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Development of openSUSE 12.2 started!

February 17th, 2012 by

With the release of Milestone 1, the development of openSUSE 12.2 has started! We’re pleased to announce that Milestone 1 contains many minor updates, like a new Firefox version but also major things like new artwork and KDE 4.8.

Our release manager, Stephan “Coolo” Kulow said:

There have been enough weeks without another release,
so I started now with uploading Milestone1 of 12.2

The main purpose of this release is to find all the
places that need to be changed from 12.1 to 12.2 – the
branding already made a great start. Milestone1 sure
looks great – and different to 12.1 already at this
early stage. Great work, artwork team.

Please keep in mind that Milestone 1 is only the beginning of the 12.2 development cycle and that some things might not work as they should. Please stay patient. We would appreciate if you would test the development release and report bugs and problems to us.


Have a lot of fun…

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23 Responses to “Development of openSUSE 12.2 started!”

  1. also check http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Most_annoying_bugs_12.2_dev for big known bugs.

  2. k_iv

    Guys what happen with the news you use to publish every week?!?
    It was the only interesting thing to read here and it disappear without any announcement.
    Please inform shall we expect more or at least what happened with the weekly news.

  3. The only bug I have noticed so far is in aisle riot solitaire. The tens are marked as zeros.

  4. Making noise with it !!


    Have a lot of fun!!

  5. Update the Intel HD graphics drivers to prevent sloppy desktop effect on both KDE and GNOME.

  6. So i get from this that nothing has changed from 12.1 and you are insisting with the crappy gnome 3?
    No Mate gnome 2 fork, no mint linux cinnamon or something similar?

    • posdef

      It would be great news if this was the case… Seriously anything but that unholy mess that is Gnome3. I’m currently preparing for migration to another distro purely based on the fact that I cannot work with the Gnome3 or KDE (version whatever) and devs at OpenSUSE are not really leaving me another option now that 11.3 is not supported anymore. :(

      • pjt

        KDE has worked fine for a long time, over many systems here. Try it!

      • Yes, it’s a shame but i temporarily switched to mint with mate. I’m not happy but at least i can do my work without the desktop getting in my way.

      • erget

        I’ve used KDE for a couple of years and prefer it over GNOME and definitely over Unity. And yes, I’m talking about GNOME 2 AND 3, plus Mate and Cinnamon. Tried them all, even have some of them running on my laptop, but KDE just takes the cake.

  7. l300lvl

    I for one am thrilled Gnome Shell remains. As it stands now I can’t even figure out how to get Cinnamon installed correctly, and not that it wouldn’t be fixed by the devs, but such a Shell breaks too much compatibility and future improvements of Gnome Shell will prove Cinnamon a mess.

  8. Bob Harvey

    I can’t readily upgrade to 12.n until it is possible to reliably migrate kmail1 to kmail2. Is a solution in the works? Thanks.

  9. Patrick Serru

    Will Yast and/or the graphic login system, propose KDE 3.5 (or Trinity) as an optional window manager, like it actualy does for Gnome, XFCE, etc? It would be so great!

  10. abb

    I love gnome shell, thanks for working on it!

  11. Keep spirit dude.. :D
    i will waiting for 12.2..
    thank for great SUSE for us.. :D

  12. Sergey

    Where can we see new feautures planned to be added to 12.2?

  13. Adrian S.

    I’m disappointed that the announcement for 12.2 concentrates on the branding and artwork when there are so many fundamental things that don’t work in 12.1. (Things that worked perfectly in 11.4). KMail, for example, formerly the best email client ever, is now a mess. Sent mails aren’t removed from the outbox, it runs extremely slowly, consumes loads of CPU resources and often locks up completely. Kontact is unable to access address books and calendars on a Kolab server any more. Konqueror crashes on any website that uses Flash – so just about every site in the world. Dialog boxes asking for the root password to change the brightness or access the system sources pop up with annoying frequency and steal the focus. Surely these things are more important than the artwork?

    And while I’m here, how about bringing back the case-sensitive sort option in Konqueror and Dolphin so that Makefiles and README files appear at the top of the listing as intended, rather than being lost amongst everything else?

  14. The announcement was done very fast and without any real good preparation, otherwise, there would be more stuff in the “what’s new”-corner.

    On the other hand, there have been many changes from 12.1 to 12.2 M1, so why you don’t explore it on your own?

    WRT KMail: I guess our KDE team is working hard to get KMail fixed. opensuse-kde@opensuse.org should be your first adress if you want to contribute (besides bugzilla.novell.com for reporting bugs.)

    Hope this helps,


  15. lost contacts and 5 GB of mail history

    I can never use Kmail again and will never set up for anyone.
    A mailer without upgrade compatibility and working export is just beyond belief.
    So no, Kmail does not need to be fixed, since it has already lost all users.

  16. Cliff Kennedy

    Please, Please, Please make Trinity a desktop option for 12.2. For a personal desktop machine KDE4 is fine but in a work environment, so many tools that I am accustomed to have been so dumbed down I find it unusable. I won’t go into specifics here but I can provide a detailed list on request. Let me say that I’ve wanted to like KDE4 and have tried it with every opensuse rev since 11.1 in the hopes that the kinks have been worked out. OpenSuse 12.1 is the first rev I’ve found with KDE4 stable enough to even consider using it. My teenage son loves it — “it looks cool and does a bunch of cool stuff”. I tried Trinity a while back with Debian Lenny and it was great however, I prefer Suse and have been waiting for you folks to pull it together. 12.1 with the kde 3.5 option was a great first step, but it appeared that a lot things were missing. I will continue using my Tried and True Suse 10.3 as my work machine till I find a viable replacement.

    • Will Stephenson

      I’d like to see the detailed list of the specifics of which tools are unusably dumbed-down.