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March 1st, 2013 by

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2 Responses to “OpenSUSE_12.3_E17_menu”

  1. john sampley

    So far opensuse 123 works good, its just I can not connect to the internet. I must have over lookae something. this is the first Lynx pro I down loaded that worked for me. I hope to get to the internet useing open SUSE. Thank You john

  2. Willie Coyote

    Quite simply go to The Application Launcher\Start Button then > Applications > System > Control Center > Hardware Information. Once there look to see if your Ethernet and\or Wifi card is detected (has a hardware ID and a Driver Module). If so then go to Network Settings and click Scan. Plug in your wifi passphrase and you should be online.
    Check the forums here for further help if needed! Thanks for trying OpenSuse!

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