LWE 2007 is Over...

10. Aug 2007 | News Team | No License

First I have to praise 10.3 Alpha 7. We had it running on our demo laptops all day, and beside the Konqueror/flash bug and the bug of the all black splash screen when starting OpenOffice (jk :-)) it ran pretty well. Usually I don’t show beta or alpha versions on exhibitions … I can’t wait to get home and try Beta 1, and help on the Bug Slashing weekend!

Anyway, how was LWE in San Francisco? Very good, we met a lot of longtime SUSE users and spread a lot of 10.2 PromoDVDs to new users. Thanks Novell for the support, they had a booth in the main part of the hall. We had some nice talks with the users and other projects, it was really worth to go to LWE this year. Greetings from Seth, see you next year! By the way, happy birthday!

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