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New Design for openSUSE.org

September 26th, 2007 by

We launched the new shiny design for the wiki on Monday. It was a little rough but we sorted out most of the bugs, even the newsfeed is working again :-). Now we have a more unified look of all openSUSE pages, just compare news, download and the wiki. Thanks to all who helped us to make this great redesign!

For all wiki maintainers: please look at Frank’s HOWTO mail on the wiki mailinglist.

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17 Responses to “New Design for openSUSE.org”

  1. Georg

    The font is too small on the wiki.
    opensuse news font size is ok (compare it)

    If I want to have a small font, I will configure it in my browser – a default of 75% is senseless.

    But overall – nice!

    • mlasars

      Thanks for the feedback, please join the discussion on the opensuse-wiki mailinglist. Dunno if there is a special reason for 75% …

      • Georg

        Sorry, I don’t want to subscribe but you can post a copy if you want.

        I suggest to set the font size in the middle pane to 100% and keep it small on
        the side bars (but not so small – more like on news.opensuse.org (81.25%))

        That is why there is a default font size – people can adjust it to read it like
        they like – but a default of 75% is, in my opinion, senseless.

  2. lukasz

    I see link for GM version’s ;)

  3. The font is too small in all opensuse.org site, my screen is 17″ 1152×860 and my eye vision is normal, but I have to enlarge the font size.

  4. Justin Haygood

    I like the new look! Really sexy!

  5. lukasz

    Go to http://software.opensuse.org/search and next click button “Software Search”
    inactive link http://benjiweber.co.uk:8080/webpin ?

  6. Thomas

    Very nice design

  7. nigel

    The design is very nice. In particular, the colour scheme is very well thought-out. Fonts, linkwise, are a weak point. It is not that they are too small.. too thin, more like.

  8. nigel

    Addendum; looking over the whole site I can safely say there are too many different fonts used. The font chosen for the navigation links is a good font, but it clashes with all the other fonts used.. and the contrast makes it look anemic.

  9. ra100

    I confirm that font is too small.It could be little bigger.

  10. The design is is… WOW! Very very beautyfull, my compliments!
    OpenSuSE is the best! :D

  11. Grósz Dániel

    In Konqueror, the edge openSUSE logo is cut off on the news and download sites and the logo is scaled down on the wiki. After Ctrl + it becomes good. Screenshots: ftp://soroksaci.dyndns.org/gd/tmp

  12. Laska

    The design is excellent! Good Job!