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Announcing the opening of registration for the openSUSE Conference, LinuxDays, the Gentoo Miniconf and SUSE Labs.

June 13th, 2012 by
Taking over Drumheller

Today, the most ambitious Free Software event of the Czech Republic officially opens registration! We’ve got an awesome event for you in store with sessions on all major subjects in Free Software and around it. Entry will be free of charge for everyone and we’ll give you 4 events AND a bonus track for that money! Read on to find out why you MUST be in Prague on October 20-23 2012.

On Ambitions

Most people don’t realize it but these days, Free Software runs the world. From supercomputers and servers down to mobile phones and embedded devices – Linux has a majority market share in practically every market. A few markets remain closed due to the overwhelming dominance of a single vendor, employing every user lock-in, digital restriction and legal loophole at their disposal to keep the market close to innovation and progress. But Free keeps chippin’ away at the power base of these behemoths – we are an almost unstoppable force. The Linux Kernel alone has over 2800 developers from more than 370 companies checking in a change set every 8 minutes round the clock, not counting all the rejected or modified patches. And while arguably the biggest project in Free Software (and the biggest single software engineering project the world has ever seen), countless other projects develop their own pieces of the puzzle that forms a Linux Operating System.

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Working Together!

A little over 4 months from now, people from all around the world will converge on Prague to discuss the future of Linux and work on it. In two days of presentations and keynotes followed by two days of workshops and hack sessions, combined with parties and social events, discussions will be had, decisions will be made and code will be written.


This event brings together 4 distinct yet complementary events in one place. The openSUSE Conference, the yearly gathering of one of the most significant Linux distributions, the LinuxDays, a continuation (under a new name) of Czech’s largest Free Software event, the first-ever Gentoo Miniconf and the hardcore hacker meeting SUSE Labs will all be under the same roof. On the two ‘LinuxDays’, all conferences will share one program, bringing together their expertise and knowledge for all to share in and learn from. On the following Monday and Tuesday, openSUSE, Gentoo and SUSE Labs will share hacker spaces where work can be done.


To top it off, the team is currently working on setting up a 5th event as a feature track at the first day of the conference: FUTURE MEDIA. This track aims to widen the scope of the conference, bringing attention to the effects our work on Linux and Free Software has had on the world. Bringing together engineers and people who challenge the status quo with thought leaders and entrepreneurs, we’ll bring keynotes and sessions on topics including digital lifestyle and the impact of social media, design and the Creative Commons, the future of knowledge sharing, Digital Freedom and more.
Beautiful city of prague

But for now…

Today, we don’t have a final schedule for you – the Call for Papers is still open for your input! But it’s time to check flights, see if the hotels offer what you’re looking for and cross the dates in your agenda. And register!

Register on time!

It is important to register on time. No, we won’t shut you out if you didn’t register – but you do miss out on the conference badge, a bag with some goodies, a chance to support us (there’s a ‘supporter’ registration option of 50 dollar or 30 euro) and last but not least, food!! We’ll organize food for the attendees – but we can’t guarantee there’ll be anything left but scraps for those who didn’t register…

Here’s the registration link in English!
And here you go if you prefer it in Czech.

See you in Prague!

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2 Responses to “Announcing the opening of registration for the openSUSE Conference, LinuxDays, the Gentoo Miniconf and SUSE Labs.”

  1. Eliasse Diaite

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please do not forget to mention the following event.

    13 June 2012 Last updated at 12:30 GMT

    Linux creator Linus Torvalds shares Millennium Technology Prize
    Linus Torvalds Mr Torvalds has worked on the Linux kernel for more than two decades
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    Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux
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    Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, has been named joint winner of the 2012 Millennium Technology Prize.

    He shares the honour with Dr Shinya Yamanaka, a stem cell scientist.

    Technology Academy Finland said Mr Torvalds’s achievements had “had a great impact on shared software development, networking and the openness of the web”.

    It is the first time the bi-annual award has been split. Each man receives 600,000 euros ($752,000; £483,000).

    Mr Torvalds developed the first version of a Linux operating system while studying at the University of Helsinki, Finland in 1991.

    When he posted details of the project on Usenet he described the project as “just a hobby, [it] won’t be big and professional”.

    The Linux kernel – the code that lets software and hardware work together – has since been through many revisions. It now powers a range of Linux-based systems behind many of the world’s computer servers, digital video recorders, stock exchange equipment and Google’s Android smartphone platform.
    Linux community

    Mr Torvalds remains in charge of deciding which changes should be made to the kernel, based on submissions from thousands of other software engineers who volunteer contributions to the open source project.

    It is estimated that a total of 73,000 man-years have been spent working on the code.

    “Linus Torvalds’s work has kept the web open for the pursuit of knowledge and the benefit of humanity – not simply for financial interests,” said Dr Ainomaija Haarla, president of Technology Academy Finland.

    Mr Torvalds now works out of an office at his home in Oregon, having moved to the US in 1997. But he acknowledged his roots in accepting the award.

    “This recognition is particularly important to me, given that it’s given by the Technology Academy of Finland,” he said.

    “I’d also like to thank all the people I’ve worked with, who have helped make the project not only such a technical success, but have made it so fun and interesting.”
    Job offers

    Mr Torvalds recently revealed that over the years, others – including Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs – had tried to tempt him to switch jobs.

    But he told the BBC that he had no intention of leaving the Linux Foundation – the non-profit organisation committed to promoting and supporting the kernel’s development.

    “Hey, I’ve had job offers, but I’ve really tried to make it very clear to everybody that what I appreciate most is my neutral status, and it really turns out that I think all the companies involved with Linux really do prefer things that way too,” he said.

    “I seriously believe that even though the Linux kernel has become a big thing for a number of large companies, people really do appreciate how nice it is that I don’t work for any of them.”


  2. Yes !!!! I am preparing for Czech Republic visa,air tickets etc & at same time also waiting for conference invitation letter. [ Which is useful for people like me who are coming from outside Europe & can submit it to Czech embassy for visa ] . I am too excited & looking forward to attend the conference. All depends on Czech visa approval so fingers crossed. :-x *** Greetings from India ***