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openSUSE News Team Needs Your Feedback!

August 14th, 2014 by

Heya geekos!

We love the fact that the openSUSE News section is being generally well-adopted and well read. But, we’d like to do more, and do better! And for that, we need your input. Don’t worry, we won’t demand any 10000 characters super-articles (for now :P), but what we would like from you is to fill out a little survey. It’s very very very short, as we don’t want it to be too time consuming, but we would like to know if, generally speaking, we’re heading in the right direction. Or in a wrong one. Any way, it would be nice to know what the openSUSE news readers think about its content, so we can make it better. There’s nothing we’d like more than to bring you additional enjoyment while you’re drinking your morning coffee and clicking through your favorite news sites!

So, what we politely ask you to do is drop everything, and click here to fill out the survey. It’s short and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two of your time, but it would help us a great deal.

The survey will be open until the 31st of August. We’ll post the results in the first days of September right here at openSUSE News. And there will be a graph included:

statistics geeko inside

There shall be a fancy graph!

This is just the first step in the news team’s interaction with its geeko reader base. Needless to say the survey is anonymous. Also, I’d like to ask you if you could share this survey through your social networks or with other readers, so we can get the most representative possible input.

Thanks again for helping us out, and remember to…


…have a lot of fun!

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3 Responses to “openSUSE News Team Needs Your Feedback!”

  1. ferri

    Do you know, that your News & Events section on main page http://www.opensuse.org does not work?
    There is still
    Jan 01:
    Jan 01:
    Jan 01:
    Jan 01:
    Jan 01:
    for a few days.

  2. Hi

    Spreading in the official spanish forum, and in social networks!!

  3. Vijayakumar

    I wish fresh installation should easily pick wi-fi connection without any hassles, which is a basic requirement now a days.