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3. Sep 2007 | News Team | No License

enos-poster.jpg The acronym ENOS stands for ‘Encontro Nacional de openSUSE’, a Portuguese expression which can be translated as ‘National openSUSE Meeting’, an event meant to unite the Portuguese openSUSE users, as well as provide the participants an inside view into the latest developments in the openSUSE project and stimulate them to take an active part in the community itself. The event was a huge success with several intriguing talks and many participants.

Meeting Everyone

The ENOS day started at Parque D. Carlos I, a beautiful and peaceful place to meet each other. The attendees arrived one-by-one sitting in an ever-increasing circle. Many things were discussed, such as openSUSE, GNU/Linux, Open Source, security, and various other things. After everybody had arrived we walked to the restaurant for lunch, passing through some nice and historical places in Caldas da Rainha. In the restaurant the discussions continued and people had a great meal.

The Talks

After lunch we gathered for the ‘Community Space’ at the Caldas da Rainha Municipal Library where the participants had the opportunity to listen to three informal talks plus one final keynote.

“The openSUSE 10.3 News”, Carlos Gonçalves

Carlos gave an overview of the latest developments on the openSUSE project explaining the most important improvements, such as boot time, package management, translations, 1-Click Install, the new 1-CD media, new and revised YaST modules, how the openSUSE Build Service contributed to the openSUSE development versions, etc.

“BoF: The Linux Audio/MIDI Desktop”, Rui Nuno Capela

An awesome talk about Rui’s audio/MIDI applications (Qjackctl, Qtractor, Qsynth and QSampler) and the Kernel Real-Time issues, and suggestions on how to ‘bypass’ them. Some audio demonstrations were also done, and there were clear moments where the audience wondered “Wow, can we really do this on Linux?!”

The purpose of this talk was to show that there are experts in Portugal as well, and making them believe we can do this stuff in our little country too.

“The Software Ecology Of Rui Nuno Capela” (interview)

“LTSP Terminals with openSUSE, a practical case”, Bruno Santos

A talk about a successful case of implementing the GNU/Linux operating system (openSUSE distribution, of course) in 60 computers at the Amato Lusitano Hospital, Castelo Branco. Bruno certainly did a fabulous talk, proving that an Open Source solution is much cheaper, stable and efficient than a closed source solution. They also implemented a funny policy inside the hospital: “Do you want to play audio files and play games? OK, move to a Linux terminal and we will allow you to do these things!”.

“Keynote: The openSUSE-pt community needs”, Carlos Gonçalves

To finish off the talk session, Carlos did a brief final keynote about what are the openSUSE-pt community’s needs. Summing up the most important ones: opensuse-i18n-pt is 100% done, need more people helping on the forum and on the wiki, promote and spread the openSUSE distribution in Portugal, more feedback, ideas, and incentives for people to become part of the openSUSE project.

At the end of the day, none of the attendees could leave ENOS without an openSUSE t-shirt, cap, DVD, sticker, and a pin - kindly sponsored by the openSUSE project and Novell - BIG THANKS!


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See you next year!

We are looking forward to a second edition next year, ENOS 2008. Any volunteers to make this happen and places to host the event are extremely welcome. Of course, the openSUSE-pt community, and especially Carlos, will help organizing it. Please, contact us if you want to; you can get in touch with the openSUSE-pt community in the following way:

Thanks to all attendees for participating!!

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