Isn’t it unsecure?

  27. Tamás Németh

    BTW it seems to work better with INternet Explorer than with Firefox.

  28. true_dhruva

    isn’it stupid this guy?

  29. Thanks! Greeeaaatttt!

  30. David Julian Tete

    Gracias por su excelente trabajo que hace a KDE 4 funcional y hermoso un saludo desde Colombia.

  31. javaman59

    I’ve been counting down the days! Hooray – can’t wait to download and install it. THANKYOU!!!

  32. dhruv

    hungarian stupido don’t play stupid proxy games with me cause i spulber you…

  33. pad-fragos

    Congratz to all opensuse people and everyone involved!
    Keep up making opensuse the best linux dist.!
    Rocks! ! !

  34. dhruv

    i prefer jondostupido

  35. Milos

    Congratulations for the new release. It looks great, and it seems to work great as well. I’d like to suggest that maybe the login screen could use a finishing touch or two, to blend better with otherwise beautiful surroundings.

    So far works quite well for me :)

  36. Dave R

    Congratulations, great job! Shame to see OpenSuSE give up desktop neutrality though. They were the only distro out there with true desktop neutrality in terms of not picking a default, and that was respectable.

    • Bobby

      I did the installation using the DVD. The first DE listed is Gnome, the second is KDE and the third I think was others. KDE is marked but one doesn’t have to install it because Gnome is right there staring in your face. just one click and you have your DE of choice. If that isn’t transparent enough then I really don’t know what more to say.

  37. Mich

    Congratulations and thanks for a great KDE desktop.

  38. yasser202

    Congratulations nice release

  39. Congratulations to the OpenSuse Team for this new release. Looking forward to downloading and checking out the new features.

  40. Stuart

    Huge thanks to the team. The KDE 4.3 desktop has the right feel, I have been using it with 11.1 and it is great! Also, the KDE 4.3 wifi is fabulous. I’m looking forward to Mozilla 3.5 with hopefully a few less issues than 3.0 (eg files dialog crashing & GIMP used as default for PDFs). However, I will probably stick with OpenOffice developers snapshots. Once again, many thanks for a great operating system that gives me enormous productivity and flexibility!!

  41. Yaoting

    There is problems with fresh installation. Quite a lot of missing files, especially from openoffice. However, it is perfectly fine if I install the RC2 and update to 11.2.

  42. Mogaba

    Are there any problems with ATI video cards? 11.1 hangs during the installation when trying to detect Radeon X1650.

    • Alfred

      I had problems with my ATI 3100 on 11.1. But It seems to be working just fine on 11.2. I didn’t have to install any drivers myself.

  43. medvedmac

    Hi everyone. I’d like to thank novell and openSUSE team for this new release. Never thought, that I will upgrade from KDE 3.5 to KDE 4, but after yesterdays trying 11.2 it’s decided. My old PC is actually faster than the KDE 3.5!!!
    Really thanks.

    • Chika

      On the other hand, I just tried twice to load 11.2 with KDE4 onto my Acer Aspire One. On the plus point, once I’d sorted out the problem with GRUB (the first time sodded up stage 1) it took many of the patches needed to keep the system in order without a moan and a few of the patches were already in place. On the minus side, however, I still have little love for KDE4 as there are all sorts of niggles that annoy me, so I tried pulling KDE3.5 from the advertised repository. Couldn’t get that to work at all so I spanked 11.1 back onto the machine, gave it a fresh set of updates and left it at that. I’m still not convinced that KDE4 is ready, and will not be surrendering KDE3.5 on either of my main machines until I see a version that I am truly happy with.

      I just don’t feel that 11.2 is worth the effort that 11.1 was. But that’s just me.

      Oh, and your “spam protection” still has trouble adding up. Last I heard, o-ne + t-wo = 3 but it seems adamant that this is not the case.

  44. Congretulation. I will download try immediatly. Hey, why KDE 3.5 in this release?

  45. I Ko

    full disappointment
    critical errors in yast:
    1. not support proxy authentification
    2. not working repository’s priority when select packages

    and it’s only beginning :(((

  46. spiro

    HORRIBLE…AGAIN!!! After enabling compiz, i still get white screen, as I did in 11.1 and 11.0. And don’t tel me that I should open up the terminal and start typing, I DON’T WANT TO. If other distros can do without that (namely Ubuntu and Fedora) so should openSUSE! I don’t want to spend my day lerning commands as I have more important things to do with my life. Most of us don’t fix their own car engines or build their own houses, do you?!? This used to be my favourite distro, but if I don’t have my system perfect today, I’m going to some other distro! BTW It took me an hour to get my system just the way I like it with Ubuntu and Fedora…SO SHAPE UP OR JUST BE ANOTHER WINDOWS!!!

    • Bobby

      Just use KWin 4, problem solved ;)

    • Joe

      Wow. You really need to go somewhere else then. openSUSE is the best distro out there, for me and for many others. Remember, there are other choices. Pick one and shut up…

      • Chika

        That isn’t fair. No distro is perfect (I know that Ubuntu fanbois think that their distro can do no wrong but let’s get real, here!)

        openSUSE has its faults. If we don’t say anything, they don’t get fixed. Similarly, if somebody is having a bad time, they say so. The answer isn’t “shut up and go away” because they *do* go away and find another distro or, worse, they go to the beast of Redmond and pay their pound of flesh. As a community we need to know about it, so we can do something about it. For example, I’m not fond of KDE4 as it stands (it looks and works a little too much like Windows 3.1 for my liking, and some controls are buggy still), but I don’t just sulk in the corner.

        As for the guy who kicked this off, it sounds like this might be related to hardware as much to software. Something similar happened on my test system, mostly related to the ancient graphics system it was using and the fact that the support for it started going in 10.3 and ceased entirely in 11.1 (for the record, whatever it is that has been put into 11.1 and later for the Intel 830M doesn’t work for me). Yes, Ubuntu and Fedora might not have the same problem now, but it may surface on those distros at some point depending on the people developing the tools and where they intend to go next.

        And when are you going to teach your spam protector to get the sums right?

    • Joe

      Oh ya, Linux is a hackers OS. You don’t sound like a hacker. You sound like a user. So, find an OS that soots you. Please don’t confuse hackers with cracker either. One more thing… Have Fun!

      • Bobby

        I don’t agree with you that Linux is a hacker OS ecause I am not and been using Linux for more than 5 years now. It isn’t a hacker OS but it isn’t a no-brainer OS either.

    • Eliasse Diaite

      Do never dare compare openSUSE to Ubuntu or Fedora. If you do not know how to solve you hardware problems running Linux, then switch to MS W..dows. All what you wrote here is simply bull shit.

    • Alfred

      Sorry man,if u still a fundie then linux isn’t good for but u can freely go back to MS windows since here we all dedicate our precious time to fix issues…Linux ain’t for faint hearted

      • Dich

        You guys are being too critical, and too unfair to spiro.
        The distro is a combination of a huge amount of parts. Sometimes people work on parts they find important interesting, but which don’t play much role for others (who, by some coincidence, want to USE linux, and not hack). Therefore, if I were deciding what’s fixed first and what next, I would first concentrate on bootloader, clean it up, make it stable+featurefull and then switch to the next point – multimedia. For today, supporting usb, wifi and accelerated (STABLE) graphics from at least 2-3 leading manufacturers is a MUST! Who the hell cares if a new version of openoffice got this and that bugs fixed if your machine hangs every time you switch desktop ? Please, Novel and openSuSE, separate the OS from the application software! Get rid of the ridiculous dependencies, make the software packages a little more independent from each other in the cases where it’s not really necessary. Already now maintaining a system has become a nightmare – if you’re happy by it’s “A” part, but unhappy with “B”, in the next update you’ll get the bugs of “B” fixed, and funny enough, “A” upgraded to “A++” which is not what you want/need (example – KDE4).
        So my two cents… however glad I am with openSuSE and linux in general, but worth pointing its weaknesses as well for tomorrow might be late – linux desktop usage is below 1%, have you thought about that? Are we stuck on servers and android-phones?

  47. Steev

    Great job, folks!
    It took a couple of hours to download all the packages but everything pretty much worked out of the disk.
    Had to manually find and config my printer, but Gnome Control Center made that easy.
    Had to poke around for Flashplayer a bit, but Firefox “found” that I needed it and loaded it with no probs.
    Still trying to find the “Ariel” font and get it installed for OOo.


    (Perhaps spiro needs to up his medication a bit) :)

  48. Kossak

    Being a Suse user for 5 years now, I was very excited about this release too.
    Great work, everything works great so far, I even managed to install my sis 672 video card.
    Great speed and great KDE4 desktop.
    Congratulations from Romania!

  49. Rohan

    All my attempts to download the 64 bit DVD iso have resulted in failure. Direct downloads/mirrors/metalink all give me a 341 MB file. What’s going on? Perhaps the company firewall is to blame, but it’s my only high speed access. Torrents is not an option for me.

    Help! :(

  50. Majki-Fajki

    Congratulations from Poland!