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openSUSE Build Service Gains Momentum with AMD Sponsorship

August 7th, 2007 by

amd.jpgAs announced at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, AMD has been unveiled as a Platinum Sponsor of openSUSE providing it with powerful infrastructure upon which the openSUSE Build Service (OBS) can be run.

More from the press release:

“Now with more than 700 projects and 20,000 software packages, the openSUSE Build Service is an innovative framework that provides an infrastructure for software developers to easily create and compile packages for multiple Linux* distributions… In the past four months, more than 13 million packages have been downloaded from the openSUSE Build Service as developers build packages for various distributions using the tool.

AMD has helped sponsor the progress of the openSUSE Build Service with leading-edge hardware and development expertise. “AMD is helping to ensure that the openSUSE Build Service continues to be an important collaboration and development platform for developers of all distributions,” said Terri Hall, AMD vice president of Commercial Systems Marketing. “AMD recognizes the value of the open source development model, and by providing hardware for the openSUSE Build Service, we are able to actively participate in the continued innovation for which the open source community is known.”” Making a retailer’s 300-075 implementing cisco ip telephony and video exam dumps advantages you and your company since it midnightpapers allows the company to fulfill the needed variety of qualified affiliates on employees

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8 Responses to “openSUSE Build Service Gains Momentum with AMD Sponsorship”

  1. djdoo

    Tell them to contribute some more effectivelly to the community by giving out open source drivers for their graphics cards!!

    Or make a modern proprietary driver at least! To support AIGLX finally! And HD 2000 Series…

  2. Awskrates

    I agree with the above poster. It is all well and good to for AMD to sponsor Opensuse – In fact, it is bloody great!

    …but as long as having an AMD graphics card means “a poor linux experience”, the greatness is somewhat lessened :/

  3. AMD has helped sponsor the progress of the openSUSE Build Service with leading-edge hardware…

    AMD donated Intel progessors?

  4. quark

    There are 2 options that will make a great Linux experience using ATI graphics card and that will please open-source community:

    1) AMD releases open source drivers (i think this is the best option)
    2) AMD releases video cards specifications

    Do it so AMD and the community will likely buy your graphic cards, instead NVIDIA or other graphic card.

  5. djdoo

    I totally agree with quark…

  6. I am a great AMD fan :)

    After I heard this news, I think SuSe will power my desktop from nowon ;)

    It’s WONDERFUL! This partnership will make both side much more stronger!