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openSUSE’s 2013 New Board Members are…

December 17th, 2012 by

As of 23:00 UTC on 16 December, 2012, the openSUSE Project’s members completed the Fifth election of the openSUSE Board.  At stake were two seats of the five electable seats.  With 8 candidates, the community definitely had a broad choice of qualified candidates to choose from.

In the end, the two top vote-getters were Raymond Wooninck (tittiacoke) and Robert

Robert Schweikert

Robert Schweikert

Schweikert, (robjo) respectively.  They will join the openSUSE Board on January 9th during the transitional meeting of the regularly scheduled Project meeting heldon the Freenode IRC Channel at 17:00 UTC.

The Election Officials would like to congratulate all of thecandidates for a great campaign season.  These candidates included Matt Barringer, Richard Brown, Carl Fletcher, Manu Gupta, Chuck Payne and Stefan Seyfried.  All of these candidates demonstrated a commitment to the Project and exemplified the Guiding Principles which the Project, as a whole, is founded upon.

We join the rest of the community in looking forward to an exciting year to come as

Raymond Wooninck

Raymond Wooninck

the new Board embarks on new initiatives and directions.  And we thank the community for giving us the opportunity to serve as members of the election committee.

The openSUSE Election Committee
  • Izabel Valverde
  • Thomas Schmidt
  • Bryen M Yunashko

Candidates Talk Frankly at Debate

December 7th, 2012 by

On 6 December, 2012, the 8 candidates standing for election of the 2013 openSUSE Board joined members of the community in an open Q&A Debate session on IRC.   The complete log of that event can be found here.

Candidates participating included:  Matt Barringer, Richard Brown, Carl Fletcher, Manu Gupta, chuck Payne, Robert Schweikert, Stefan Seyfried, and Raymond Wooninck.   The event was moderated by the openSUSE Election

Below is a summarization of the questions asked and answers given by various candidates.  Each answer represents an aggregate of the candidate’s total answers during a specific quesstion session.  To read in full flow context, we urge you to read the full log here.


2013 Board Elections begin today!

December 5th, 2012 by

Who will be our 2013 openSUSE Board Members?

The excitement has been building for weeks and now the most important phase of the openSUSE Board elections begins today — Election Time!

Two seats are open for election by members of the openSUSE Project.  The first seat is vacated by Henne Vogelsang who has completed his two-term limit.  The second seat is  currently held by Manu Gupta, appointed to fill in for Peter Linnel who stepped down in August of 2012.  Both seats are for a two-year term that begins in January 2013 and ends in  January 2015.

How to Vote

If you are a current member of the openSUSE Project, you will receive an email with instructions on how to vote via openSUSE Connect polling system.  You must be a member in good standing on or before 27 November 2012.  If you have not yet received an email within the next 24 hours, please contact the Election Officials committee at election-officials@opensuse.org.

Each eligible voter will be given two votes to cast, one for each seat to be elected in this cycle.

Voting begins today and concludes  at 23:00 UTC on 16 December 2012.

But I can’t decide!

With 8 excellent candidates running for two seats, we feel your pain.  Luckily, there’s two ways to learn more about the candidates.

Option 1:  Platforms and Blogs

Read the candidates platforms and blogs here.

Option 2:  Live Q&A Debate

Tomorrow, Thursday at 15:00 UTC (what’s my timezone?), candidates will gather in the #opensuse-project channel on Freenode IRC network.  A two hour session, moderated by the Election Officials, this will be an opportunity for you to ask questions live .

Can’t make it, no problem.  We will post transcript of the debate here and on the mailing lists.  Got a question you want to ask but can’t make it?  Post your question in the comment section below and we’ll make sure the question gets asked during the debate.

Thank you,
openSUSE Election Officials

With special thanks to Marcus Moeller for creation of artwork banner.

Meet the openSUSE Board Candidates

November 28th, 2012 by

Candidates for 2012 Announcement Banner

The period for standing up for election to the 2013 openSUSE Board is now closed and the openSUSE Election Officials committee is proud to announce this year’s candidates.  Please welcome the following candidates in alphabetical order:

What an exciting list of candidates, all extremely qualified to represent our community in the upcoming board.  With just two open seats to be filled to begin a two-year term,  Agustin Bethencourt, openSUSE Team Lead at SUSE,  recently noted: “Interesting times are ahead and, In any possible scenario we are thinking of, the Board will play a key role.”

So What’s Next?

As defined in the previous announcement by the Election Officials, the remaining steps in this year’s election timeline are that the candidates shall begin officially campaigning henceforth.  Balloting will begin on 5 December, 2012.

All eligible members of the openSUSE Project will be notified with the process for submitting their ballot to choose their two favorite candidates for the Board.  Members will have up to 16 December, 2012 to vote.

Then, if all goes well, and we don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t, we’ll be announcing the winners of this year’s election on 17 December, 2012.

You can read the full set of timeline and procedures here.

The Election Officials committee would like to extend good luck wishes to each and every candidate and look forward to the conclusion of this exciting campaign.

 With special thanks to victorhck for the creation of the art graphic on this page.


Reasons To Attend The openSUSE Summit

August 23rd, 2012 by

The openSUSE Summit logoEveryone’s excited about the upcoming openSUSE Summit in Orlando, Florida next month and now there is a full itinerary tailored just for you.  The openSUSE Summit, a 100% free event, is the first-ever gathering of the openSUSE Community in North America and follows on the success of the annual openSUSE Conference in Europe.  It immediately follows SUSECon at the same hotel.

Where and When:
Caribe Royale Hotel
Orlando, Florida
Begins: Friday, September 21 – 2:00 p.m.
Ends: Sunday, September 23 – 3:15 p.m.

Why You Should Go

We’ve got sessions and workshops and awesome events to keep you busy the entire weekend.  The Summit is not only a chance to learn the latest technologies but also to meet your fellow Geekos from near and far.   We’ve already got registrations from as far away as Central America, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate and bring out the best that open source has to offer


Registration to the openSUSE Summit is free.  But if you register by September 14, you’ll gain free access to the SUSECon enterprise conference’s Friday sessions.  With this free admission, you’ll be able to check out the Friday Technology Showcase and attend SUSE’s closing ceremony.


Just check out our program guide and you’ll see why there’s something or everyone.  We’ve got topics ranging from openSUSE YaST to running openSUSE on your ARM device, to cloud computing and much more.  Our evening Ad Hoc BoF sessions opens up every room in the house so you can create your very own session.


We’ve got three exciting workshops that will give you some serious street creds by the time you go home.

  • LPIC Exam Cram– – Register for the Summit by September 14, and you can come a day early and gain free access to SUSECon’s LPIC Exam Cram presented by the Linux Professional Institute.  Prepare yourself to earn one of the most respected professional exams in the world.  Then, take the exam on Friday.  (Two time slots available) for a special conference discount rate.   We’ll be announcing more details about how you can take advantage of this special offer soon.
  • Packaging Made Ridiculously Easy– Join SUSE’s Craig Gardner on Friday afternoon as he shows you just how easy it is to be an RPM packaging expert.  This workshop lays out the foundation you need to make software deployment successful.
  • How to Work with Open Build Service (OBS) – Now that you’ve armed yourself with RPM expertise, you’ll want to deploy your favorite software for mass consumption.  SUSE’s Adrian Schroeter teaches you how to master OBS and get your packages out across multiple distributions.  OBS is an awesome piece of software used by many organizations including Linux Foundation, Intel, Dell, Renault, and the U.S. Postal Service..

openSUSE Around The World

Co-Hosts covered in Geekos!

Left: Michael Miller – Right: Andrew Wafaa

Join Michael Miller, Vice President of SUSE and Andrew Wafaa, openSUSE Board Member, as they host the opening ceremoy that officially kicks off the openSUSE Summit.  They’ll take you on a tour around the world highlighting the awesome activities by the community supporting the openSUSE Project.  Then hear about the great things openSUSE 12.2 distro has to offer.   12.2 is slated for release on September 5.  Come to this ceremony and you’ll be able to brag that you were the first to get your hands on the free openSUSE 12.2 DVD!

Geeko Nights

openSUSE wouldn’t live up to its motto “Have a lot of fun!” if we didn’t plan some exciting evening events and the SUmmit is no exception!

ownCloud Logo

  • ownCloud Geeko Games Poolside Party – On Friday night, ownCloud “Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!” sponsors dinner and games by the poolside at our  hotel.  There’s prizes for everyone as we give you boat kits to build, decorate and be the first to race across the pool.  You better pack your swimsuit because things are gonna get wet!
  • openSUSE Concert – Join Luis Nieto, openSUSE user, as he belts out the tunes by the poolside.  Señor Nieto is the former director of the Honduras National Band and is a nationally-renowned beloved musician in his country.  A concert you won’t want to miss, and it only happens here at the openSUSE Summit.


OrangeFS by Omnibond logo

  • Omnibond Luau Jam – On Saturday, Omnibond, makers of OrangeFS, hosts a Hawaiian-style luau dinner on the pato to fill your bellies and entertain you with Polynesian dancers and music.  There’s a Fire Knife act that you won’t want to miss!
  • openSUSE Jam Session – After the luau, join Nieto as Community members take the stage and blow the roof off with a jam session.  Pack your favorite musical instrument and come to the Summit to jam with everyone.   This last night of the Summit won’t be forgettable as you sing, dance and get crazy with your fellow Geekos!  Who knows, by the time the night is over, we just might finally have that openSUSE Anthem we’ve always wanted.

Geeko Lounge

openSUSE Geekos are a hard working creature.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t take time to stop and enjoy the moment.  The Geeko Lounge will remain open for the entire weekend.  Plop your dupa down on our comfortable sofas and bean bags while enjoying a nice Continental Breakfast.  Or come in for a quick refreshment and socialize with fellow Geekos when you need a break from the hustlle and bustle of a busy day checking out our sessions.

You’ll also have a chance to meet our sponsors and vendors with the Exhibitor area surrounding the Geeko Lounge.  We’ll have tables where you can pick up information about local LUGs in the Florida region, meet the folks behind the openSUSE Forums and much more.  If you’er an Ambassador, this is where you want to go to grab materials to take back home to your local events.

openSUSE General Meeting

The openSUSE Summit wraps up on Sunday with a general meeting moderated by openSUSE Board members, Alan Clark and Andrew Wafaa.  Discuss news about activities within the openSUSE Community.  This is where you’ll get to participate and offer your insights that help shape the direction and future of the openSUSE Project.  The openSUSE Project wouldn’t exist without people like you.

So What Are You Waiting For?!?

If you’re waiting for an invitation, this is it!  Visit the official openSUSE Summit website to get the full details.  And follow us on Twitter with #ossum12 to get the latest news and updates as we continue to make this a truly memorable event for you and your fellow Geeko peers.  All you gotta do is click that big button below and you’re set to go!

Click to Register

openSUSE 11.3 EOL’ed, 12.2 On The Way!

January 21st, 2012 by

SUSE Progression Cycles


As Benjaman Brunner announced yesterday, openSUSE 11.3 has reached end of life.  As a quick refresher, openSUSE releases new versions every 8 months, and each version has a life cycle of 18 months.  As 11.3 was released in July of 2010, the time has come to embrace our newer versions, including the successful release of 12.1 in November of 2011.

As Brunner’s announcement indicates, we worked hard to maintain 11.3 while developing its subsequent two releases (11.4 and 12.1.) And of course, we’re already gearing up for 12.2, slated for release in July.  And the first milestone release is already just around the corner.  You’ll be able to try out Milestone 1 on February 9th.

The roadmap for openSUSE 12.2 is as follows:

9 February – Milestone 1
3 March – Milestone 2
5 April – Milestone 3
26 April – Milestone 4
24 May – Beta 1
14 June – Release Candidate 1
28 June – Release Candidate 2
6 July – Gold Master
11 July – 12.2 Final Release

As always, testers and contributors are welcome throughout the release development process.  Join the Factory Mailing List and have a lot of fun!

Graphic courtesy of Michael Fox – openSUSE Artwork Team member.

openSUSE Board Election Committee Formed

October 5th, 2011 by

-> Vote Here Vote Aquí ->

The 2011 openSUSE Board term is soon coming to an end. In the last few project meetings as well as at the conference, the board has called for people to step up for the Election Committee. Five openSUSE contributors have offered their help and we’d like to introduce them to you.

openSUSE 12.1 Beta Arrives!

October 1st, 2011 by

The much-awaited Beta release of openSUSE 12.1 is here!  And just in time for your weekend Beta Pizza Party.  So fire up thaDownload openSUSE 12.1 Beta now!t oven and warm up that download manager because its time to get ready for the latest awesome openSUSE on your computer.

If you’ve been following us, you know this release was originally called Milestone 6.  However, the release team and its testers agreed this round of testing showed Milestone 6 to be so stable and ready for general testing, they decided to call it Beta.  And that means that if you’ve been thinking about taking a pre-release of 12.1 for a spin before our final release in November, there’s no time like the present.

Testing is even easier nowadays with the ease of setting up a virtual machine so you won’t have to worry about affecting your actual production machine.  Naturally, with any pre-release, you’ll want to check out the list of known bugs to make sure there’s nothing that catches you by surprise. And as with any release, we welcome your reports of any bugs not already found so we can make the final release of openSUSE 12.1 even more awesome.

So what are you waiting for?  Call up your friends and get together for an awesome night of pizza, beer (or root beer), and start downloading here.  We’re sure you’ll be just as excited as we are once you see 12.1 on your machine.

And the Milestones Keep On Coming!

September 1st, 2011 by

Fire up your virtual machines, get your test machines motoring, and start tweaking your fingers.  It’s testing time!

Image o Factory Assembly LineopenSUSE 12.1’s next milestone 5 is now ready for download.  Thanks to the men and women of openSUSE Factory who kept their eye on the ball with all the wonderful flurry of activities going on in our Project these days, they never lost sight and we’ll be sure to have an awesome final release in November.

There’s a lot of interesting updates to the 12.1 release and some cool new technologies including GNOME 3 and SystemD.  You’ll definitely want to take this milestone for a spin and see what you can expect in 12.1.  And if you’ve never tested before, its easy if you follow these instructions.  Being a tester is one of the great ways of contributing to the free software movement, and there’s plenty of room for testers in openSUSE Project.

As always with any pre-release, there are some known bugs you should read before starting up your test environment.

Here’s some other interesting things you can expect to see when you try Milestone 5:

  • Further changes have been made for systemd to replace the InitV system. The default is still InitV and we encourage testing of systemd so that we can switch the default for the next release.
  • We’re focusing on the GPLed OpenJDK version now, this milestone is the last one that comes with the binary Java provided by Oracle.
  • GNOME 3.1.5 is another step closer to GNOME 3.2
  • glibc has been updated to version 2.14

So, click here as we’d love to hear from you as you begin testing the latest Milestone.  If you already have a previous Milestone installed, simply run “zypper dup” at the command line to update to the latest Milestone.

Honey, your conference is on the phone!

August 25th, 2011 by

As we continue to work towards making this years conference the best ever, there’s one cool new thing we’ve never done before: Introducing the openSUSE Conference App for your Android phone. With this app you’ll be able to:

  • Look at the daily timetable of sessions
  • Read the abstracts for each session
  • Mark the ones you want to attend and/or set an alarm to remind you
  • Get a refreshed version of the schedule whenever you want

OSC11 App QR CodeWith a small space footprint this app won’t make a dent on your phone but it will make a great impact on your conference experience! And with free wi-fi at the venue, you’ll be able to sync your app even when you’re too far away from your home calling area.

Some user experience tips for you:

  • Swipe left and right to see different room schedules
  • Long-hold down on a session to mark the session and/or set your alarm notification
  • Hit the refresh button at least once a day to get any updated schedule changes

Hope you’ll find the application useful, get it from the market! It’s courtesy of our very own Pavol Rusnak and Tom Schmidt and open-sourced code originally written by Daniel Dorau. See you in September!