Announcing openSUSE 10.3 RC1

20. Sep 2007 | News Team | No License

After quite a few rebuilds and testing, the openSUSE team is happy to announce that RC1 looks brilliant and is now available for download. We consider this release to be feature complete, stable, and suitable for testing from any user. For more information on the release schedule, take a look at the Roadmap.

10.3 - KDE Default Desktop 10.3 - GNOME Default Desktop For more screenshots, head over to

Technical Changes

  • libzypp 3.24

  • Virtualbox 1.5

  • 2.3

  • Countless bug fixes in every component: 535 bugs RESOLVED/FIXED

  • 485 packages submitted

A more detailed list of changes is available via //

Most Annoying Bugs

  • Online update opens an annoying popup with the progress. We’ll prepare an online update for it, so it will only affect the first update (Bug #326247)
  • On some machines we have problems with the kernel and ACPI - investigating, more data would be helpful
  • GNOME is not yet final - we will update this right after RC1 and prepare a RC2. This one will be made internally, but you can get the update through Factory
  • 32bit PPC machines have a problem with dependencies that try to install 64bit RPMs.

We’ll keep Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs_10.3_dev updated as we go.

Call for Testing

If you want to help testing our standard test cases, please coordinate with others and subscribe to (subscribe)!

There is no focus area, so please use the product and file bug reports as if it was final and you wanted to use it for real.

Please note that the live CDs will contain an installer, but that installer is still under development, so you can test it, but be more careful than with the normal install.

Media and Download

openSUSE 10.3 RC1 for i386, x86-64 and ppc is available as different media sets. All can be downloaded at Here’s the run-down:

  • 1 DVD containing OSS and NonOSS software (torrents for: i386, x86_64, ppc). Languages supported: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese (Simpl. & Trad.), Japanese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch

  • 1 CD with a default KDE installation (i386, x86_64, not for ppc, English only)

  • 1 CD with a default GNOME installation (i386, x86_64, not for ppc, English only)

  • 1 AddOn CD with only NonOSS packages (i386 or x86_64, ppc)

  • 1 AddOn CD with language packages that are used for extra languages (i386, x86_64, ppc, only to be used with DVDs!)

  • DVD containing the sources corresponding to the media

  • 1 Live CD for both KDE and GNOME (i386)

Comments, Feedback and Helping

communicate.pngPlease report all bugs you find on in our bugzilla as explained on //; discussion is most appropriate on the (subscribe) mailing list. For other queries and ways to communicate with the openSUSE community – including IRC, Mailing Lists, and Forums – take a look at the Communicate wiki page.

The next planned release is the openSUSE 10.3 final release, on the Thursday, 4th October!

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