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openSUSE 12.2 Release Publicity: Call for contributions

August 27th, 2012 by

Agustin, Ismael and Christopher working around a table on openSUSE release PRAs we enter the final straight towards the release of openSUSE 12.2, the openSUSE Team is busy preparing the release publicity. And this is where you, the openSUSE community come in. There are lots of ways you can help us share the workload. If you want to take on one of these jobs, mail the opensuse-project list to announce your contribution.


Look at the feature list, and if there is a feature there that you are familiar with and that looks good, snapshot it (according to the guidelines) and add them to the feature list or upload it to the openSUSE wiki page for general 12.2 screenshots.

Release Parties

This is probably the easiest way to contribute. Throw a release party with your friendly penguins and show them what’s cool about openSUSE 12.2

Social Media

We need a plan for announcing the 12.2 release on social media.  If you’re a social animal, volunteer to lead this for 12.2 on the Project list.

Sneak Peeks

People with detailed knowledge of specific areas of openSUSE are encouraged to help us write in-depth Sneak Peek articles.  The following topics are suggested:

Release Article Translations

Translate any of the above articles, the feature list (if you’re feeling tough), the product highlights into your language and promote them to your local blogs and news sites.

Bug Days

Organising a bug review and triage day for a specific area of openSUSE is one of the most effective ways to build a good team, increase their skills and familiarity with the technical side of our distribution.  Everyone can spot a bug, right? Look at ten bugs and everyone can perceive a pattern close the duplicates, and or spot the simi

Upgrade Instructions

The Support Database article on upgrading between openSUSE versions was last updated for openSUSE 11.4!  This would be easy to update, but keep in mind that for 12.2 the online update repositories have been split between Free and proprietary software, so both need to be added.


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22 Responses to “openSUSE 12.2 Release Publicity: Call for contributions”

  1. After we will get promo DVD, we’re going to organize openSUSE 12.2 release party in Göttingen/Germany (including talks/presentations about openSUSE project and OBS). It will be also great to visit you at the same event in Nürnberg.

  2. Eliasse Diaite

    According to the road map of the development team openSUSE 12.2 is scheduled for release in November. Surprisingly I found today on the German homepage of the distribution a countdown picture announcing the availability of the final release in 9 days.

    I really hope that this release will fulfill the expectations not only of the openSUSE but the entire Linux community, our distribution being alongside Fedora a pioneer and a stronghold of Free and Open Source Software. Think of Ubuntu claiming the leadership of Linux distributions worldwide and you will understand my concern.

    Anyway Welcome openSUSE 12.2! The unbreakable Linux distribution. Thanks to everybody.

    Have a lot of fun …

  3. Adam Sailer


  4. Pierre-Antoine Greppo

    I am really happy for this release to come soon !
    I installed the RC2 this afternoon and everything I tried worked fine. So I am very impatient for the official version.

    Great job of yours, thanks.

  5. Ronny


    Ich freu mich schon drauf.



  6. Mike

    Ya know, OpenSuse wants my help, KDE wants my help, Mozilla wants my help, Eclipse wants my help, etc,etc,etc

    When am I supposed to actually get MY work done when upstream tools need so much help?

    We are all busy not working on real actual work that could advance computing and humanity because we are helping out all you wheel re-inventors.

    When your tools take more time to maintain then actual projects you know something is wrong.

    BTW, 12.2 is nowhere near ready, it needs at least 6 months of work.

    • Pierre

      I cannot agree on that. Maintaining a distribution is hard word and much fun at the same time, but the community and users are making the difference. It is not like Windows where all people who care about it are paid employees, it’s open source, man! They don’t want your help, but help is allways appreciated.

      I am running and heavily using openSUSE 12.2 since RC2 on my laptop and it performs great, stable and without any problem until today. It is running with less problems than Debian Testing atm and even better than Ubuntu 12.04 was running when I tested it on my systems.

      Keep up the great work, openSUSE Team and Contributors – YOU ROCK!

      • Mike

        They obviously need help else they would not have posted this call for help.

        Computing has stagnated the past 10 years because everyone is so busy reinventing the wheel.

        If you think it hasn’t stagnated, you are probably thinking that wobbly windows and other DE animations are actually true advances,

  7. it supposed to be released out on the middle of sep. now opensuse 12.2 will be out in advance. i am so happy waiting for it come soon. and then i will upgrade my 12.1 to experiment the new feature. thks for team of opensuse.

  8. Since using Grub version 2 is new, you might want to look at my blog and the Grub2cmd bash script helper.


    In the same lines, using Grub 2, some might want to know how to get to run level 3 using Grub 2.


    Just a couple of suggestions for the general public.

    Thank You,

  9. I’ll be posting it all over the place on Facebook and waving the Suse Flag for anyone that may be interested. Promoting it when ever possible for both business and home use.

  10. Excellent news, in a week it is out.
    I just placed a huge note on G+

  11. Congrats on new improved release.

    After long time I will lay my hands on Suse OS.
    I will be using it for next project.

  12. ali

    I think it would be good to create some beautiful attractive slideshows or even some animations about introdusing openSUSE, its features and its strengths.
    openSUSE community and users can use these and share them in social media sites and also use them to introduce openSUSE to their friends.
    this would caused more word of mouth about openSUSE project and therefore more attention to openSUSE.

  13. Jessica Thompson

    It would be very nice to see the latest release with some beautiful new attractions introduced.

    Jessica Thompson
    Public Relations Manager

  14. Ramesh

    It looks very good.. Linux set strong base and steadily progress to overtake windows..

  15. nir

    just want to know .i see that opensuse will release in 5/9/2012 soo opensuse 12.3 will be released as planned i mean in march 2013??

  16. Dipak Dodiya

    i want the distribution 12.2 to my friends and who relay want to use it
    i am also arrange the demo of the new one 12.2 with new features

    i also provide free installation

  17. rishidev

    I hated this os for a long time.
    downloaded 12.1 at the behest of a friend who just loved the chance to abuse me when i told him i hated suse.
    installed it
    Haven’t looked back since.

    Though weird hardware configs(RAID) are a bit weasy but its perfect and complete.
    wifi card installation was a menace…..would prefer extensive hardware support.
    A very beautiful and beefy OS and neck on neck with Ultimateedition linux.
    Working great with crossfire config with 2x radeon 6790.
    I love it.

    Makes SSD’s look sexy.
    But i prefer girls.

  18. Chavdar Angelov

    RC1/32b/,RC2/64b/ work perfect!Great job!Have a lot a fun!

  19. Zoidberg

    Looking forward to 12.2 hopefully it will be more polished than 12.1, the splashscreens were dreadful. I had to replace them all with the ones from 11.4 which were great. I also had issues with systemd and hdmi audio out, but it got fixed in the end. I do not know if I’m ready for yet another week of hacking to get it properly working.

  20. abdelrebel

    I’ve tried lots of linux distro: ubuntu, centos, linuxmint, fedora…but opensuse is the one I love most. It’s always installed on one of my computers, and I always keep coming back to it. Thanks a lot opensuse team.