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7. Aug 2007 | News Team | No License got a completely new face which improves the downloading of the desired openSUSE distribution a lot. It comes with the new look and feel following

Additionally we got a really easy-to-use software search and installation interface there as well. The search is part of the openSUSE Build Service, which allows features like limitation of search results to a given base distribution. This does work also for Fedora, Mandriva, Debian and Ubuntu distributions, beside the openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise distributions.

The interface provides also a very easy installation featuring the 1-Click Installation YaST module of Benjamin Weber. This means the installation of any package can be started by a single click. YaST will show which repositories are used and which packages will be installed; the dependency solving is also all done automatically by YaST. There is no need to do these steps manually anymore.

Even complete software stacks are installable via that feature, if the openSUSE Build Service packager provided a package list in his project.

All infrastructure is available under an open source license (the Build Serivce is under GPL). So feel free to use it also in your company or university or join the development of it. We do still have lot’s of plans how to extend also, come to wiki page to find out more about it and our future plans.

A demo screenshot of it:

Example Search for Filelight

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