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openSUSE 12.2: Green Means Go!

September 5th, 2012 by

DVD Welcome imageDear users, developers, and Geekos around the world – openSUSE 12.2 is ready for you! Two months of extra stabilization work have resulted into a stellar release, chock-full of goodies, yet stable as you all like it.

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The latest release of the world’s most powerful and flexible Linux Distribution brings you speed-ups across the board with a faster storage layer in Linux 3.4 and accelerated functions in glibc and Qt, giving a more fluid and responsive desktop. The infrastructure below openSUSE has evolved, bringing in mature new technologies like GRUB2 and Plymouth and the first steps in the direction of a revised and simplified UNIX file system hierarchy. Users will also notice the added polish to existing features bringing an improved user experience all over. The novel Btrfs file system comes with improved error handling and recovery tools, GNOME 3.4, developing rapidly, brings smooth scrolling to all applications and features a reworked System Settings and Contacts manager while XFCE has an enhanced application finder.

“We are proud of this release, maintaining the usual high openSUSE quality standards.” said Andrew Wafaa from the openSUSE Board. “The delay in the schedule caused by our growth in the last two years means we have to work on scaling our processes. Now this release is out and with the upcoming openSUSE conference in October in Prague, the community has time and opportunity to work on that.”

A few of the most notable changes are in the following areas:



From the kernel to the desktop, openSUSE 12.2 brings you speed-ups: Linux 3.4 has a faster storage layer to prevent blocking during large transfers. glibc 2.15, the basic library, improves the performance of many functions especially on 64 bit systems. Systemd 44 enables faster booting. And KDE 4.8.4 builds on Qt 4.8.1 to make the desktop more responsive.



openSUSE adopts the latest developments in Linux distribution technology as they mature. The GRUB2 bootloader is now the default, we’ve begun the process of revising and simplifying the UNIX filesystem hierarchy to improve compatibility across distributions, and during startup and and shutdown Plymouth provides flicker-free transitions and attractive animations.



GNOME 3.4 introduces smooth scrolling in all applications, a reworked System Settings app and polished Contacts manager. XFCE 4.10 has an improved application finder and allows vertical panels. The Dolphin file manager is both prettier and faster.



XOrg 1.12 introduces support for multitouch input devices, and multi-seat deployments. Mozilla Firefox supports the latest Web technologies. The llvmpipe software 3D renderer enables Gnome Shell and virtual machines to use compositing even where no 3D hardware is present. GIMP 2.8 and Krita 2.4 make Free image processing and natural media painting competitive with proprietary tools. Tomahawk Player promises to make listening to music on your computer a social experience.



LibreOffice 3.5 continues to refine the Free office suite experience with many additions and improvements. KDE 4.8.4’s email and calendaring applications have increased stability, while the next-generation btrfs filesystem now has improved error handling and recovery tools.



The 3.4 kernel allows the capping of CPU usage across entire groups of processes. The new version of systemd offers a watchdog function for supervising services under its control, as well as a new process management tool. Sysadmins will benefit from a new suite of Digital Forensics/Incident Response tools.



A set of heavyweight scientific tools brings math applications such as numeric computation, plotting, and visualization to openSUSE. The Stellarium astronomical simulator lets you explore the night sky without a telescope. Programmers will enjoy version 1.0.2 of Google’s Go language, as well as the latest C++ language standards implemented in GCC 4.7.1 and Qt Creator 2.5.

Aside from these technical changes, the documentation team has made a major revision of the reference manuals, and has introduced changes to make it easier for community contributors to write openSUSE documentation.

For more details about the latest innovations in openSUSE 12.2 visit opensuse.org/12.2.

Support and release process

As usual, this release will continue to be supported for at least 2 release cycles + 2 months. Currently, openSUSE 12.3 is scheduled in about six months, as the 12.2 release was delayed for two months. As the project is currently re-thinking its engineering- and release processes, this schedule is likely to change.

A number of changes has already been implemented to the openSUSE development process, with the release team experimenting with staging projects to distribute the integration workload and the Open Build Service team having upgraded the build farm with SSDs and using preinstall images to rapidly setup build virtual machines. More changes, however, are to be decided upon at the openSUSE Summit in Orlando and the openSUSE Conference in October in Prague. Be there if you want to make a difference!

Go, get it!

Downloads of openSUSE 12.2 can be found at software.opensuse.org/122

Users currently running openSUSE 12.1 can upgrade to openSUSE 12.2 via the instructions at this link. Users who have a properly set-up Tumbleweed setup will automatically migrate to the new release without any additional effort!

Have a lot of fun!

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124 Responses to “openSUSE 12.2: Green Means Go!”

  1. Have a lot of fun!

  2. Yep, downloading……

    Thank you openS.-team!! Long life the Gecko!

  3. Yes…
    Thanks for openSuse team.. :D
    Downloading Gecko… :D

  4. blemC

    Hope this solves a lot of things with VMware…

  5. Clifford Gonsalves

    Oh Yes! Have a lot of fun!

    Thanks guys for all the great work.

  6. kyleven


  7. Finally…
    Thank you openSUSE team.

  8. I have downloaded the DVD x86_64 iso.
    Thanks for openSuSE team.

  9. 100le

    Awesome. keep up the good work.

  10. Sergio Mancini

    Tried in a VM, installing KDE and Gnome with BTRFS and everything worked great. Resume: Quick and stable with great artwork.

    Please, anyone can give insights, help or at least provide information about NVIDIA Optimus (Bumblebee)? NVIDIA are working on drivers with support for Linux, but no estimated time to a beta launch.

    Thanks openSUSE team for the hard work! Awesome release.

  11. Betto

    I couldn’t wait more! Great! I thank to Opensuse Team!

  12. Ufuk

    Thanks a lot guys. You’ve done a great job. I (a regular and non-technical user) have been running RC1 currently without issues. Looking forward to dling and installing it.

  13. Lizard

    I lost my interest after reading this : ..world’s most powerful and flexible Linux Distribution..

    • Eliasse Diaite

      Hi gentleman,

      Nobody forces you to run openSUSE. Feel free to switch to another distribution but bare in mind that our beloved distribution openSUSE GNU/Linux is unbreakable.

      Friendly yours.

      • Mike


        My opensuse(12.1) can’t use the newest mysql in the OSS packages because it breaks Amarok.

        You would have to be willfully ignorant to call any OS unbreakable, especially Opensuse

        • Joseph

          Technically it didn’t break because Zypper caught the conflict and warned you that the install would break Amarok. :-) A certain other distro, on the other hand, once suggested uninstalling the kernel as part of its approach to installing a particular package. Now THAT’S breaking the system. :-) :-)

          • xoomborg

            As if he wouldn’t have got the same problem on any other distro… Amarok doesn’t work with a bleeding edge mysql. Tough luck! So many ways to use the new mysql on a system regardless. For instance, Debian and derivatives have bootstrap, and I am sure other distros have something similar. There are virtual machines, etc. etc.
            With SUSE, he could downlaod a ready server virtual image from SUSE Studio and have this new mysql up and running in like 20 min.
            But no, it’s easier to troll :D

          • Mike

            No it did not catch the error. I only caught it after the fact after a lot of legwork.

          • Mike

            There is nothing bleeding edge about mysql.

            My apps don’t care much what version of mysql is running, as long as it is > 5.0 it works flawlessly.

            The point is that opensuse was incapable of telling me that the newest version in the repo breaks currently installed apps,making the claim that opensuse laughable.

  14. ovalerianos

    chingo chingon

    el mejor os para desarrollar


  15. congrats guys, but did the appstream app-store make it into 12.2?

  16. vasu

    qt 4.8.2 was released in May – why was that version not included ?

  17. Thanks for openSUSE team
    wait for a long time

  18. Matt

    Start streamlining the system tools and I’ll start using Suse again. I refuse to use a product that has 2 different updaters that both have to be used to keep the distro up to date. Every time there is a new release I hope you guys have fixed that. Yet again, no fix. Get on that for 6 months from now.. DO IT!

    • Will Stephenson

      Just “zypper patch” and you’re up to date. You don’t have to use the GUI tools.

    • Eliasse Diaite

      Not only two there are even three. That makes the flexibility mentioned by somebody in her/his comment. YaST, Zypper and PackageKit work perfectly in harmony. Use any of them or feel free to switch to another distribution.

      openSUSE Linux is unbreakable…

      • Mike


        My opensuse(12.1) can’t use the newest mysql in the OSS packages because it breaks Amarok.

        You would have to be willfully ignorant to call any OS unbreakable, especially Opensuse

    • Joseph

      There’s nothing to fix. Apper notifies you of updates. Use that. End of story.

      • Apper Sucks

        Apper is a bug ridden piece of crap that misses a lot of updates and will try to update things that are not even installed.

  19. Barbara

    It’s great. So fast. Beautiful as always. Thank you all so much.

    PS I wish apper and KPackageKit were not installed by default.

    • Mike

      There is too much cruft to call opensuse stable and lean.

      The situation mirrors windows except at least you can possibly remove them in Opensuse.

      I say possibly because many packages depend on many bloated packages making it difficult to trim down to an acceptable size.

      • Joseph

        This isn’t the 1980s where a computer is like a Commodore 64 or Atari 800 and boots to a BASIC prompt. People want a full-featured system, not a VT52 terminal. There is no “bloat” in OpenSUSE; there are amazing features, however. There’s no demand from users that OpenSUSE do less and take things out. However, you’re welcome to use SUSE Studio, start from the JeOS (Just Enough OS) base and build your own respin. Or for that matter, the DVD install offers the option of installing a terminal-only profile and you can build up from there, a la Arch. OpenSUSE can really do whatever you imagine.

        • Yep, i second that.
          But even a normal install of 12.2 with KDE feels like fresh air, so light, and very responsive.
          This is now a great stage, now i see why the 2 extra months

          • Mike

            It requires 200 MB more RAM than 11.4 and gives ZERO productivity boost.

            Shiny things are not an improvement. That is why I laugh at the team that pushed out the new GRUB 2 menu and claimed how awesome it is.

            OOOHHHH SHINY

  20. Sergio Gabalan


  21. Swadhin

    Slow Download speed :'(

  22. Sandra

    Thanks for the great work boys and girls

  23. ray

    Great. Thanks a lot, guys.

    I still seem to have the same two issues though:

    1) When moving say Firefox window around the desktop, it’s very jumpy and it’s trying to resize the window and place it somewhere where the cursor isn’t. Is that down to the graphic driver or does everyone have the same issue?

    2) Mouse scrolling (wheel) doesn’t seem to work at all. The same hardware worked fine in 11.4 as well as 12.1. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  24. ray

    Forgot to say I’m running KDE desktop.

  25. eddyBB


    first of all congratulations for the release, but -in my opinion- the OpenSUSE
    needs a long way to reach the stability of Ubuntu, don’t get me wrong…
    I am struggling since oSUSE 10xxx in order to have a fully functional system, lots of
    simple tasks like the OS to recognize full my Samsung SCX-3200 as scanner, no way
    to do this even on this version… yes I can do this on Linux Mint without even *BE* root…
    not to mention issues (resume/suspend) with Sandybridge (HD2000)..

  26. Do I HAVE to upgrade for grub2? It’s such a mess! =/

  27. Gaurav Singh

    Hope this release fixes the Gnome Shell problems. I believe openSuse should go for MATE desktop instead of Gnome3

  28. Doc

    Folks! This is the best yet! I have already downloaded and tried both on a MacBook, and Gnome worked without a hitch. They are both great! I can finally go back to Gnome openSUSE. Thanks again to all on the development team!!

  29. Hennes

    Great. Works smooth and stable.

    Only the “Birthdaybug” on Evolution returns :(

  30. Kranich

    i use it, i love it! ;O)
    thanks a lot, guys

  31. abdelrebel

    Thanks a lot for the effort.
    I’ve been running opensuse 12.2 RC2 , so is upgrading enough, or shall I perform a fresh install?

  32. Tom C.

    Does OpenSUSE 12.2 run on non-pae CPUs?

  33. yeah ,i had download it last night. preparing for a new installation.

  34. Wilbert van Bakel

    I wrote the DVD iso to my usb flash drive.
    It boots okay, but the installation is not able to find the repo on the drive.

  35. om.bagh

    thanks openSUSE Team

  36. Ono

    F***ing awesome, beautiful, brilliant!
    Thank you!

  37. chenlibo

    thanks openSUSE Team

  38. Thanks For OpenSuse Team, it is great Innovation.

  39. erlang

    awesome, thanks for the release!

  40. Chartmän

    Another great release, keep up the good work :)

  41. Netscapist

    I can not share for a while this total joy with you, guys. The installer (openSUSE-12.2-DVD-x86_64.iso) freezes forever trying to detect the existing Linux partitions. YaEF (Yet another Epic Fail). I will try openSUSE-12.2-NET installer tonight. If YaEF then I have to revert to 12.1.

  42. Pedro Gomes

    Congratulations OpenSuSE team. I just wonder why the did not ship the KDE 4.9.

    • Netscapist

      There are problems with the Suspend to RAM button in the system tray and icons resizing in the Dolphin’s Places.

  43. li shin

    alhamdulillah….kulo remen. ajeng nyobi ngagem… salam saking negari Indonesia

  44. shrinivas

    I installed the KDE version, but the network manager, present in the liveCD is missing in the installation, all my internet settings were gone on installation, though I had chosen grub to be installed to the partition, it took over my booting.So many problems, like even after updating, when I try to install Transmission, there were some hundreds of applications that neede to be upgraded, it downloaded and downloaded, still somewhat buggy as hell.
    Probably I should have used the DVD for installation !

  45. ali

    download link for 32 bit Live KDE Torrent download is corrupted. please repair that.

  46. Jari Jakonen

    Appreciated. Thanks.

    Jari Jakonen

  47. becky232c

    I’ve installed x86 and x64 versions – and it’s fantastic! When I return from holiday, I’m upgrading my webserver – and all my workstations. This is definitely the best version I’sve ever installed!

  48. Mike

    Three cheers for an ancient and unusable openjre!

    • Bob

      Oracle and Nvidia usually help to tune my OpenSuse installations. Hopefully Richard Stallman will forgive me that I just don’t have the time right now to thoroughly study a zillion lines of source code. ;-)

  49. Cobra-the-joker

    Easily one of the best releases yet.
    Upgraded from day 1

  50. Test