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People of openSUSE: Jim Henderson

May 3rd, 2009 by

I noticed Jim by his thoughtful replies on openSUSE mail lists and forums. He has ability to listen, understand and answer in the way that correspondent can not only find correct, but also understand, which is seldom found talent.


People of openSUSE: Jan Engelhardt

April 23rd, 2009 by

Jan is one of silent community members that is active in kernel packaging and development area. Thanks to him openSUSE users have had chance to try stable real time kernel (RT kernel). He doesn’t take time to chat very often, but if you have problem and it is kernel related there is a great chance that you will have his attention, specially if you post your question to opensuse-kernel mail list.

His development home is suser-jengelh/, or recently added http://jftp.medozas.de/. The Build Service repo j-engel belongs to another person – Johannes Engel.

Jan mentioned that openSUSE 11.1 users don’t have RT kernel due to difficulties with 2.6.27 that prevented it to be ready by release date, but he provided alternatives 2.6.25-RT and 2.6.29-RT that can be found in either of his repositories.


People of openSUSE: Jean-Daniel Dodin

April 13th, 2009 by

Jean-Daniel Dodin is openSUSE member since the very beginning. He is the first sysop of http://fr.opensuse.org and in general very active openSUSE and Linux advocate, both on and off line. The most recent of his numerous projects is attempt to revive the Linux Documentation Project which was sinking in a lethargy for quite some time before he appeared started reorganization, energizing people.


People of openSUSE: Sascha saigkill Manns

April 6th, 2009 by

Sascha is active in many areas of openSUSE (Marketing, Feature Screening and using Build service for his projects), but he is particularly active in openSUSE Weekly News. More than 1300 articles translated and edited since October 2008th is quite some effort. That alone is deserving attention, but he didn’t stopped there and recently he started a new initiative in cooperation with Radiotux. The plan is to prepare digest of openSUSE Weekly News in German. More about that you can read in his Radiotux blog (it is German) and even more in his Lizards blog


People of openSUSE is back

March 25th, 2009 by

We will start new round of People of openSUSE interviews with openSUSE community members. Just as before, the aim is to make you familiar with people behind openSUSE project.

We will attempt to give fair share to each part of openSUSE activity, addresing developers, testers, document writers, translators, art creators, user support on IRC, mail lists and forums, in marketing and many more. Most of them are known names, but we will also try to reach people that are not exposed to world wide public, but have significant contributions to openSUSE. They can be active in local user groups, or in languages other than English.

For this group we need your proposals with description of activity, some way to verify that, the way to contact person and translator if they don’t use English. You can file proposals on People of openSUSE, or you can subscribe to opensuse-marketing@opensuse.org and post proposal there. To subscribe please use links posted on the openSUSE wiki.

People of openSUSE

February 3rd, 2009 by

Who is this guy named notlocalhorst, FunkyPenguin or cb400f? Well, without people of openSUSE it’s quite hard to tell if you didn’t met them in person. So it’s a great overview to see what the people are doing, how the look and how the tick. Of course this will not replace the joy of meeting some of them in person, like on FOSDEM :-)

Anyway, Carlos the previous maintainer of the series can’t do it anymore because of time reasons. It would be a shame if we let it die … If someone from the community is willing to do that job? It could be even a small team, there is no strict schedule when to release an interview, and everybody will love you :-)

If you want to do it, just head over to the openSUSE-marketing list, there will be a tread called “people of opensuse soon” …

Carlos: thank you for doing it for quite a long time!

People of openSUSE: Vincent Untz

November 20th, 2008 by

Continuing the last ‘People of openSUSE” interviews with people involved in the openSUSE Board Elections Committee, today we introduce you another member – Vincent Untz. Vincent is a Novell employee working 101% of his time for the openSUSE and GNOME projects, non-stop! ;-)


People of openSUSE: Claes Backstrom

November 10th, 2008 by

This week on ‘People of openSUSE’ we have interviewed openSUSE Election Committee member, Senior Linux Trainer and VMware Trainer Claes Backstrom. Besides all these titles he has he still has time to package games on openSUSE Build Service, beta testing, and promoting openSUSE in his North European cold country, Sweden!


People of openSUSE: Henne Vogelsang

October 17th, 2008 by

After a long summer holiday season ‘People of openSUSE’ is back!

This week we caught up one of the many people responsible for the success of the openSUSE project maintaining mailing lists, IRC channels, and openSUSE project meetings, as also doing some packaging in the well-known Packman repository. Today you have the opportunity to meet the current openSUSE Board Candidate Henne Vogelsang!


People of openSUSE: Frank Sundermeyer

July 18th, 2008 by

Former webservers administrator and presales consultant at S.u.S.E. he is currently working as a technical writer contributing to the openSUSE documentation and openSUSE web skin an wiki. Today you have the opportunity to meet Frank Sundermeyer!