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Call for Volunteers: Moderators for the German Forums needed

July 8th, 2010 by

Note: A German version is below – Deutsche Version unten.

We plan to create a German Forum at forums.opensuse.org in the near future. So we’re searching for Moderators.

If you would like to join the team, you should have:

  • good knowledge in Linux, specially in openSUSE, and you should have motivation to share it.
  • good knowledge in writing German.  So you should be able to explain complicated things in an easy way.
  • be patient, sympathetic, and  gently. RTFM is not a solution.
  • have enough time to search posts in the forums that need a review.

It would be great if you can understand and write English because the team’s Language is English.

If you’re interested in helping us, please send an email to u.buckesfeld (AT) web.de.


Wir möchten in naher Zukunft auf forums.opensuse.org auch deutschsprachige Foren anbieten.  Dafür suchen wir Moderatoren.

Du solltest:

  • gute fachliche Kenntnisse im Bereich Linux und natürlich besonders openSUSE haben und Deine Kenntnisse gern weitergeben.
  • ein gutes Deutsch schreiben und dabei auch komplizierte Sachverhalte verständlich beschreiben können.
  • im Umgang mit Forennutzern geduldig, verständnisvoll und sanftmütig sein. “RTFM” is not an option.
  • ausreichend Zeit haben, um Foren auf regelungsbedürftige Nachrichten und Threads zu prüfen.

Schön wäre auch, wenn Du Dich auf Englisch halbwegs verständlich machen
könntest. Die Amtssprache im Team ist Englisch.

Falls Du Interesse hast, setz Dich bitte mit mir in Verbindung: Uwe Buckesfeld (u.buckesfeld (AT) web.de)

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6 Responses to “Call for Volunteers: Moderators for the German Forums needed”

  1. microchip

    This is absolutely hilarious. I was arguing months ago on the forum to add a German section and most in charge were against it with lame arguments (as apparently there was already a German forum so no need to add a German section to forums.opensuse.org and apparently it’ll only “fragment” the community). Now suddenly they turned around and will add a German section to the main forum. How hilarious is that???…. Fools!

  2. talon

    Why does 11.3 rc2 not recognize the data on a Cd or DVD? It asks to locate an application to open the disc but no matter what you choose none are available, then it looks to the online update only to find no suitable app. Any ideas here, other than this drawback looks and works great

  3. From my perspective, it’s feasible to really investigate a certain situation and decide upon several findings:

    – actual need of the community
    – potential manpower to maintain a language-specific forum
    – influence on existing infrastructure, etc. etc.

    Also, it’s rather clever (and this has been done here) to re-evaluate this decision after a certain time due to changed circumstances/influences etc.

    Very deliberated decision! Thumbs up to the forums team!

  4. oldcpu

    You need to add repositories that are actually populated. If the rpm you are looking for is not on the installation DVD (or installation CD) then it won’t find it. Also, you can’t just insert any DVD and expect it to work. IMHO you should wait to openSUSE-11.3 GM version, and you should then find this easier.

  5. microchip

    @ rhorstkoetter

    “- actual need of the community”

    The need was already there when the arguments took place. Many times German speaking users came and posted in German all over the different forum sections asking for help, yet at the time of arguments, it was not seen as a “need”, hence the resistance of adding such section at the time. Was I right then? I highly suspect so because from observance, the needs *was* already there but it didn’t got recognized at all and resisted with lame arguments.

    “- potential manpower to maintain a language-specific forum”

    You didn’t had any and you currently don’t have any either. That’s why you look for such manpower at the moment.

  6. lOtz1009

    just to mention the german forum has gone online on tuesday ;)