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openSUSE 10.3 in Review: A Solid Linux Desktop

October 13th, 2007 by

As the first reviews start to roll in, TuxMachines have just released one of the first comprehensive reviews of openSUSE 10.3, concluding that it is a mature, stable, free Linux distribution:

“Underneath its new green artwork, version 10.3’s improvements over previous versions include cutting down the time it takes to reach the graphical login screen; speeding up and streamlining its package management utility; and making it easier for users to install software using a new “one-click install” process.” Ich gehrte zu der glcklichen personengruppe, die arbeiten durfte, wenn gestreikt ghostwriter hausarbeit preis wurde

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33 Responses to “openSUSE 10.3 in Review: A Solid Linux Desktop”

  1. A comprehensive German review is the one of Heise Open: http://www.heise.de/open/artikel/96900

    c’t issue 22/2007 includes btw the i586 download version as cover DVD.

  2. AlbertoP

    Good review, even though Tuxmachine could have avoided the MS-N rants for once.

    Regards :-)

  3. Check more : http://linuxpoison.wordpress.com/2007/10/08/its-time-for-opensuse-103-rip-windows-vista/

  4. Ralph Martin

    I’ve been installing and uninstalling various Linux Distros and I’ve realized Suse is the best out there, it has a couple of problems like time booting and also loading repositories when trying to install a software, no more this guys have speed up booting time and yast so very useful now also they have created 1-click installer, that is so easy to install any software.

    God bless all openSuse community, you have really pop it up.

    • Joe

      I’ll agree with Ralph. SuSE 10.3 is the best release among other distros and its really fast and much stable. I’ve finally moved away from Windows with this release and there was absolutely no hassel to download the neat KDE Image and then add the repositories. All of my hardware and especially the Harddisk were neatly detected, though my Webcam is still not working…but…nothing to worry….with the progress SuSE is making i’m sure that day is not far when that would be seamlessly detected.

      10.3 is really faster than 10.2 and previous releases and i’ll say that the all have done a really gr8! job to make this release a success. And now that i’m purely on Suse Linux….i just cant stop myself from showing it to my colleagues the nice features of it including Compiz-Fusion.

      Though i’ll still recommend that the Mozilla plug-ins should be made part for the default installations so that this slight glitch dosen’t take the charmaway from the first-time users.

      I’ll also congratulate the Wiki Team and Cool Solution Team for keeping the info upto date. I dont need to google that much for SuSE anymore!

      Keep up the good work :)

  5. Roger Pierson

    Many thanks to the OpenSuse ensemble for crafting one superb distro. ( OPenSuse 10.3 beta) So complete. Faster boot time. Greater hardware detection. Software installation is now much easier. Although before ( 10.2 or pre ) was not really much of a pain. ( OpenSuse 10 thru 10.2 were by the way quite good. )
    Your’e stable. Fast. Flexible enough to bend to what I want you to be. I will be recommending you to many, many customers as well as collegues for these reasons.
    Yet you stay out of the way. Minimum of day-to-day interference.
    Wish your team the best, really. Oh and THANKS!!

  6. openSUSE 10.3 is one of the finest releases I have ever seen and it justs works for me !

    I think I found the Linux Distribution for me :D


  7. Mani

    I recommended suse to few die hard fans of ubuntu/fedora/red-had CLI linux, they all very impressed with the ease of use, except one software (citrix) no source code compiling stuffs, stunning – better then visa – mac style GUI performance, they all told me missed out opensuse for very long time.

    • Artur Mustafin

      I recently used Windows Vista till i downloded and installed openSUSE 10.3, it was a first Open Source OS i had installed successfully (i was fail while installing Red Hat 9)
      When i just bought new motherboard, Vista dies hardly, so i had enouth time to compare both OSes.

      I’m absolutely sure, b.t.w. a few days ago I was a fan of Microsoft, that OpenSUSE 10.3 is the good choice for all used Vista and alike OSes.
      I didn’t know realy abou *NIX family, but I can say that OpenSUSE has much more than Vista while has some similarities:

      1. Vista-like cool menus
      2. smart updates/installation of the system (more customizable, more flexible and user friendly)
      3. ability to patch kernel automatically
      4. 3D box window manager, much cooler and better then in Vista
      5. Native support of NVIDIA/ATI drivers update in one-click installation system
      6. More performance, more games, more 3D screensavers, more Office apps, support of PDF and so on.
      7. Fully customizable environment, including start panel menus, toolbars, plug-ins, etc.
      8. Almost complete support “Windows like” behaviour as pinning in/out prtograms to startup folder / rescently used documents menu / special place for frequentlu used software
      9. God! I love this! I can use my hardware customizations on my system! Even sound works well! I even didnt said about podcasting, streaning support in openSUSE…
      9. More in that, … more in those … more, more, more … and even much more!

      Dear developers of openSUSE! Great job!
      God! I love openSUSE 10.3!

  8. suse_user

    Yes, OpenSUSE is one of the finest Linux distros, but in every version there are some annoying bugs :-(. Currently in 10.3 for example strange KDE sysinfo:/ behaviour (internal floppy unvisible etc.)…

  9. Zé

    Solid? I installed every Java 1.6 package and I can’t compile… What’s up with that?

  10. K. Ralho

    The Update server isn’t working: Wrong checksum for patch-glibc-4467.xml

    • Juanjo

      Iḿ finding the same problem during the last days (22 and 23 octuber). Anu comments to solve it?…

  11. B.

    I used Suse 9.2 and OpenSuse 10.2 and was very impressed but OpenSuse 10.3 has really exceeded my expectations. It is powerfull and looks great. I would like to thank the whole open-source community and OpenSuse in particular for creating such a great distro.

  12. Purushottam

    Kikass distro but still full of bugs!

  13. Les Mitchell

    Great distro.
    Could do better

  14. Robnelle

    Has the wireless adapter detection improved at all in 10.3?

  15. Eerde

    @Les Mitchell

    Flash worked “out of the box” for me openSuSE 10.2 64bits try the link below in Konqueror and Firefox to be sure.

  16. Eerde

    I have done about 10 fresh installs of SuSE / OpenSuSe & SLED 10(1), this latest 10.3 is the best !
    Everything installed like a dream, the nVidia driver, compiz-fusion activation (3D desktop), codecs, Skype (on my 64bits box) etc. All just one click away.
    Most programs that I regularly use have been given a try and not one problem has emerged, great :)

    Yast2 has been vastly improved and even Beagle is behaving like it should (I used to delete that on at first startup and replace it with Google dekstop search).

    I am very happy be,
    Thanks team.


  17. dum

    I have wrote a review and installation manual of OpenSUSE 10.3 but it’s dutch :)
    Translation: Ik heb een uitgebreide review en installatie handleiding geschreven over OpenSUSE 10.3 in het Nederlands. http://members.home.nl/ralphm/linux_handleiding_suse10.3.html

  18. kelups

    I am trying to install it from an ISO image which I downloaded from a mirror. I get following error messages:
    xorg-x11-fonts-core is broken.
    yast2.tv-2.15.7-23 fails lintegrity check.
    This is my third try.

    I also tried to update a 10.2 but failed. Numerous unsolved dependencies. Deleting them as recommended made things worse.
    Then tried a new installation from a CD bought with easy linux magazine. xserver failed with nvidia card, though drivers for the latter were installed.


    • José

      Your version is good. If you have more than one reader, make a boot from the second drive. Thats a BUG reported at RC1 and now on GM!!!

  19. Brian

    Very disappointed.

    I started to download 10.3 as soon as it was released. Finally managed to download KDE version after two weeks via bittorrent. The first time the md5sum was incorrect. Still trying to download the DVD version but am told that there are 404 days left.

    (Ihave just managed to download another CD distro in about 6 hours)

    I did try CD KDE version but came upon the Intel 3945 problem. Why it is a problem in 10.3 I don’t understand. There was no problem in 10.2 or 10.1.

    Tried to install on my other computer and was told insufficient memory for add on non OSS CD

    !0.3 seems to be a Vista. 10.2 is great and no problem.

    Maybe 11.3 will be released before 10.3 downloads.

    Happy days,


    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you should search a problem in your bittorrent configuration/network configuration or simply use ftp/http downloads.

  20. B.

    I continue to work with OpenSuse 10.3 and loving everything about it.

    Hi Brian, I downloaded the DVD within a local network, it pays to find the fastest method of downloading before even starting. My download rate never dropped below 1.8Mb/s and it took about 30 min. Maybe you can ask a friend to download it for you. My experience was opposite of yours, I had a problem with setting high screen resolutions of intel 945G on 10.2 but on 10.3 works fine.

  21. Currently running 10.2 on a tablet, and it rocks, but still trying to decide if I’ll upgrade to 10.3. One of my colleagues did a fresh install on the same model tablet I have and had probblems there after with wifi and knetwork manager. Have to keep retrying to get wifi connection to associate. It had no problems on the same laptop under 10.2
    Other than that I love one-click, but I don’t know if is worth upgrading just for that.

  22. Michael

    So far, the only issues I have on 10.3 is flash not working within firefox, and was somewhat a pain to get xgl/compiz working right (had to set up the depth) on my driver. Outside that, this release is very solid and clean. I am looking at wiping my work machine that runs XP and installing this (still have to use XP, but that will be done with vmware on top of 10.3 ;-) ).
    Without doubt, easiest install (I did network install over the internet), picked up all my hardware, smooth running system that I swear is running faster! Can’t wait to add another stick of ram on pay day and see how this thing reacts..

    Great job guys!!!

    • If on a 64 bit system, in YaST2 on the filter:patterns and add 32 bit Runtime Environment. You will be bale to get flash to work in Firefox then.

      For peeps having hassle with Skype on 64bit opensuse, as (root) open shell and in same directory as Skype file enter rpm -ivh skype-

      It will then tell you the 32bit libraries you are missing. Just use yast to add the the required 32 bit libraries.

      One thing I am disappointed within this release is that Compiz-Fusion is still so stubbirn to install the script only works on some systems.

  23. Hmmmm spell checker went loopy LOL

  24. phil


    My criteria (simplistic as they are): Hibernate must work after the install. Desktop effects must work after the install. Rhapsody must work in latest version of firefox after the install. Widescreen monitor must work after the install.

    So far have tried PCLinux OS, Ubuntu, Wolvix, Sabayon, OpenSUSE 10.2. I could get some of the above, but never all. PCLinux OS impressed me the most, then Ubuntu.

    But OpenSUSE 10.3 has met them all!

    I admit I had to do a little futzing around to get the monitor at the right resolution, and (suprisingly), soundblaster audio functional, so that Rhapsody would work. Compared to time spent on other distros though, it was less than 24 hrs. The hibernate feature is FAST both ways, though I need to figure out how to get grub to come up to let me choose which OS to boot after I have hibernated OpenSUSE.

    Oh and did I mention it looks great too?

    I could be happy with this for quite a while.

    Great work OpenSUSE team!!!!

    (from a grateful Linux noob who really appreciates stuff just working (by and large)!)

  25. Vikram

    I have been using Suse for some time 9.0,10.0 and now installing opensuse 10.3 for the first time.I first thing I noticed was that the DVD contains far less number of packages than the Suse version.Gave a feeling the whole operating system was light weighted.

    Well people have talked about the pro’s from Compiz 0.60,1-Click Install,Mp3 support out of the box,Nvidia driver support and others.Apart from this a whole lot of applications can be installed to get almost the same functionality as of Windows.Just have a look at this link:


    Very impressed with the fact that could get a bundle of all these great features for free.

    Talking about negatives yeah the same as what most other’s feel,More applications feature very confusing with the Yast option under Gnome and others.

    I would be more than pleased with this release if I could get all the other packages(For example:network,server related) and others in the online repositories as I had in my Suse 10.0 release

  26. sean

    Microsoft claims Linux infringes on hundreds of its software patents. By making this deal with Microsoft, Novell (at least implicitly) agreed with that position. This obviously did not go over well with many Linux users.