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KDE 4.0 Alpha 2 Released

July 4th, 2007 by

KDE 4.0 Alpha 2 has been released during Akademy 2007 where also was announced that Novell has become a “Patron of KDE”. Unofficial packages for openSUSE 10.2 are available in the openSUSE Build Service and it has also been submitted into Factory for the upcoming openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 6. If you want to test-drive KDE 4.0 Alpha 2: the openSUSE based KDE Four Live CD has been updated.

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One Response to “KDE 4.0 Alpha 2 Released”

  1. The nice thing is that Beineri is also providing the kiwi config for it, so everyone can re-roll the image with newer packages at any time :)