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Stephen Shaw from Novell sent us some information about the upcoming Utah Open Source Conference! Thanks Stephen

Utah Open Source Conference 2007 The Convergence… September 6-8, 2007

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Join us at the first major event for the open source community in Utah! Whether you are a geek, CTO or both, this conference is for you. The Utah Open Source Conference is the first major gathering in Utah focused solely on bringing the open source community together, business, technology and community.

The Convergence…, this year’s theme is about bringing the open source technology and communities to the businesses in Utah. Showing how technologies have improved, how open source communities can be beneficial to businesses and how businesses can leverage the technologies and community for better products, services and people. The conference is intended to focus on three main concepts; open source community growth, business adoption of open source technology and promoting open source technology from within Utah’s boundaries.

The folks at Utah Open Source have been working hard for just over a year to help these goals become a reality. The conference is shaping up to be the premier open source Conference in the state. Currently, over 20 presentations and tutorial sessions are in place occurring over in 2 days, including a keynote by open source and free software advocate, Bruce Perens.

Learn more about open source and its benefits to our community as well as to the world. Learn more about what Utahn’s are doing for open source. Find out how your business can use open source to save time and money. There is something here for everyone and we’ll for sure have some surprises up our sleeves too.

Location Information

Utah Open Source Conference 2007 will be held at the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) at Novell.

1800 Novell Place, Building A Provo, UT

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