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JPackage in openSUSE – Get Involved!

September 17th, 2007 by

The JPackage project aims to provide rpm packages with lots of Java programs and libraries. The main focus is on free and open source software. Currently there are about 450 packages maintained. Examples of packaged software are: ant, jakarta, jboss, jeronimo, excalibur and plexus.

Due to differences between Linux distributions most of the packages from JPackage do not build currently on openSUSE. We would like to change this state. We’ve already started with adjusting of packages to fit our distribution and moved now further packages into the Build Service. Please, visit the Java:jpackage-1.7 project in the openSUSE Build Service to get the feel.

If you like Java and want to help us we would like to welcome you in our team. Please, get involved and help us to get JPackage fully into openSUSE. If you prefer other distributions like Fedora or Mandriva we would like to hear from you as well as BuildService is also perfectly suitable for you.

Ales, anosek@novell.com

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3 Responses to “JPackage in openSUSE – Get Involved!”

  1. Duncan Mac-Vicar

    How do you keep in sync with jpackage project? How are the modifications needed to make jpackage specs to work in openSUSE sent back to upstream jpackage.org ?

    • Anonymous

      I believe patches are sent to the JPackage mailing list and typically ignored.

    • Anonymous

      Well, we’ve just started. We would like to build at least half of packages from JPackage to see all issues which will occur on SUSE. After that we’re going to talk with JPackage more closely. As I see now, our changes to packages are not invasive. Mostly we add BuildRequires …