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Announcing openSUSE on ARM Release Candidate 1

October 1st, 2012 by

ARMopenSUSE Logo
After 11 months of grueling work, openSUSE is pleased to announce the first Release Candidate for openSUSE 12.2 on the ARM architecture. After discussing ARM first at the openSUSE Conference in 2011, the openSUSE ARM team has managed to bring up openSUSE from nowhere to being a truly usable and functional distribution on the ARM version 7 architecture in time for the new openSUSE Conference in Prague next month! (more…)

openSUSE Board Welcomes new Chairman: Vincent Untz

September 21st, 2012 by

This week Alan Clark announced to the openSUSE Board that he is stepping down from his position as Board Chair. His duties in SUSE keep him increasingly busy and SUSE has decided, after almost two years, the time has come for someone else to take on his role.

So, after thinking about what skills are most relevant for the openSUSE Board right now and who would fit in best, SUSE managers Michael Miller (Marketing and Product Management) and Ralf Flaxa (Engineering) have announced at the openSUSE Summit opening that they brought in former GNOME Foundation Chairman Vincent Untz to take on the role as chair. The Board is very pleased having someone with the skills and experience of Vincent on board. (more…)

openSUSE Edu Li-f-e 12.2 out now!

September 14th, 2012 by

openSUSE-Education li-f-e logoopenSUSE Education team once again presents Li-f-e (Linux for Education) built on hot new openSUSE 12.2 including all the post release updates. As always this edition of Li-f-e comes bundled with a lot of softwares useful for students, teachers, as well as IT admins of educational institutions. Apart from stable versions of KDE and Gnome, Cinnamon is also available. Sugar desktop suite makes a comeback thanks to the work of Xin Wang packaging it. Li-f-e also give full multimedia experience right out of the box without having to install anything extra. The live installable DVD iso stands at 3.3G as an incredible array of softwares from open source world are available on it, we have not just bundled them in, but have tried to integrate it with the distribution to give everything a seamless feel.

KIWI-LTSP brings Li-f-e a very easy to setup LTSP server for PXE booting thin-clients/PC/laptop over the network with many new features and improvements. It can be deployed at schools, homes or even offices. Epoptes lab administration tool makes its debut replacing italc, epoptes allows control of every aspect of the clients, such as: lock/unlock screen, full remote control, messaging, broadcasting display, reboot/shutdown etc.


DVD boot screen   Bootmenu openSUSE-Education   Splash screen openSUSE-Education

Sugar Windowmanager   Li-f-e applications   Multimedia applications

Get it from here: Direct Download | Torrents | Metalinks | md5sum

As this edition is based on openSUSE 12.2, all the official 12.2 updates, repositories from build service and packman can be used to install additional softwares and keep it up to date.

Minimum hardware requirement is 1GB of RAM and 15GB free disk space. Installation from USB stick will take about 40 minutes to complete, from a DVD it takes much longer. Check this howto for creating live USB stick on vfat partition or other GUI and terminal ways.

Here is the sampling of some of the softwares available on the iso.  Complete list of packages with versions here.

Have a lot of fun…
Your openSUSE Education Team

Time to Start Planning your Sessions: Conference Program Available!

September 12th, 2012 by

The openSUSE Conference is coming!

The Call for Papers is closed and the sessions for this awesome four-plus-one event are decided upon and scheduled. It is time to grab a pen and paper, look at the exciting conference schedule here and start making a little plan of what sessions to attend! To help you, we present a short selection of sessions and speakers below! (click here for this article in Cz)


openSUSE 12.2: Green Means Go!

September 5th, 2012 by

DVD Welcome imageDear users, developers, and Geekos around the world – openSUSE 12.2 is ready for you! Two months of extra stabilization work have resulted into a stellar release, chock-full of goodies, yet stable as you all like it.

(In other languages: cs de es fr it nl pt ru tr zh zh-tw)

The latest release of the world’s most powerful and flexible Linux Distribution brings you speed-ups across the board with a faster storage layer in Linux 3.4 and accelerated functions in glibc and Qt, giving a more fluid and responsive desktop. The infrastructure below openSUSE has evolved, bringing in mature new technologies like GRUB2 and Plymouth and the first steps in the direction of a revised and simplified UNIX file system hierarchy. Users will also notice the added polish to existing features bringing an improved user experience all over. The novel Btrfs file system comes with improved error handling and recovery tools, GNOME 3.4, developing rapidly, brings smooth scrolling to all applications and features a reworked System Settings and Contacts manager while XFCE has an enhanced application finder. (more…)

Hackweek 8 at SUSE

August 24th, 2012 by

What have the boot speed of openSUSE, a sandbox for KVM development, OpenStack, CUPS, Linux UEFI support and Enlightenment 17 to do with each other? They’re among the projects SUSE engineers worked on at Hackweek 8! From the 23rd to the 27th of July, the ‘normal’ development and maintenance tasks at SUSE took a backseat and the developers turned their attention to the various Open Source projects they fancied working on. Past projects have resulted in awesome tools like SUSE Paste, Debian support in OBS and of course Hackweek 7 brought us ARM in OBS! Read on to find out a some projects which were worked on and a bit about the results. (more…)

Reasons To Attend The openSUSE Summit

August 23rd, 2012 by

The openSUSE Summit logoEveryone’s excited about the upcoming openSUSE Summit in Orlando, Florida next month and now there is a full itinerary tailored just for you.  The openSUSE Summit, a 100% free event, is the first-ever gathering of the openSUSE Community in North America and follows on the success of the annual openSUSE Conference in Europe.  It immediately follows SUSECon at the same hotel.

Where and When:
Caribe Royale Hotel
Orlando, Florida
Begins: Friday, September 21 – 2:00 p.m.
Ends: Sunday, September 23 – 3:15 p.m.

Why You Should Go

We’ve got sessions and workshops and awesome events to keep you busy the entire weekend.  The Summit is not only a chance to learn the latest technologies but also to meet your fellow Geekos from near and far.   We’ve already got registrations from as far away as Central America, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate and bring out the best that open source has to offer


Registration to the openSUSE Summit is free.  But if you register by September 14, you’ll gain free access to the SUSECon enterprise conference’s Friday sessions.  With this free admission, you’ll be able to check out the Friday Technology Showcase and attend SUSE’s closing ceremony.


Just check out our program guide and you’ll see why there’s something or everyone.  We’ve got topics ranging from openSUSE YaST to running openSUSE on your ARM device, to cloud computing and much more.  Our evening Ad Hoc BoF sessions opens up every room in the house so you can create your very own session.


We’ve got three exciting workshops that will give you some serious street creds by the time you go home.

  • LPIC Exam Cram– – Register for the Summit by September 14, and you can come a day early and gain free access to SUSECon’s LPIC Exam Cram presented by the Linux Professional Institute.  Prepare yourself to earn one of the most respected professional exams in the world.  Then, take the exam on Friday.  (Two time slots available) for a special conference discount rate.   We’ll be announcing more details about how you can take advantage of this special offer soon.
  • Packaging Made Ridiculously Easy– Join SUSE’s Craig Gardner on Friday afternoon as he shows you just how easy it is to be an RPM packaging expert.  This workshop lays out the foundation you need to make software deployment successful.
  • How to Work with Open Build Service (OBS) – Now that you’ve armed yourself with RPM expertise, you’ll want to deploy your favorite software for mass consumption.  SUSE’s Adrian Schroeter teaches you how to master OBS and get your packages out across multiple distributions.  OBS is an awesome piece of software used by many organizations including Linux Foundation, Intel, Dell, Renault, and the U.S. Postal Service..

openSUSE Around The World

Co-Hosts covered in Geekos!

Left: Michael Miller – Right: Andrew Wafaa

Join Michael Miller, Vice President of SUSE and Andrew Wafaa, openSUSE Board Member, as they host the opening ceremoy that officially kicks off the openSUSE Summit.  They’ll take you on a tour around the world highlighting the awesome activities by the community supporting the openSUSE Project.  Then hear about the great things openSUSE 12.2 distro has to offer.   12.2 is slated for release on September 5.  Come to this ceremony and you’ll be able to brag that you were the first to get your hands on the free openSUSE 12.2 DVD!

Geeko Nights

openSUSE wouldn’t live up to its motto “Have a lot of fun!” if we didn’t plan some exciting evening events and the SUmmit is no exception!

ownCloud Logo

  • ownCloud Geeko Games Poolside Party – On Friday night, ownCloud “Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!” sponsors dinner and games by the poolside at our  hotel.  There’s prizes for everyone as we give you boat kits to build, decorate and be the first to race across the pool.  You better pack your swimsuit because things are gonna get wet!
  • openSUSE Concert – Join Luis Nieto, openSUSE user, as he belts out the tunes by the poolside.  Señor Nieto is the former director of the Honduras National Band and is a nationally-renowned beloved musician in his country.  A concert you won’t want to miss, and it only happens here at the openSUSE Summit.


OrangeFS by Omnibond logo

  • Omnibond Luau Jam – On Saturday, Omnibond, makers of OrangeFS, hosts a Hawaiian-style luau dinner on the pato to fill your bellies and entertain you with Polynesian dancers and music.  There’s a Fire Knife act that you won’t want to miss!
  • openSUSE Jam Session – After the luau, join Nieto as Community members take the stage and blow the roof off with a jam session.  Pack your favorite musical instrument and come to the Summit to jam with everyone.   This last night of the Summit won’t be forgettable as you sing, dance and get crazy with your fellow Geekos!  Who knows, by the time the night is over, we just might finally have that openSUSE Anthem we’ve always wanted.

Geeko Lounge

openSUSE Geekos are a hard working creature.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t take time to stop and enjoy the moment.  The Geeko Lounge will remain open for the entire weekend.  Plop your dupa down on our comfortable sofas and bean bags while enjoying a nice Continental Breakfast.  Or come in for a quick refreshment and socialize with fellow Geekos when you need a break from the hustlle and bustle of a busy day checking out our sessions.

You’ll also have a chance to meet our sponsors and vendors with the Exhibitor area surrounding the Geeko Lounge.  We’ll have tables where you can pick up information about local LUGs in the Florida region, meet the folks behind the openSUSE Forums and much more.  If you’er an Ambassador, this is where you want to go to grab materials to take back home to your local events.

openSUSE General Meeting

The openSUSE Summit wraps up on Sunday with a general meeting moderated by openSUSE Board members, Alan Clark and Andrew Wafaa.  Discuss news about activities within the openSUSE Community.  This is where you’ll get to participate and offer your insights that help shape the direction and future of the openSUSE Project.  The openSUSE Project wouldn’t exist without people like you.

So What Are You Waiting For?!?

If you’re waiting for an invitation, this is it!  Visit the official openSUSE Summit website to get the full details.  And follow us on Twitter with #ossum12 to get the latest news and updates as we continue to make this a truly memorable event for you and your fellow Geeko peers.  All you gotta do is click that big button below and you’re set to go!

Click to Register

openSUSE Conference is coming… Sponsorship request starts today!

August 10th, 2012 by

The openSUSE Travel Support Team is happy to announce that they are ready to process applications to sponsor openSUSE people to attend openSUSE Conference. The Conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic – October 20-23, 2012.

The Travel Committee can reimburses up to 80% of travel costs and lodging costs such as plane ticket, train ticket, bus ticket, hotel and hostel. Expenses with Visa, documentation, food, extras are up to the requester, The Travel Team won’t be able to cover since is looking for sponsor as many people as possible.

The instructions are detailed at http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Travel_Support_Program 

Please read carefully and send the request to travel-support(at)opensuse(dot)org

Important !!! The Sponsorship Request period for openSUSE Conference starts on August 10 ending August 20, 2012. Responses will be given before August 30, 2012.

Some additional comments:

* A clear and complete application is faster and easier to process.

* The Travel Team won’t be able to book or pay in advance for any requester.

* We cannot fulfill all requests, keep in mind that there is no guarantee you will get sponsored.

* Sponsorship decisions are influenced by the history of the requester, like having followed the requirement of writing a report about a conference you attended with sponsorship or having send in the required paperwork in time.

* Your involvement with openSUSE is pretty relevant.

* If you were part of Google Summer of Code as openSUSE student or mentor you should mention it in your application.

* If you submitted an abstract to be presented at openSUSE Conference you should  mention it in your application.

* It’s important you tell us which airport you will be departing from.

*  Try to get the best fares for tickets and lodging. Remember you still have to pay at least 20% yourself and the committee will verify the amount requested looking for the best offers on public website (E.g. KAYAK, Expedia, e-Dreams,…).

The Travel Team sends a reply upon receiving your application. We will then wait for all applicants to send in their requests for the event and only once we have a full overview, responses will be given. Please do not send personal emails, always CC the travel-support team in your replies.

Hope to see you in Prague!

Happy Birthday openSUSE!!!

August 9th, 2012 by

Happy Birthday openSUSE

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag openSUSE

openSUSE Joyeux anniversaire

openSUSE Feliz Aniversário

Χρόνια Πολλά openSUSE

openSUSE Feliz Cumpleaños

Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám openSUSE

And a little bit of openSUSE History!

openSUSE 12.2 RC2 Ready for a Final Test

August 2nd, 2012 by

Today, the openSUSE project makes available openSUSE 12.2 Release Candidate 2 for widespread testing, with a final release targeted for mid September. In the two weeks since the previous release candidate, a flurry of last minute fixes have arrived, mostly in higher level packages as the basic stack has been stabilized and locked.

Get it

Download it from software.opensuse.org/developer. As usual, a list of the most annoying bugs is being maintained and you can see the list of bugs and/or file a new one in Bugzilla. Read on for detailed coverage of the changes and some tips and hints on testing and helping out. (more…)